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Alpha Zay

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Forced to return to high school as a spy wasn't part of his plan for independence. But he agreed, hoping to build his pack and find his mate. Alpha Zay's intention was to focus on his mission. However, his plans unexpectedly turn when Alpha Cole, his boss's son, starts bullying Sasha Banks, the school student body president. Alpha Zay steps in to save her, but his intervention exposes his spy identity, leading him to kidnap Sasha Banks, Alpha Cole's intended bride inadvertently. As he grapples with his feelings for Sasha, Alpha Zay must choose between protecting her and completing his mission to secure his desired pack and mate. He prefers the former and hopes to leave in search of his mate. Who will remind Zay that once you've tasted the forbidden fruit, there's no turning back? His beating and restless heart perhaps?

Chapter 1 - THE MISSION

The thumping sound of Zay’s heart racing against his chest as he flew wide above the grasses chasing after a nasty fat squirrel. The chase was what he enjoyed, he loved to hunt. Especially when it all got bloodied and nasty.Though that was besides the task he was given. Several pups ran ahead of him chasing the squirrel with glee.

Their howls could be heard from miles away, Alpha Zay ran ahead of them, he had to ensure their safety. Though he knew no tiger or lion would come into a wolf's territory unless it wants to be dinner. Still, he could not take things lightly.

They had managed to surround the squirrel and were snarling at it from all sides, bearing their teeth... Alpha Zay watched as they devoured the animal in seconds.

He however joined them when they were about to turn it into a fight. He didn’t want to report broken bones history to their parents. Luna Miriam would not take any excuses, she could be nice as well as vicious

He howled nastily, throwing them apart with his mouth. They quieted after a while and all followed him meekly to the Sweetlake, which was where the pack got its name from. The Sweetlake pack was ruled by Alpha Landon and Luna Miriam who had three troublesome pups that were currently under his care, alongside the children of Alpha Yulan who were all on vacation to the Sweetlake Pack. . He wondered what he had done wrong that he had to be given the duty of looking after the pups. He loved them but he definitely had his hands full.

They had all switched back to their human form and were bathing happily in the river. The Sweetlake encouraged and helped their pups adjust faster to their second nature so they can be able to live among their human counterparts knowing who they were.

“Hey watch out” he called to Zion the younger of Alpha Landon pups. He was swimming close to a snake. The snake had hidden its head in the water but Zay could see it’s movement. He had never shifted faster like he did, he ran through the shallow water and pounced on the snake, he took hold of its head and smashed it in pieces with enormous strength.

The heightened cry of the children soon rose high up in the sky when a set of lone wolfs came into the clearing. The pups all ran out of the water and stood behind him. They didn’t run off, they stood behind Zay though.

From the dirty and ragged appearance of the wolves, Zay could sense this was not going to be easy, he already smelled human blood on their person and something else he could not quite pin his hands on. It smelled faintly like meth, Zay had never seen a werewolf dealing with hard drugs before and from the look of it, they had changed form while being high. They meant to s*ck on blood and were not leaving without it.

Their eyes were trained on the pups behind Zay, and he would be damned before he allowed any harm to happen to them.

A few of the pups were already switching to their wolf form but Zay ran over to them, nipping them with his teeth. He stopped them with a hot growl. They were no match for adult wolves. The eldest child of Alpha Yulan got the signal from Zay and ran out of the lake towards the Pack territories which were far from the lake. The other children followed suit only Zion remained. He was such a stubborn wolf and he had several cuts to prove it. Zay ran around him, trying to push him to safety but he stood his ground.

By now the rogue wolfs had closed in on them, and they soon pounced on Zay. They must have thought he was weaker since he was with the pups, but that was their mistake. He was Alpha Zay. The third in the trinity of the Committee of wolves, he had joined the warlords in protecting and conquering territories from a young age. Even alone he could take on the five of them.

The Committee of wolves are a set of powerful wolves who had recently taken territories and had liberated Omega’s from the rule of vicious Alpha’s. They were Alpha Landon, Alpha Yulan and Alpha Zay. The three of them were at the top of the leadership train. Though the youngest of the group,  Zay is a force to be reckoned with. He is extremely cunning and is absolutely loyal to the committee. He was a stray child whose parents were Lone Wolfs as well. They had been killed off by a set of warriors from the Tiragu Pack that had subdued by Alpha Yulan.

Zay had showed enormous strength and was wise and huge. His social skills earned him a soft spot in everyone’s heart. He is the defender of the defenceless within the SweetLake Pack that is ruled by Alpha Landon. He is extremely cute and handsome which made him the darling of so many girls.  That however was not his strong spot, He is very softhearted and takes to the plight of everyone he sees. He is always keen to defend others, especially Omega. He takes on bullies within the pack.

Seeing their snarls and howls, they must think they have an easy prey. He wasn’t a warrior lord for nothing.

The first wolf lunged at him with great impact but Alpha Zay met him in mid-air. He tore into his neck incapacitating him immediately. The other four circled him, and the colour of the water gradually turned red from the grievous grip his mouth had on the wolf’s neck in his mouth. He subdued all fights from the wolf in his grip. His dark eyes flashed dangerously at them. He dropped the dead wolf in anger. Stalking towards the four.  They did not wait before pouncing on him at once. Zay responded just as aggressively. He was in the process of gutting the last wolf when the children ran back into the clearing.

It was then Zay noticed Zion was back in his human form and was watching him with awe. He dropped the wolf and watched its carcass gets towed out by the children. He switched back to his human form wincing at the pain from the scratches he had gotten.

”You are such a dramatic beast in wolf form but a kitten in human form” Alpha Landon nagged as he walked sluggishly to the lake. He was the Alpha of Sweetlake, and the leader of the Committee of Wolves.

Alpha Zay was not one short of words, “Says the man who refused to lend a helping hand” He moved away from the bloody mess, and took a plunge into a clear area, washing his body free of blood. He had sensed Alpha Landon was close by but he knew he would not intervene. Zay was capable of wiping out an entire pack on his own. He had proven himself at war from a very young age, the sight of his blood-stained coat would forever be imprinted in Alpha Landon’s memory.

Alpha Landon smirked and walked towards his son instead, he lifted Zion who came up screaming and shouting from the pinch his father gave him

“Why didn’t you leave when the others ran away huh?” He took the boy and hung him upside down, jiggling him like one would a ketchup bottle.

The boy’s began to giggle making Zay look up. His hair was sticking out in different directions like a porcupine.

“The boy spends too much time in your company Zay, your arrogant attitude is robbing off on him”

“I am very sure I learnt from his father” Zay laughed and came out of the water, the kids all stared at him. He had broad shoulders which made him very attractive to the ladies. His face according to the females was perfect, his skin was smooth and toned. Many claimed he was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen.

And the young boys all aspired to be as manly as he was.

“Oh stop with the showoff, you can save that for your mate. We have issues to deal with. I didn’t come here to stare at your naked body” Alpha Landon groaned, a sly grin creeping up his face.

Zay’s smile froze, the subject of his mate was a sore subject for him. Being a lover, he did not want to wait for long before finding his mate but he feared that might be inevitable for him. Alpha Landon had spent many moons before he got to meet Luna Miriam and Alpha Yulan had even lost his true mate, which had made him bitter.

Though, he had gotten a second chance later. He didn’t want any of the hurt or pain. He wanted to enjoy his youth with his love, kissing her and sleeping with her tangled up in his arms. Protecting her always from rogues. He wondered if she was okay.  He does not wish for painful love at all. Now that they were done with all territory wars, he just wanted to spend his time in love.

He went to wear his clothes. The carcass of the dead wolves was really something to look at. He kicked them here and there inspecting their body, there was no mark on them and they didn’t look like they belonged to any of the packs around them.

Alpha Landon came closer to him, he lifted the head of one, the blood trailing down his fingers.

“What a nasty gash. You still don’t know how to kill without leaving traces uhh”

Zay was not in the mood for jokes “ This is highly unacceptable. We need to know where they came from, what if the pups had been alone? And these guys even crossed the territory boundaries showing they didn’t care” He said with venom. The image of his bloodied parents flashing before his eyes. He hated rogue wolves to the core.

Alpha Landon began dragging the wolves into the farmland area to bury them as manure. Zay assisted him in digging the ground. The both of them walk in silence.

When they were done, they headed back to the house where Luna Mirian was waiting for them with two face towels. Her face was laced with a charming smile, though Zay suspected she was about to be strict. She had a funny way of showing her body language.

She handed them the towels “ I will appreciate it if you too get the blood stains off you before the children see you. “

“They saw us already,” Zay said without thinking, Alpha Landon’s sharp kick sent him reeling almost hitting the hard pavement. He staggered and steadied himself sending a glare in Alpha Landon’s way but he soon calmed himself and made his timely escape. Luna Mirian was looking at her husband angrily now. She didn’t like it when violence was shown around the pups. Though she was ruthless herself, she would die defending her children.

Zay made good his escape leaving Alpha Landon to calm his wife down. He went into his room in the large house, he had spied the children all watching cartoons on television and they were absolutely quiet doing so. He made sure they didn’t sense him and left.

He went straight into the shower and stripped down, he opened the shower head and allowed the water to pour all over him. He washed off the blood.

One of the reasons why he was such a good warrior at such a young age was because of the way his parents had died. They had been sent out of their pack and they were lone wolves for a while, it was while they were trying to seek a new pack to join that they had been attacked by some rogue wolves that had gone wild. One of the reasons why Zay can’t just sit back and watch anyone get hurt. He wouldn’t hesitate to lay down his life for his loved ones.

Alpha Landon had found them in time so his life had been spared while Alpha Landon killed off the rogue wolves. He had been with the Sweetlake pack ever since then, they raised him and from a young age learnt to be a warrior.

He dressed up in a blue shirt and black trousers that fit his frame perfectly. He knew he had a beautiful face that made others underrate his ability to fight, and he used that to his advantage greatly.

Done with his makeup, he smiled at his image in the mirror, liking the reflection that he saw. He left the room, and the tea maid, Courtney was the first to encounter him, she blushed profusely as he winked at her. He had once saved her from a couple of male wolves that were trying to mate her. He had punished them severely and made them serve her for a week by doing her duties instead. And they didn’t like pouring tea or making it one bit.  he raked his hair into his hair loving the memory. A sharp knock on his head made him stagger as he screamed in pain. Courtney laughed as she hurried away

He turned to face a now washed and clean Alpha Landon who was scowling deeply at him.

“Enough with the beauty display, we have trouble on our hands,” He said gently as he walked towards their study.

“But you didn’t have to knock me so hard. I don’t deserve that,” Alpha Zay mumbled. He did not like that his cool boy image had been smudged.

“Oh yes, you do. Mirian did not let me go until she extracted a promise from me. “Alpha Landon whined. He wanted to train the children from a young age like the one he had done Zay.

“Whatever, face your problem yourself man,” Zay said unsympathetically. He yearned for a mate, someone to talk with him too, Someone he would give a promise to and keep them.

They entered the office to find Alpha Yulan waiting for them there. The older man was seated quietly studying some papers on Alpha Landon’s table. He was the quietest of the three and a very formidable force. He was a great warlord and he was very loyal, he was huge and tall making him look like a giant. He spoke few words and expressed himself in actions more.

“You got here so fast” Alpha Landon mumbled

“Disappointed?” Alpha Yulan threw back, dropping the book he was reading on the table. His eyes scrolled through Zay’s appearance. He smiled a little sarcastically.

“Why the sly smile? I am handsome, so none of your words can change that” Zay said confidently as he took his seat on a sofa nearby.

Alpha Landon moved closer to Alpha Yulan whispering to him, Zay’s ears straightened up at their words “ Why are you here so early, I haven’t told him yet. I was going to butter him up so that he will agree to the plan. You being here is going to spoil things so fast” Zay watched as Alpha Landon threw Alpha Yulan a dirty look probably passing across a secret language.

Zay was having none of it. These two have a plan up their sleeve that Zay was sure he was not going to like“ I hope you too remember the fact that I am a werewolf as well, and my sense of hearing is just as good as yours. I can hear everything you say alright?. So you both had better spill.”  He said as he looked from one man to the other.

Alpha Landon sat opposite him, he placed a few picture files in front of him. Alpha Zay saw they were really horrible pictures, and they were all humans corpse.

He picked one up. It was the picture of a man that had wolf marks all over his body him, he was somehow purple-ish “ What’s all this?”

Alpha Yulan stood up from where he sat and came to sit down with them.

“This is why we need your involvement. None of us can do this except you. You look the most human and your pretty face will make you go unnoticed. “His tone matter of factly

Zay looked from one man to the other. He didn’t like the way the conversation was going. These two men were about to rope him into something he might not be able to handle.

“What is it?” He asked suspiciously. He had no idea what they were talking about, one thing was clear, his pretty face was supposed to help him get in.

“I am not seducing anyone. Just know that” Zay said hurriedly. Both of them were being so evasive.

Alpha Yulan tried to continue talking but Alpha Landon stopped him “ You are going about this the wrong way. If he bolts and says he is not going. You will be responsible for finding another spy”

“Spy?” Zay asked amazed. The two of them were definitely cooking up something. It finally clicked “You are sending me as a spy into the human territory” These two were really crazy.

The both of them came forward and dragged chairs to sit in front of Zay, one held his left hand while the other held his right hand. Alpha Yulan was the first to speak, his tone was grave “ Yes, We want you to spy for the committee, it is not just enough for us to subdue these packs and make them sign with us. we have to ensure they are not doing anything wrongly. And for Silvermoon Pack. I don’t think that is the case, This pack is the closest to the Human territory, in fact, they co-exist with humans for decades now and there have been no issues. Though recently, we began getting this dead bodies. They hid it well though”

Zay sat back on his chair, “ So how does my pretty face come-in all of this?” He asked subtly.

“We were hoping to send you on a mission to the Silver Moon Pack as a spy so you will help check what is going on there. We can’t just infiltrate their pack or attack them the second time when they have already signed the treaty. But we don’t want the humans to begin to notice the dead bodies as well. The marks on them will give the wolves out and they might start a hunt for us soon and you know that will mean a mass war. We are regarded as fables, I will like to remain as one. We have our families and loved ones to protect. And those fools at the Silvermoon seem to have another idea.”

Alpha Yulan continued “ I have given them a visit on my way here and their Alpha swore nothing was wrong, he claims it was rogue wolves. And on getting here, I heard about the rogue wolves incident which I think is a set up, to divert our attention from them.”

Zay nodded. “The wolfs, I smelled meth on them. They were high before they switched form”

The wolves showing up in Sweetlake was highly unusual and they definitely knew it was sure death unless they thought of course that he was an easy game. The Silvermoon Pack was one of the packs they hadn’t fought, they had signed the treaty and swore to maintain peace within their territory.

Alpha Landon gave Zay a pointed look, releasing him“This is why we need your help, Alpha Alan wants to take us for a fool, We can’t allow his stupidity expose the werewolf clan in this region of the world. Humans wont take it lightly if their people keep on disappearing without their bodies being found.The last thing we want is to have their police form on us “

“So, you both want me to go into the danger zone and nose around?” Zay asked

“Yes.” Alpha Yulan said firmly. “ Landon and I will arouse suspicion if we visit Alpha Alan too much but your face has not been seen by them. He does not even know you. The last time we went to war with the Tiragu, you were just a small boy and you have not yet grown into this handsome shrek”

Zay kept quiet. He was a warrior and one who never backs out of a challenge but he needed a catch one that he would never have gotten on a normal day. But this felt like his sordid chance to get it . His dream life, he could get it now.

“I will go but on one condition. We hold a large festival inviting all packs from far and wide when the mission is over” Zay concluded, a smile on his face.

Alpha Yulan scoffed catching him redhanded“ You are going to use us to search for your mate. Aren’t you too eager to find one? Just relax you will naturally find one with time. If you are that itching to have s*x, you can hook up with one of this girls that faun over you. “

“Courtney is more than willing to sleep with you” Alpha Landon teased.

Zay sat up, repeating firmly “ You either hold the festival or you can find yourself a new spy and …”

“You have more requests?”

“I want to start my own pack when I find her” They both kept quiet at this. They knew he was an Alpha, he was no beta. He led wherever he went and he commanded respect. But they didn’t want him to leave them yet, they took him to be

Alpha Landon was the first to speak “ Fine. You can have your own pack only if you find your Luna”

Zay jumped up in happiness, “ Yes” He shouted and  hug the both of them, they pushed him away.

“Are you sure you are ready to start a pack, you hug far too much? Will you do this for every one of your pack members?” Alpha Landon teased.

Alpha Yulan left the both of them and returned to the desk. He printed out more documents. He piled them up and threw them at Zay who caught them.

“That’s all you need to know about Alpha Alan, and his son Cole. And of course the SilverMoon pack.”

Zay scanned through them, the wordy content was enough to bore him to death. He hated reading and was glad when he had finished high school. He hated studying.

“So how I am going to get into the pack?” he asked as he read through the pages of the book. His eyes lifted to the two Alpha’s who stood now looking at him silently. They had no clue, surely their spy plan was well thought out?

“What? Are you two not going to say anything? Alpha Alan will be suspicious if I just walk into his pack. Don’t give me that look“

Alpha Yulan came closer, and patted his shoulder “ When I infiltrated the Tiragu pack, no one told me how to disguise myself. Landon even disguised as an Omega for years before he broke through to Moon Pack. So you use your brain to figure this out on your own” Alpha Yulan said and left him. He picked up his suitcase that was lying on the table.

“You cant do that, you both are older than I am and extremely wiser. “ Zay began trying to solicit their help. But they weren’t listening. Alpha Landon too was on his way out of his study room with Alpha Yulan on his heels.

“Seriously guys?” Alpha Zay shouted as they left. He looked down at the paper in his hands. The first information was about Alpha Cole, the son of the ruling Alpha and it read that he liked beautiful people. Wonderful. Perhaps his ruse was complete. He knew just what he had to do to get into the SilverMoon Pack.

He would complete this mission. He needed to show the world that he could be a capable Alpha and the faster he finished the mission, the sooner he will be able to find his mate, the one who makes his pulse beat faster and gave him a sense of purpose.

Chapter 2 - EYE CANDY

Being a dutiful daughter was the motto for Sasha Banks, at seventeen she was a seasoned cook and a diligent housekeeper only she wasn’t a paid one. In addition to that, she had to be the best in her studies, perfection was the goal. She could not afford to be anything less than that. As long as her parents were concerned. Her mother, Mrs Katie Banks was a single married mother who for reasons unknown to Sasha is still married to her absentee father, Zach Banks. He hardly ever showed up and when he did it was hell for both parties.

He rummaged through her school books and gave her a series of stringent laws that she knew she had to follow. Sasha at times, keep the notion that she had been adopted. But that thought had been squashed by the fact that she and her mother were carbon copies. When they first moved to their neighbourhood, many had thought they were sisters due to Sasha’s big stature. Her mother hated the fact that she was mistaken for an older person. She had given bi


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