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Blood Moon Redemption: Mia And Kendall's Story

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The sequel to The Blood Moon Luna, Blood Moon Redemption follows Alpha Heir Kendall Quisling, son of the evil Alpha Hollis Quisling and his fated mate, the perky and sweet Mia Rose Delgado of the Desert Moon Pack. Their meeting is by chance at the blood moon ball and Kendall is sure that his father's misdeeds will be cause for rejection of the fated mate bond. Their relationship is rocky at best in the beginning as they have to first defeat Kendall's father and then fight the rogues to take control of the Rip Claw Pack. That's only the beginning of their problems as when they are able to regain control of the pack there is far more damage than anyone ever suspected. Can these new lovers withstand the trials and tribulations that lie ahead? Can they repair the pack relationships and properties and pull the pack out of the depths of despair to flourish once again? Or will it all prove to be just too much for the young lovers? Come along on the journey to redemption, that begins on the night of that fated blood moon to find out.

Chapter 1 Daydreaming


My name is Mia Rose Delgado. I am an Alpha Female shifter and I am 20 which means I have the opportunity to find my mate. Since I have been looking for two years, I am confident they are not in my own pack. I am the daughter of Alpha Isha and Luna Hope Delgado of the Desert Moon pack in Nevada and what they refer to as the pack princess. My Fraternal twin brother Eli will be the next Alpha of our pack and he uses that fact to taunt me.

Eli and I argue often and are always competitive. Recently a new friend of ours, Nikki helped us with our sibling rivalry by having us spar against one another. It has helped our relationship immensely and he doesn’t tease as badly as he once did. Because of Nikki, people don’t always just automatically side with Eli anymore either. That itself is liberating, I earned respect that Eli was automatically given.

There is a blood moon in just two days' time and I am excited at the prospect of finding my mate, even if we are traveling to the other side of the country for the ball, I am hopeful that if I find my mate he will be closer to home. I have been meticulously packing for our trip for days. It is mostly just hot here in Nevada so packing for a trip where the temperatures will fluctuate has been difficult. Not that cooler weather bothers me being a werewolf, but if we are around humans I need to look the part.

At a knock on my door I look up and call out, “Door is open, come on in.” Eli stepped through the door and said, “Hey sis are you about ready to go? We can’t make the Alpha of the Greenland pack wait forever you know.” I rolled my eyes and threw a shoe at Eli, he’s always saying that when he becomes Alpha, he will ship me far away from here.

Did I say the teasing wasn’t as bad as before? Yeah, well that is one thing he hasn’t stopped is threatening to send me away. ‘Condescending egotistical prick, I hope his mate is a one eyed, ugly, fat, mangy, she-wolf with fleas, that would serve him right.’ I sighed to myself before replying, “Yeah, toss me back my shoe and I can close my suitcase.”

I looked around my room to see if I had forgotten to pack anything and it looks as though I am all set. I even packed my violet contacts. I don’t need them, but they make me look more interesting, so I wear them on special occasions. Meeting my mate will definitely be a special occasion.

I am excited that I get to see Nikki and her friend Maisey that came with her when she would visit our pack. I would say that I wouldn’t mind if the Alpha I meet at the ball was near Nikki’s pack, but the closest pack to hers, is run by Alpha Hollis who is bad news from beginning to end and I don’t want any part of that. Besides that I have only heard about his psycho daughter and I am definitely not into girls.

I lugged my suitcase down the stairs where my parents were waiting, “All set honey?” My mom asks as dad takes my suitcase out to the car. “Yeah, I think so mommy. I know this is going to be a short trip, but I packed for all contingencies. I am not used to being somewhere where they actually have weather besides heat,” I replied. Yes, I am 20 and still call my parents Mommy and Daddy, I am their baby even if I am a twin. I have a really good relationship with them and it makes them feel needed still, so why not.

“Our flight is in three hours so we have to get going. I am so excited, maybe you and Eli will finally find your mates, won’t that be nice?” mom said as we walked out to the car. “Yeah, I just hope that he isn’t from far away. I don’t want to be too far away from you and daddy,” I replied. “Once Eli takes over the pack, it won’t be that bad because we can visit you wherever you end up. We won’t have to be here all the time,” she reassured me.

The flight from Reno to Charleston was just under three hours, so I would have time to rest on the plane before we landed. Waiting for our flight to be boarded, I was daydreaming about a tall studly alpha with brown hair and brown eyes to match my own and little pups surrounding us that looked just like him. Then Eli pulled me back to reality when he said, “Come on Dopey, we will miss our flight if you don’t get moving.”

Come to think of it, Greenland looks better every day, it’s a pretty country and it is far away from my brother. I picked up my carry on and went to follow after my family calling out, “I’m coming, my evil twin.” It probably would be funnier calling him my evil twin, if he were a girl too. Imagine Eli with long hair and boobs! I should photoshop him just that way in a dress and send the picture to our friends back home, looks like I may have some entertainment for the flight after all.

The flight itself was uneventful and I was glad that I wouldn’t be spending a lot of time with my brother over the next few days. A vacation within a vacation. Plus if any of our friends decided to send him the new and improved Alpha ‘Ellie’ pic I created, there wouldn’t be immediate retaliation.

When we left the airport in Charleston I looked everywhere, things looked very different from Nevada. Despite it being fall, things here looked more lush and alive. The excitement of getting to see my new friends was building and the possibility of finding my mate had me sitting on the edge of my seat.

Chapter 2 Friendly Reunion


We were cleared through the gates of the Cold Moon territory and my excitement continued to grow with each passing moment. Once we pulled up in front of the Alpha Mansion the car had barely stopped and I was the first one out bounding towards my friends. “Nikki! Maisey!” I shouted as I ran to embrace them both in a hug. As Nikki hugged me she said, “Mia, Good to see you again. Are you excited for the ball?”

I stepped back from the hug and excitedly said, “I am, it will be nice to see if my mate is here tomorrow night. But it is really nice to see you both again, even if it hasn’t been that long.” Everyone greeted my family before Nikki picked up my bags to show me to my room. This home is gorgeous and very different from ours, we live in the pack house with the other ranked pack members and their families. I can see why they call it the Alpha Mansion because it is huge. When she opened the door to the suite I asked, “So are you happy to be back


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