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Unforgotten Soulmate

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Jay had always known, that Daphne was the only woman for him. He had to leave town without a word, not informing her. Now he is back in town, to see Daphne with a baby. He has to do everything possible to find out, if the child belongs to him. He fell In love with the child at first sight, and fell deeper in love with the baby's mother. Does the child belong to him? Did she date some else while he was away? All these questions hover over Jay's head and He can't wait to find out. Daphne had been devastated to hear from people on the street that Jay, whom she was dating, packed up and left town without a word to her. Now that he was back In town, he is trying to seek her out. Will Daphne accept Jay back Into her life? Will his betrayal of not telling her before he left town bring back painful memories? Is she willing to tell Jay who the baby's father is?

Chapter 1

DON'T THINK YOU CAN just walk back into my life like nothing ever happened! I think you have overstayed your welcome, now leave! Daphne yelled.

Daphne tried to bring her voice down as her daughter stirred in her sleep. She turned to Jay, who was standing in front of her door.

"Jay, I said leave, now!" She said, inaudibly.

Jay stood there, looked pass Daphne to see the baby sleeping soundly in her crib. The baby was so beautiful. The most beautiful baby he had ever seen. Whose baby was it, he thought. He looked at Daphne.

"Daphne, please let me explain. It wasn't my intention to up and leave town just like that. I apologize for that, so please.... ;

Daphne raised her hand, to stop Jay from speaking any further.

"You think apologising alone is okay? You think it's enough? No way! Stop! I don't want to hear it. Just go. I have something important to do" She said.

Jay Walked back, turned to leave but stopped.

"Daphne? may I ask whose baby is that? She is beautiful" he said.

Daphne closed the door slightly, which meant that Jay could no longer see the baby clearly.

"Thank you for the complement. it's none of your business. You may now leave" She said.

"Before I leave, can you tell me who she belongs to ? is she yours? he asked, still not leaving.

" I said, It's none of your business, Jay. Please leave and don't come back" She said, banging the door in his face.


Jay Walked on the street. He couldn't concentrate. The thought of the baby laying in the crib occupied his thoughts. He reached into his pocket and brought out his cell phone. He dialled his sister's phone number.

"Chanel? I want to ask you something real quick. I came to see Daphne, and she was mad at me like hell. I didn't expect less from her. I really did hurt her. But I saw a baby in her house. Is that her child? did she date someone new while I was gone?" Jay asked his sister.

Chanel had always been Jay's confidant. He discusses literally everything with her, and she lived on the same street with Daphne. She lived across the street from Daphne.and knows most of the things going on with her. She sighed.

"Look, Jay. You don't expect me to sit with Daphne, watching her 24/7 do you? I know she has a child, a baby girl. But I don't know if she got pregnant by someone else. I suggest you find that out for yourself. Jay? why do you want to come back into her life again. You left without so much as a notice. She must be devastated and wouldn't want you close to them. You really need to do better Jay" Chanel said, before she ended the call.

Jay put his phone back Into his pocket. The child was hers, he thought. Could the baby be his? could she have gotten pregnant during the time that they were together?

Jay was so confused he didn't know what to think. He needed to think about this before making a move on Daphne.

Jay was so confused he didn't know what to think. He needed to think about this before making a move on Daphne. He walked to his friends house. Jay's friend, lived down the street, so he didn't want to drive to his place. He had parked his car in front of his sister's house and decided to walk.

He walked to his friends house. Jay's friend, lived down the street, so he didn't want to drive to his place. He had parked his car in front of his sister's house and decided to walk. He walked to his friends house. Jay's friend, lived down the street, so he didn't want to drive to his place. He had parked his car in front of his sister's house and decided to walk.


Jay got to his friend's house and knocked. He knocked once, and the door opened.

"Jay? Jay! his friend, Damian screamed, excitedly. "When did you get back, you son of a b*tch" he said, embracing Jay.

They both held each other for sometime, before Damian pulled back.

"You look different, Jay. I don't know what it is, but you look troubled. Is something bothering you? Damian asked, pulling him in by the arm. He closed the door, and showed Jay a seat.

Jay sat down, and looked Damian in the eye.

"You know me too well. I have a lot on my mind, Damian. The most important one right now is about Daphne" He said.

Damian shook his head.

"Why are you shaking your head, Damian. Is there something I don't know about Daphne? please tell me, the suspence is killing me" Jay said, sitting up on his chair.

Damian looked at the floor, then raised his head to look Jay in the eye.

"You really did hurt her, Jay. Daphne became a shadow of her former self when you left town without telling anyone. She was your lover, she should have been the first person to know what's up with you. But Instead, she was running helter sketer, walking to whomever cared for listen, asking them about you. She lost it, Jay. You are my friend, but you really didn't do well on that part. Daphne came to my house then. She slept in front of my house for two days straight! she believed I knew where you were and wasn't telling her. It poured rain on those days, Jay. She was soaked in the rain, shivering with her teeth and lips quivering. She didn't want to believe that I didn't know your whereabouts. The third day, I and my wife had to go beg her to go home. We covered her up with a blanket, and my wife took her home. That was the last time she ever spoke about you"

Jay listened, as Damian narrated everything that Daphne went through. His heart ached. The thought of Daphne, under the rain, made his heart shatter to pieces. He felt stupid. Daphne didn't deserve that. He thought.

Jay covered his face with both hands. He was ashamed of himself. If his friend, Damian could feel this way about him leaving town with a word to Daphne, then how could Daphne had felt. Although he felt so bad about everything that has happened, he still needed to ask questions.

"Damian, I am sorry to ask you this. Daphne has a baby right?

"Yes, that's true. Why do you ask" Damian replied.

"Damian, I think that child may be mine. Immediately I laid eyes on Daphne's baby, my gut said she was mine. I felt the connection. I feel in love with her. What do I do, Damian. Do you know anything about the baby? Did Daphne date someone new while I was gone?

"I don't think so, Jay. I steady see her with this male friend of hers, Johnson. Do you really think the baby is yours? Damian asked.

Jay shook his head.

"I don't know, Damian. I have to find out. If the baby is mine, then I need to do everything I can, to get Daphne's forgiveness. I can't continue to live my life, knowing that the woman I used to love, the woman I still love, had my baby and go on with my life. She looked the same. She has not changed one bit. She is still the Daphne I used to know, but only, she became fiercer and bold. She asked me out of her front door, not too long ago. I need to know if the baby's mine, Damian. I want to be in the baby's life. I want to be in her mother's life as well. I messed up, didn't I" Jay said, looking sombre.

"Jay, you need to keep an open mind here. The child may not be yours. You need to think about that. What if the child belongs to another man. What are you going to do, Jay?

"I have to bring them closer to me, the baby, and Daphne. If I can make her feel that it's safe to have me around, then I can find out. What do you think" Jay asked.

Jay thought of something that could make Daphne allow him come close to her. He couldn't think of anything reasonable. Everything that Jay could think of were unreasonable. His thoughts came out futile.

"I have an idea! Damian screamed, which made Jay jump.

Chapter 2

"Go on! say it" Jay said, looking at Damian with anticipation.

"You can make her think that something serious is happening to you. Make her think that you are really sick. She will come to see you, i am sure of it. She will want to help you get better. Even though she may be upset with you, she won't let something bad hurt you. If she shows up for you, after hearing that you a re sick, then that baby belongs to you. No woman wants to see the father of their child perish . What do you think about it"

Damian asked, resting his back on the couch.

Jay looked like he was considering it..

"No, Damian. I think that's going too far. That's extreme measures! he said.

"Desperate situations call for extreme measures of course. Are you desperate enough, Jay? Are you desperate enough to find out if that child belongs to you. Then this is the opportunity to find out, don't blow it" Damian said.

"I do


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