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She's Back

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An unexpected incident ended her life. The reason she regrets something she didn't do. And a sincere prayer caused her return to Earth. In her return, she was born as someone else. A lot of things changed and most of her life was change and manipulated by a Fallen. Her real identity was kept as a secret from everyone until the day she finds out the reason why she came back in Earth. She needed to find out before her death anniversary, otherwise she will become a fallen angel and will not be able to go back to heaven. But it wasn't that easy considering that a Fallen was getting in her way of truth. Despite being manipulated by a Fallen in her come back, will she able to do what she couldn't do and find the cause of her return? Or will she fall into the hands of the Fallen?



“Sister…” She hugged me tightly as She continued to feel nervous as if her chest was going to explode.

She looked at her sadly as she stopped her tears, "Don't worry, God won't leave us."  She also hugged her tightly then closed her eyes, "Let's pray."

She reached for her hand and held it tightly as she buried her face in her chest, "Not now. He's waiting for my return." She tearfully whispered to herself.

Her companion prayed silently.  Even though it was bad, she left it up to the Lord to decide the fate of their lives.


"Jc.. Jc. Wake up. It's about to start."

A voice whispered in my ear causing my eyes to slowly open.  I slowly raised my head and looked where the voice came from.

"It's about to start.." A woman wearing reading glasses and carrying some papers in her hand responded.

I nodded lazily and then stood up and put the headphones that had been around my neck while I was taking a nap on my ears.

The woman who woke me up left first while I lifelessly followed her.

I watched every step of my feet while drowning in the memory of what I dreamed just now.

I don't understand why I had such a dream.  I couldn't even recognize the faces of the people I dreamed about.  I can't even tell if it's a boy or a girl.

But I can feel the fear they feel.  It seems that something terrible is about to happen that they don't seem to want to happen.  They are trying to prepare themselves for what might happen but there is still hope in their tears that hopefully, a miracle will happen even though they know it is vague.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I was walking on the path walk when I suddenly saw Sir Villaflor come out of the classroom. He is our first subject instructor in the morning and he is probably done teaching our section.

I noticed that we were on the same path that Sir was walking. I often avoid him but in this situation, I know he can see me too so I didn't deviate from the road. I just walked straight until we met.

"Good morning, Sir." I greeted when we are close.

"If you always come in at this time, Ms. Castino, you will be really irregular next semester." Sir replied

"I'll be early next time." I smiled.

Sir just nodded and continued walking. I also went straight to the classroom.

When I entered the door, I found sir Jeff talking in front. Our instructor in the major. But I was wondering why he was early. His class with us is at the afternoon.

"Castino." He loudly mentioned my last name whic


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