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Wulfrun was a proud lycanthrope, the leader of his pack, and feared by all who crossed his path. But he never expected to be betrayed by his own first mate, who sold him into slavery to be used for twisted experiments and expectantly killed. Neither did he expect to find a second chance mate on a leisure outing with his alpha friends months after regaining his freedom. The girl was given to him as entertainment and he loathed his instant and intense desire for her, hating to think what he felt might be more than just physical. He didn't want a mate, not after what had happened to him. And especially not a human, they were the enemy. And he knew too well about sleeping with the enemy.

Chapter 1

In an open field with a snow-dusted plain surrounded by tall pine trees as far as eyes could see two werewolf packs faced off against each other, snarling and growling as they prepared to battle with neither of the packs willing to back down.

The Duskfall Furs, led by their alpha male, Aethelwulf, stood on one side of the field, their silvery grey fur glinting in the moonlight.

Across from them, the Dawnguard Pride, led by their alpha female, Luna Theola, bared their teeth, their black fur blending into the shadows.

"This land belongs to the Duskfall Furs!" Aethelwulf yelled, his voice echoing across the battlefield. "Leave now, or face the consequences."

"We will not back down," Luna Theola snarled, her eyes blazing with determination. "We are the Dawnguard Pride, and this land is rightfully ours. We will fight for it."

"Fight for it? You speak as if this is the wild west. We bought this land and it has been in our generation for years."

"It was stolen from us! Your great-grandfather drove our people from this land and we are back to claim it and purged you all out. If you bought it. It wasn't with our consent!"

"Enough of this nonsense. Get out or suffer the consequences!"

"Perhaps you are deaf and need me to repeat myself. We are taking our land back today! We want you and your freaks of a family out of this region!"

"I see you are ready to die and I will be obliged!"

The two packs lunged at each other, claws slashing and teeth baring. The air was filled with the sounds of snarling and growling as the two sides clashed. Aethelwulf and Luna Theola fought fiercely, their powerful jaws locked in a deadly battle. But Aethelwulf was bigger and stronger. The primal blood of true Lycans flows in his veins. After the primal Wulfblood clans they were next in line and like the Wulfblood who were known to have grey eyes, theirs were blue like that of the ocean and it wasn't a regular kind. A tinge of grey lined their irises to show their connection with the wulfblood. The grey glowed fiercely when in battle. It was a distinctive mark that was hard to miss.

And they evidently had the upper hand, their superior strength, and numbers allowing them to overpower the Dawnguard Pride. One by one, the members of the Dawnguard Pride fell, their bodies littering the ground as the Duskfall Furs brutally killed them off.

But Luna Theola and her daughter, Severa, refused to give up. They fought with all their might, their claws and teeth flashing as they fought to defend their pack.

Despite their bravery, they were no match for the Duskfall Furs. Aethelwulf intercepted Luna Theola and her daughter Severa going after one of his pack members. He swatted Severa away like an annoying fly and locked his paw against Luna Theola's throat, lifting her up, he slammed her hard to the ground. He then leaned closer to her face as she struggled under his superior strength and growled viciously. "Stay down or die!" Breathing hard with tears of defeat streaming down the side of her dark eyes, Luna Theola growled in pain.

When Aethelwulf drew back allowing Luna Theola to stand up, she saw that only she and her daughter were spared.

"I told you you were no match for us," Aethelwulf growled, his eyes narrowed in triumph. "Now your pack is no more. But I will spare your lives, Luna Theola, and that of your daughter. You may go in peace, but know that this land belongs to the Duskfall Furs and accept it."

Severa growled and made to face off with Aethelwulf but her mother held her back. She met Aethelwulf's gaze and gave him a curt nod. Although her ego was bruised she knew when granted mercy, and took it, not wanting to perish with her daughter thereby wiping out their family line.

With their bodies battered and bruised, Luna Theola and Severa picked themselves up and limped away, their heads held low as they left the land that had once belonged to their pack.

The Duskfall Furs stood victorious, their dominance over the land now secure. But as they looked upon the bodies of their fallen enemies, they knew that the cost of victory had been high. Aethelwulf's eyes followed the she-wolves, wishing they had heed his warning.

Luna Theola and Severa walked away from the battlefield, their hearts heavy with grief and loss. They had lost their pack and didn't succeed in claiming back the land they had trained for generations to generations to claim back.

"We will return to Huge Redwood Wilds and start over. We will rebuild. We did it before we will do it again," Luna Theola said with tears streaming down her face, her voice filled with determination. The taste of defeat was quite on her tongue. "We may have lost this battle, but we will not give up."

Severa nodded, her eyes glowing with determination. "Don’t despair, Mother. We will honor the memory of our fallen packmates by building a new life for ourselves. We will be strong, and we will never give up. We may not be able to get the land back in our lifetime but we will. We will take back what belongs to us. This is far from over," Severa vowed. "I promise you, Mother, I will create such a legacy that will never give up until that land is back to its rightful owner. My name will be given to every firstborn female born of my blood. And my vengeance will burn in them. My soul will not rest until we get what belongs to us," she said looking up to the full moon. “Hear me now oh, holy one, goddess of the moon; Serene, grant my wish, and make it so!”

Chapter 2

The dining room of the expensive mansion was adorned with opulent decor, from the gold-plated cutlery and dishes to the sparkling crystal chandeliers hanging from the center of the ceiling. The long mahogany table was set with the finest linens and served as the centerpiece of the room, surrounded by plush velvet chairs.

At the head of the table sat an old pack alpha werewolf by the name of Ulfgangur, his normally tan skin looked ashen. He made to pick up his half-filled cup of wine to his left and watched with a strained expression as his hand shook, his health visibly failing. Across from him sat his son, Wulfrun, a strong and handsome alpha werewolf with a hint of unease in his eyes, his jaw clenched as he watched his usually virile father fall apart.

As the servants brought out the first course of the evening, Ulfgangur cleared his throat and spoke in a raspy voice. "Wulfrun, my son, I have called this dinner for a very important reason. As you know, my health h


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