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Artemas J R Broyles

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About me

I am a 50 year old parent of three lovely adult daughters. I have a career separate from writing, ironically it was all of the studying for my profession that spurred my love of reading. I have always enjoyed writing, I just hadn't pursued it until I had the kids mostly through college. Aside from my career, reading, and writing I enjoy baking, crocheting, and up until a couple years ago coached baton and dance. I love learning about other cultures and religions so that I can be more aware of the world around me, because in my personal opinion everyone has as unique and facisnating story to tell.


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Your favorite Irish Alpha is back with the whole Skatom Mochain pack. Alpha Baylor is 19 now and has been the Alpha for the last three years. There have been a lot of changes since we last saw the young alpha and his pack. While change isn't easy for anyone, Baylor and his friends are going through growing pains as they continue to find their way in this world. Self doubt and an unsolved mystery are their biggest struggles. To add to the mystery, the moon goddess has passed on a cryptic message of impending danger and the need to be prepared. When we last saw the gang there were many questions left unanswered. Beta female Phoebe Kelly-Goldberg was expecting, what did she have? Uncle Mike smelled his second chance mate at the final full moon run of book one, who is she? Siobhan and Mitchum gave their mates the exact same mark, so how are they related? Luna Freya died in the battle with the king of the rogues but Alpha Colin, Baylor's mentor, was able to survive with the help of the witches, how is he doing? Does Shammus, Baylor's wolf, ever quit giving him grief? Are the guys still foul mouthed and fun loving? Come along on their next adventure to find out!

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What’s better than friendship and laughter? Going on a life changing journey with those friends. Baylor is a 15 year old human boy who was orphaned a two when he was the only survivor of a car crash. U.S. authorities couldn’t find any relatives to send Baylor home to, so they placed him in the Monroeville orphanage in Boston, Massachusetts. He and his two best friends escaped the orphanage when he was 13 and ran to Silverthorne, Colorado. When he turns 16, Baylor starts hearing a ‘voice’ in his head. Believing that the marajuana he smoked the night before his birthday was laced with something extra, he tells no one about what’s happening in his head. Then a stranger from his homeland shows up and asks if the voice has told Baylor its name yet. That’s when Baylor’s life gets turned upside down. He’s told that he is the missing Alpha Heir of a scattered wolf pack in Ireland and that he needs to come home to take his birthright and reunite the pack. Baylor and his friends are skeptical, but they have always stuck together. Will Baylor and his friends believe and follow this man back to Ireland? Can he reunite the pack and defeat the King of Rogues who sent the pack into hiding in the first place? Will there be a little love along the way? Time will tell if Baylor can become the answer to the pack problems and be the Alpha he was born to be.

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The sequel to The Blood Moon Luna, Blood Moon Redemption follows Alpha Heir Kendall Quisling, son of the evil Alpha Hollis Quisling and his fated mate, the perky and sweet Mia Rose Delgado of the Desert Moon Pack. Their meeting is by chance at the blood moon ball and Kendall is sure that his father's misdeeds will be cause for rejection of the fated mate bond. Their relationship is rocky at best in the beginning as they have to first defeat Kendall's father and then fight the rogues to take control of the Rip Claw Pack. That's only the beginning of their problems as when they are able to regain control of the pack there is far more damage than anyone ever suspected. Can these new lovers withstand the trials and tribulations that lie ahead? Can they repair the pack relationships and properties and pull the pack out of the depths of despair to flourish once again? Or will it all prove to be just too much for the young lovers? Come along on the journey to redemption, that begins on the night of that fated blood moon to find out.

Alpha Kieran's Mate
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If you have read The Blood Moon Luna, then you are definitely familiar with Alpha Kieran and Luna Fran. If you’ve not read The Blood Moon Luna then this will be a fun introduction to the Blood Moon series. Either way, I hope you truly enjoy this story. Did you ever wonder how it all began for this amorous couple? Did they always have the relationship we caught humorous glimpses of when they embarrassed Alpha Frankie? Come with me on a trip down memory lane to get a glimpse of life pre-Frankie. Alpha Kieran didn’t have the same loving household to grow up in that he provided for his son and worse yet he had been unlucky when it came time to find his mate. After several fruitless blood moons and waiting for potential mates to come of age, he decided to travel to one of the mating balls hosted throughout the country by other packs. At the Shadow Moon Pack ball Alpha Kieran scented his mate, but the wild child daughter of the pack’s Beta wasn’t going to just succumb to the trap of the mate bond, especially to some Alpha from the east coast. Kieran was smitten at first sight and knew if his beautiful mate would only give their bond a chance that he would make her the happiest woman in the world. Frannie and her best friend, the Alpha’s daughter, Hope made a vow when they were younger that they weren’t going to fall victim to the mate bond. They were going to live wild carefree lives and grow to be those cool old ladies they read about in human magazines and saw on television. Growing up under the microscope of being a child of pack leadership, Frannie was determined to live a life outside of that spotlight. How did the debonair and tradition oriented Kieran capture the heart of his rebel mate? Was there anything he wouldn’t do to get Frannie to give fate a chance? What was the turning point that changed her heart? Come along on the journey as we find out how Kieran met Fran and the distance one Alpha went to capture the heart of his goddess given mate.

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A companion novella to the Blood Moon Series and a few crossover surprises, The Warlock and The Tempest follows Drake, a sensual warlock who in his own words, is the perfect rake. For the last sixteen years Drake has not been able to find his true mate, so he has taken up the ‘love them and leave them’ lifestyle and beds whomever tickles his fancy that night. A call for help from an old friend is going to turn Drake’s world upside down. When he has not one goddess, but two collaborating to bring true love his way, Drake learns that there is truth in the words ‘never say never.’ As they say, “love never comes easily’ so why would it be any different for our broody, domineering warlock? According to legend, there is a belief that the mate he has been blessed with, belongs to another. Fire is supposed to balance water, so how is magic supposed to balance the violent storm of the Tempest? Not only will Drake have to be a better man, he’ll have to be the balance the legend speaks of. He’s going to have to make his mate see past the reputation that precedes him and prove that age is really just a number. If that wasn’t difficult enough, he’ll have to do it all while helping his friends take down a dangerous crime ring. Will Drake be able to weather the storm they call The Tempest and prove that true love will conquer all? Or will he return to the life he thought was perfect, before he met her?

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Smart and feisty Nikki is the daughter of the pack's female lead Warrior. Devilishly handsome and charismatic Frankie is the Alpha Heir of the Cold Moon Pack. Nikki has a crush on Frankie but she is not on his radar, yet. Frankie is looking for his Luna. Recently their pack is experiencing an increase in rogue attacks. So when they are thrown together in pack training, Frankie quickly learns that Nikki can pack a punch. A simple critique leads to that 1st touch and the chemistry is sizzling. Does this budding romance stand a chance against death, deceit, and an indecent alliance proposal? Will Nikki get her man? Has Frankie found his Luna? Only time will tell if this couple will be blessed by the Moon Goddess or destroyed by lies and betrayal.


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