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A Sensual Affair with a Billionaire

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Zenovia is devastated when she learned she may not be able to conceive in the future. Hence, before it happens and be alone all her life, she must have a baby as soon as possible. The biggest setback? She has zero love life, and she has never been with a man even at the age of twenty-five—pathetic and impossible it may sound—until she accidentally has an eye-to-eye contact with a super beddable man at The Black Church, Maksimillian. Will the billionaire accept her tempting hot deal to be her romp partner until she gets pregnant, with no strings attached afterwards?

Chapter 1: What’s Wrong With Me?



I adeptly rolled the condom on my hard staff while the woman I was with in this luxurious room watched me. She was already naked and so excited to get this thing going between us. Ever since we were at the birthday party—a mutual friend’s—in one of the multi-function halls in this same five-star hotel, Anichka had already started flirting with me. It was the first time we met, but it didn’t matter, since I’m used to one-night stands and no-strings-attached relationships—if I could count it as one. I always made it clear in the first place to avoid any complications and consequences later. It was not only because of unwanted pregnancies but the disease I might catch. After all, health is wealth—not to mention that I already have wealth as one of the owners of Frolov-Usmanov Inc.

Yes, I am one of the Russian billionaires and still a bachelor at the age of thirty. I own most of the company, that is, since my cousin Rurik Frolov co-owns it. The company stretched its arms in different industries, such as steel, real estate, telecom, investments, and dating apps. The latter was truly amazing, giving us billions of profits every year. Well, it may not good investing in people’s emotions and criminals maybe used them, but it wasn’t that bad. Some did find their soulmatesby technology nowadays.

Now, Anichka bit her lip, as her dark green eyes surveyed my lean, well-built body and especially my big and long staff. She looked happy to see it from the way she smiled widely at me. Well, every girl did whenever they see my proud boner.

I pushed Anichka down the king-size bed, which was covered by white sheets. The lampshade in the far right corner was our only illumination, and the heavy curtains were drawn at the ceiling-to-floor glass window, which was to my left.

I touched the soft wet flesh at the center of her thighs and ran my fingers up and down her sl*t. She moaned and writhed beneath me. I rubbed her swollen bundle of nerves that I knew every girl would love to be touched there, making her wetter. Her legs opened wider, and her back arched, obviously wanting more.

“Ahhh…” she moaned again and again. “Stick it inside right now, Maks!” she said in a begging tone.

“I’ll stick it in in my own time, got it?” I uttered and held her hands above her head. I always loved the missionary position as I could see the woman’s face, especially her eyes when she begged me to take her. And by this, I could lord over her body as much as I wanted to. There were also times that I would love to do it rough. Many, in fact, loved it rough, and that was enjoyable for me. For both.

Anichka breathed hard and fast, too much excitement building in her luscious body. She had huge breasts and pink tips. Her curly blonde hair was scattered on the white pillow. She did look amazing. Nonetheless, she was merely one of those women I wanted to take just once. I knew that by the time we were done here, I would feel nothing.

I propelled my hard c*ck inside her warm and wet canal, and she moaned louder.

“Ahh! Ahh!” Her voice softly reverberated in the room. “Yes! Yes!” Her green eyes were smokey with lust, and I watched her breasts move forward as she thrust them closer to me.

I s*ck*d one puckered tip as I rammed her body, hearing her endless moans. Her legs wrapped around my waist and urged me to go in deeper. And I did. Her mewls became louder and prolonged, and I pushed deeper into her. I loved the way her feminine walls getting tighter and tighter as she was nearing her climax.

I slammed into her as forcefully and as deeper as I could. Then, I let go of her taut peak to watch her face. Her eyes were now close and her mouth open, while she felt my huge manhood filling her tightly.

She screamed when she reached her climax, but I didn’t stop driving in and out of her body until I released. Our bodies were damp with sweat, and I removed myself from atop her. I rolled to her right side, and she turned to me with a wide smile plastered on her pretty face.

“You were great, Maks!” she complimented me, panting.

‘Of course, I am,’ I thought, and I softly chuckled—but didn’t say anything. My breathing was getting back to normal, and so was hers.

I got up to go to the bathroom, dumped the rubber in the toilet and flushed it. I stepped under the shower, leaning my hands against the wet tiled walls while the warm water rushed down my body, relaxing it. And yet, my mind was in chaos.

I had always liked the one-night stands and the pleasure these gave me, but they always left me empty afterwards.

‘What’s wrong with me?’ I pondered. ‘What am I supposed to do with my life?’




“W-what did you say?” My brows knitted as I stared at Antonia, my best friend who was thirty and was actually five years older than me.

That Friday afternoon, I took half of the day off from work as a hotel receptionist, and I was at her private clinic to consult her of my physical discomfort. It had been days since I felt a pain whenever I remove my bowels and even when I urinate. I also had this pelvic pain whenever I had my monthly cycle, worse than before. Since she was an OB-GYN and my best friend—thank God for that—I could open up to her easily.

“I’m suspecting it’s endometriosis, Zen,” she announced with a frowning face. “Do you know what it is?” She pushed a strand of her fake short red hair behind her ear while looking at me intently. Her dark brown eyes seemed to assess my reaction since earlier.

“Y-yes. I heard about it. But h-how do we know for sure?” I swallowed the hard lump in my throat. I did check for my symptoms on the net and saw some articles about it.

“Well, there’s this called rectovaginal exam as a physical exam to know if there are nodules behind your uterus and along the ligaments that attach to your pelvic wall. But there may be no nodules that can be felt. It’s not always the nodules that can verify it.”

“Then let’s do it!” I said to her.

Her face was torn into laughter and pity. Her lips curved and then became a line in a split second. “Zenovia Cuza, seriously! Did you hear what I said? The physical exam means I have to insert a finger in your *ss and one finger in your vagina!”

“So?” I was almost desperate, scowling at her. I didn’t know why she was hesitating to do it when I needed to know what was really happening to my body! “Why are you telling me this and not just do it?”

Now she barked in laughter. “Do you want me to take your virginity by my finger right here in my clinic, huh?”

And my jaw slackened.

Chapter 2: Doamne Ferește!



Thinking of my best friend taking my virginity right here in her clinic did not only gross me out but also more than that. I did have mixed feelings given my unknown state at the moment.

‘Doamne ferește!’(God forbid!) I never thought I could get something troublesome like this. I never ever thought I’d be in this situation in the first place, although I did know that at one point in my life, I could catch or contract something and that I may be hospitalized or see a doctor. And never had I thought I’d need my best friend like this, either.

“And to let you know, this physical exam can cause you unusual pain or discomfort,” Antonia further explained to me. “It’s not conclusive and can’t be relied upon to truly establish the diagnosis of endometriosis. I can be wrong, Zen. But… we can instead use ultrasound to rule out other pelvic diseases, and perhaps, we may find out the presence of endometriosis i


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