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The Blood Moon Luna

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Smart and feisty Nikki is the daughter of the pack's female lead Warrior. Devilishly handsome and charismatic Frankie is the Alpha Heir of the Cold Moon Pack. Nikki has a crush on Frankie but she is not on his radar, yet. Frankie is looking for his Luna. Recently their pack is experiencing an increase in rogue attacks. So when they are thrown together in pack training, Frankie quickly learns that Nikki can pack a punch. A simple critique leads to that 1st touch and the chemistry is sizzling. Does this budding romance stand a chance against death, deceit, and an indecent alliance proposal? Will Nikki get her man? Has Frankie found his Luna? Only time will tell if this couple will be blessed by the Moon Goddess or destroyed by lies and betrayal.

Chapter 1 Secret Crush

Nikki POV

It was the night of the blood moon and my friends and I had decided to go to the clearing to see the moon at its peak. At least, that's what I said was the reason to go to the clearing on the hillside. Usually only those 18 and older go to the clearing to find their mates under the blood moon. I convinced Charity and Silvie to go on the pretense of ‘seeing the beauty of the blood moon better’. My real reason was Frankie, I wanted to see if he found his mate.

Frankie is the Alpha's son, he's 6 foot 4 with broad shoulders and muscles for days. His brown, almost black hair hung to his shoulders and his eyes were so blue it was like staring into the sky on a sunny afternoon. Not that he'd ever notice me, my dark blonde hair and brown eyes were ordinary at best. I was short and barely a B cup, I did have a little junk in the trunk though. That didn’t stop me from praying to the Moon Goddess that Frankie wouldn’t find his mate tonight and maybe she'd save him for me.

“You know Nikki, most people don’t make this ridiculous climb up to the clearing until they have their wolves and can find their mates?” Silvie said. Silvie was whining again. “Silvie, I told you I just want to see the blood moon closer. Don’t you think it will be more beautiful higher up than it is from below?” I said.

Charity chimed in, “Nikki it is probably more beautiful from the clearing because people find their mates up there. It’s romantic. Silvie and I are only 16 and a half and you’re only 17 and a half.” “Maybe you’re right, but we are almost there and I just want to see if it is different.” I said.

We were starting to get closer. I could hear voices up ahead and smell the bonfire had already been lit. “Come on guys, it should be just past these trees.” I encouraged.

Once we got past the next bunch of trees, I could see that there were at least 40 people up here. I hadn’t realized that there would be so many unmated wolves in our pack.

“What the f*ck? Who invited the pups?” Sidney said. Ugh, Sidney she is such a b*tch and believes that she will be the next Luna alongside Frankie. “Shouldn’t you girls be at home playing with your dolls and having tea parties?” Sidney sneered.

“Stick it up your nasty skanky *ss Sidney. We are only up here to get a better view of the blood moon. No one is bothering you.” Charity replied. Charity, I do love that girl. She says exactly what is on her mind. You know that whole good twin-evil twin thing? That is Charity and Silvie.

“Who are you calling skanky pup?” Sidney taunted. “You, SKANK! The warrior's pet she-wolf” Charity answered. And I watched it unfold in slow motion as Sidney pulled her fist back and threw the first punch, except it was me she hit as I pushed Charity out of the way and Sidney’s fist connected with my eye.

I don’t know why I did it, other than I have had a year more of training than Charity has. But boy was it worth it! “Knock it off Sidney! Why are you hitting pups?!” Frankie shouted. Frankie was in front of me offering his hand to help me up. SWOON

“Are you okay Nikki? Do you need to see the pack doctor?” Frankie asked. I couldn’t focus on anything other than the rich baritone of Frankie’s voice, I have no idea what he is saying to me. “Nikki? Nikki? Can you hear me?” Frankie asked again. I could see his lips moving, oh my goddess, can I just lean in and see if they are as luscious as they look? Right before I almost made a fool of myself I snapped out of it. “I am sorry, what did you say?” I said.

Frankie let go of my hand and said, “Are you okay Nikki? Do you need to see the pack doctor?” Frankie asked like he was talking to a mental patient. “Nnn- No. I’m fine. It hurts but it will heal.” I answered. “It will take longer since you don’t have your wolf yet. I don’t see any blood on the outside of your eye, so hopefully when the swelling goes down, it will be okay.” Frankie replied after looking at my eye.

“Why are you girls up here anyway? None of you are 18 yet.” Frankie asked. As I bit my lower lip I just stared for a moment. “I just wanted to see if the blood moon was prettier higher up.” I answered. I stared at the ground hoping he wouldn’t tell us we had to go back. When I looked up I could see Frankie thinking before he spoke. “Well make sure you stay out of the way. The moon will be at its apex in about 30 minutes. And if things get… complicated you’ll have to head back down.” He said a bit skeptical.

We knew what complicated actually implied. 2 blood moons ago Allison, Sidney’s sister, dropped to her knees and gave her newly found mate a blow job. I heard it was pretty gross for all to see.

“We’ll stay out of the way and leave right after the apex hits.” I told him. Frankie shook his head and walked back over to the tailgate of his truck. “Come on guys, let's find a place to sit until the moon hits its apex and then we can go.” I said to Silvie and Charity. “Frankie sure is cute, I wouldn’t mind blowing that if he were my mate.” Charity murmured. I looked to where he was standing and just grinned. “Mom says you shouldn’t talk like that, Charity. Besides, sucking d*ck is gross.” Silvie said prissily. “As if you’d know, Silvie. You probably think the stork brings babies too.” Charity replied back.

While they bantered back and forth, I just watched Frankie and his friends. They were drinking beer and Frankie was laughing at something Tatum said. That guy comes up with some crazy sh*t.

A few growls had me paying closer attention to what was going on. Looks like there’s about 8 new sets of mates. I sighed in relief and silently thanked the Moon Goddess that Frankie wasn’t one of them.

“Come on guys, I told Frankie we would head back down right after the apex.” I said once I could see all the mate pairs were done.

We got on our feet and started back down. We had been walking for about 5 minutes when we heard a large collective growl and then a howl. “SH*T! We’re under attack! RUN!” I screamed.

Chapter 2 Rogue Attack

Nikki POV

As we took off down the wooded hillside my heart was pounding and I was trying to think of how to get someplace safe. Charity, Silvie, and I don't have our wolves yet so we aren’t going to be any help, instead we’re a liability. The sound of paws thundering against the ground was ominous and it made it difficult to think clearly. The warriors were charging towards us heading for the clearing and we needed to get out of the way.

“Over there is a boulder! 100 feet to the right!” Silvie called out. That would at least get us out of the way of the warriors coming this way. So we dashed to the right and ducked behind the boulder just as the warriors went running and leaping past. As we quickly tried to catch our breath I said, “We still need to hide somewhere safe until the all clear is sounded.”

Charity was bent over hands on her knees and huffing in and out and looked up and said, “What about the old mine. It is at least out of the way

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