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Reluctant Groom

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A wedding ballroom is prepared for a bride, and the groom that will never show up. Spoilt richest man daughter in the town Mary Sanders sets her eyes on Commander Mike Stone ever since he saved her life. She is determined to marry him, her father in a bid to make her dream come through, plans a wedding with the entire town in attendance. Mary is humiliated when the Commander refuses to show up, her father makes Mike’s military superiors demand his presence at the wedding hall as his daughter must get what she wants. As a military man, he is compelled to obey or risk being jailed Jared Stone, Mike’s mysterious and hardhearted twin brother shows up at the wedding, fools everyone, Mary is married off to Jared, He said Yes to everything except to love her and he is determined to show her a life of hell.

Chapter 1

The incessant sounds of horses in the distance made Mary’s heart skip a bit, as she looked about her in dejection, the path was foreign to her, all she could see was grassland miles ahead, she dragged her delicate body along the path and into the open but the biting pain made her scream out forgetting her pursuers

The carriage she was in had been stopped on the way by armed thieves; her maids had been kidnapped, and she later discovered that the carriage's driver was one of the men, but it was too late to do anything about it. Since she was the only daughter of Nicholas Sanders, the owner of a couple of the town’s conglomerate, her father operated a monopoly of carriages, he imported carriages into the town and he owned several other businesses in the town, something that gave her a sense of pride and satisfaction but was about to be her doom.

Her father had warned her not to embark on her journey as his most trusted guard was out of town on a business for her father but she had refused to wait and had left for the birthday party of one of her many high social circle friends. She had her reasons, Mary Sanders not going to the big birthday party will be unheard of, she had her social image to keep up to.

The thieves had left as soon as they were done with their atrocities, leaving her in the wilderness to fend for herself. They had taken the carriage, her purse, and her necklaces, which were more than enough to feed them for a lifetime. she shuddered in fright, she had never been alone, she was used to being waited on hands and foot.

The hoof beats got closer to her

She whimpered in pain as she tried to raise herself up, she would be held for ransom if seen, which was better than her being left out in the jungle to die, she thought shamefully.

She waited patiently for them to reach her, she could not endure anymore pain, at the very least her life will be spared and the men would care for her

Three masked men on horse back came into view, at the sight of her, they slowed their horses into a trot, Mary swallowed heavily, from the on look of them, she could detect they were criminals. If they knew who she was, they would definitely take her for ransom and she was sure her father would pay whatever amount to get her out.

Odd thinking for Mary, Others would think death, but she was actually thinking of getting saved by criminals, the thinking of a spoilt brat

“She is beautiful” the shortest of them said staring lustfully, he had ink stained teeth, probably from the things they smoked, he had several piercings all over his face

Mary gasped and she had not thought the men would see her in a sexual way, she had put herself in more danger by staying in the open, the floral colour and flow of her neck dipped gown also gave her out the more, her dress was seductively and very fit to her body

Frightened, she opened her pale blue eyes wide, she clapsed her hands together

The men moved more closer while arguing

“She is a fine one I agree, we will fetch a good price on her head, when we take her to the market.” One of them said eyeing her lustfully, Mary tightened her hold on her gown the more, they were going to sell her. No this should not be happening she thought, she had to think of a way to save herself

She would have to do something, the men did not know who she was, they had only gone after her carriage because it was wealthy looking, perhaps if she told them her identity, they would think twice about selling her

“I ...i” she bites back on her words, as the men lighted from their horse, Mary shrank back at the enormosity of them, they were big men and looked rough, had weird long beards that needed shaving off and a good washing. she looked from one to the other, the first one who was obviously the leader of the group had three golden earrings on while the other two wore more than needed, giving them creepy appearances, they were all fierce looking nonetheless.

“Cat got your tongue lass” one of the men sneered, his gaze lingering on her exposed skin, she whimpered softly, wishing help would come, she had been stupid not to hide herself.

Staring wide eyed at the horse they each sat on, Mary knew her fate was sealed, she pushed herself gently into the shrubs, the fear evident in her eyes

The man snarled, licking his lips shrewdly “Boss, what are we going to do with the lass?” he asked impatiently as he jumped down from the horse and grabbed her roughly, he pulled her flush against his chest while the other two came closer each eyeing her lustfully

“hand her over Jack” their boss said huskily

Mary groaned in pain at the harsh way she was passed from hand to hand, the men were smelly and she was sure they hadn’t taken their bathe for ten days at most. She wrinkled her nose in disgust

“Let me go” she whimpered weakly as the offensive smell got closer as the boss hurled her up to his body.

Since she was a good 5’5, the man easily towered over her.

“Let me go” she commanded again, as his hands slip lower on her body, she gasped in horror, no man had ever touched her there and she would rather die than allow her first to be a group of bandits when her father could marry her to the king of England at her word

“No way lass, you are coming with us”

Mary struggled to no avail, she only succeeded in romping her clothes exposing more of her milk-bathed creamy skin, one that she spent way too much products on, her body was enticing and she knew it, if her clothes exposed further, the men would ravish her and then she would be ruined

Clasping an upsetting hand over her mouth, the boss pushed her further into his body, she was beginning to feel parts of his body she dreaded, the man would r*p* her if she did not come up with a way to save herself

Jabbing her limp elbow in his stomach, she cried” I will give you money if you let me go” Mary Sanders had never been once humiliated in her life, the man’s hand was now on her thighs sliding in further while his two goons cheered him on.

“And of what help would that be princess, because I think I like my present here? Your body is the sweetest” he slurred in a drunken voice over her ear, licking her neck with his squirmy tongue she squirmed in extreme discomfort

“I will tell my father to give you ten golden carriages from Egypt” she rushed waiting for her words to take effect

The man chuckled and smirked at her” Do you think we are stupid? Of course, we do know who you are Mary and we came to finish off the work your coach driver was kind enough to arrange with us, after we have paid him handsomely though. We planned it quite well, we made sure your bodyguard was nowhere in sight“He laughed wickedly, pinching her inner skin making Mary cry out

“I like it when you scream peacock Mary, the only lady that is too good for everyone, the only one that looks at men in the community like they were beneath her feet. The sound is refreshing to my ears, in minutes you will be crying louder than this when all three of us have the pleasure of your body and we will make it worth up your while, so you will never be able to raise your head again in the town” he said spitefully, dragging her by the hair to look up at his hate filled eyes

Dragging his teeth close to her ear, he bit her cruelly, “And we will leave you with a parting gift, do you guess what it is? We will make you pregnant with our child, so your father will not even be able to help you either. And no man not even the King of England will want to marry you and least of all General Michael who you have been following around like a love sick puppy”

Mary shuddered in fear, gasping for breath, the ache was felt deep in her chest, her tears pouring in torrents now, she had never in her life dreamt of anything of such befalling her.

Her plan had been nipped in the bud, the men recognized her and she was beginning to think they had come for her especially. She prayed silently for help to come, though she had not attended church for decades now

In all her life, she could count the number of times she stepped in a church, but now her faith was much needed

Laughing at her closed eyes” pray well Mary sanders cause no one will stop me from savoring myself in your warmth tonight, I wll then pass you to my men once I am done, then we will send you back to your father, he should learn to train you better, you have a sassy and unruly behaviour meant for the gutters”

“Like your body” Mary retorted back, then cursed herself for the momentarily slip, it would do her no good to shout at them

She did not wait for long for the consequence of her words, she was soon thrown to the ground with a forceful bang, as the men began divulging her of her clothing, they started with her ball gown tearing it into various pieces, Mary screamed in horror, they began looking her corset, each one of them toiling with her flesh, her hands were tied together and held apart while the men had a field day with her body The men removed all of her clothing leaving her bare to them, Mary shut her eyes in agony, she willed death would claim her,

Tears slipped froma her eye as she thought back on how she had often laughed at victims of r*p* in their community before

“Calm down Princess, you will enjoy it, tis your first, so I shall make it the night you will ever remember” Standing before her, he shed his clothing in frenzied hurry, settling himself atop her, Mary cringed at the impact of his naked flesh on hers, she knew she would be scarred for life

“Cry no more, I will make it enjoyable for thee, my sister shall then be appeased’ he laughed wickedly, fondling with her body

“You b*st*rd, my father will have your head for this,” she gritted through clenched teeth disgusted at the way she was held apart, her two legs were splayed open offering her to the men like an offering

He sneered and struck her across the face, she felt the blood gush to her mouth, she spitted it in his face, making him strike her more, he stopped on the fifth, her cheeks were red with blood

“bloody Wench “ but he gasped her arm tightly, holding her in place, he bent to lick her neck, Mary closed her eyes and willed for death but she felt the weight on her body suddenly lift off and cool air flush through her body,

She awakened in a start, opening her eyes, they set their orbs down on the hardest blue eyes she has ever seen, glaring down at her , the army uniform he wore was the last thing she saw before she lost consciousness, she studied his face as recognition dawned on her, she smiled weakly it

Commander Michael Stone she thought happily, a tint of smile on her face before darkness claimed her

Chapter 2

Western Creek was a small town, where everyone knew each other, the town lay west of England. Western Creek had over the years been able to get itself a political standing in the King’s army, hence there were several military stations at Western Creek, the town slowly gained recognition after that as the town was well protected and insured.

Apart from Military power, it also had a great economic power presence as rich merchants and banks grew at western creek giving the town a wealthy boom. And as this took effect, the more the lawbreakers in the small town also grew.

But there were core military men who would give their all towards the town, and a good example was the Stone Men, generation after generation of the family were soldiers in the King’s army. The grand patron of the house who had started the trend had also fought for and died in the King’s Army.

The present generation of stone men were the identical twins of Richard and Catherine. One was cool and easy


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