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Alpha Baylor and The Delta's Secret

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Your favorite Irish Alpha is back with the whole Skatom Mochain pack. Alpha Baylor is 19 now and has been the Alpha for the last three years. There have been a lot of changes since we last saw the young alpha and his pack. While change isn't easy for anyone, Baylor and his friends are going through growing pains as they continue to find their way in this world. Self doubt and an unsolved mystery are their biggest struggles. To add to the mystery, the moon goddess has passed on a cryptic message of impending danger and the need to be prepared. When we last saw the gang there were many questions left unanswered. Beta female Phoebe Kelly-Goldberg was expecting, what did she have? Uncle Mike smelled his second chance mate at the final full moon run of book one, who is she? Siobhan and Mitchum gave their mates the exact same mark, so how are they related? Luna Freya died in the battle with the king of the rogues but Alpha Colin, Baylor's mentor, was able to survive with the help of the witches, how is he doing? Does Shammus, Baylor's wolf, ever quit giving him grief? Are the guys still foul mouthed and fun loving? Come along on their next adventure to find out!

Chapter 1 -Prologue

Ruqyya POV

I have been trapped in the underworld for more than 20 years. Lothian killed my wolf to make me his queen, but in truth I am nothing more than his glorified sex slave. Lothian and his demons killed our entire pack, but the worst was seeing Lothian kill my beloved Cormac in front of my eyes. I should have known when I made the deal with Lothian, that sparing my children's lives didn't mean they wouldn't suffer.

I am allowed a mirror to observe their lives once a year to prove that they remain alive. If one of them should die from anything but old age, the deal is voided. They remain alive, but their lives have been anything but easy. Today is the day I get to use the mirror and I pray that for once when I see them, they might be happy.

I remember the day I made the deal like it was yesterday. Other than not having them in my life, the only regret I have is not ensuring their lives would be happy.


"Please spare my pups. I will give you whatever you want in return, just let them live," I pleaded as Sheba howled in my head for the loss of our mates. Cormac and his wolf Striker had saved us when they found us during a human war and with a careless swipe of this demon’s claws they were taken away from us.

"Anything? Surely you must be desperate, little wolf, to make a deal such as that," Lothian sneered. I would rather kill this demon but I am weak because of my mate's death and I have to think of my pups now.

"I love them more than my own life and there's nothing you can want that's worse than what I have already lived through," I replied, trying to portray confidence even as I fear for mine and my pups safety. I should have known that there could be worse than what I had already survived but I was desperate to spare my pups from death.

The grin on his face was pure evil as he considered my request. I trembled in fear as I clutched my pups to my chest praying the goddess would watch over them and keep them safe. They were innocent and didn’t deserve to die. So I would face the fires of hell if needed, to keep them alive.

"Fine, give me your hand and we'll make a blood oath. I will spare your mutts and in exchange you will be my queen," he smirked and reached his hand out for mine.

“Y-y-your queen?” I stuttered unsure that I heard him correctly. I didn’t want to be a demon queen and I certainly didn’t want my pups to live in the underworld.

“Yes. I need a queen and I want someone beautiful to look at while I am fucking,” he sneered.

My heart began beating erratically and my stomach filled with dread, as my mind tried to grasp what he was offering in exchange for my pup's lives. I didn’t want this demon to violate me, my heart and body belonged to Cormac.

“The underworld is no place for my pups. They are innocent and deserve to grow up safe from harm,” I cried. Maybe death was the best for all of us after all. At least we would be returned to the moon goddess and wait for our spirit’s next journeys.

“I wouldn’t take those mutts to the underworld. I said I would let them live, they will stay here on earth. You on the other hand little wolf will be joining me to reign in Alendronate. So what do you choose, Ruqyya? Life for all or death?” he hissed and his eyes glowed red with his impatience. I looked at the faces of my little ones trying to memorize their every feature. ‘Maybe someday we can be reunited, my little loves, but I have to do this to ensure that you live. If we meet again, I hope that you can forgive me for letting you go. Perhaps one day when you have pups of your own you'll understand that the sacrifice I am making is out of love,’ I whispered and kissed each of their foreheads.

“They live and die of nothing other than old age. Then I will accept your deal, demon,” I growled, making sure that my sacrifice would mean they live long full lives.

“You try my patience, Ruqyya. I am going to have fun bending your will to mine. Your mutts will live to old age and you will be my queen. Now give me your hand so that we may seal the deal with blood,” he hissed, stepping forward to take my hand in his.

I held out my hand and watched as he used a claw to first slice open his palm and then mine. As our hands joined, the deal was sealed with white hot pain that vanished as quickly as it started. I almost dropped my youngest pup when I jerked my hand back.

“Say goodbye, Ruqyya. We’re leaving immediately,” he hissed.

“Goodbye my loves. Mommy loves you so very much. I wish you enough,” I murmured and kissed their foreheads once more before they vanished.

I fell to my knees sobbing in pain and anguish, Sheba was howling in my head and I thought my heart would burst into a million pieces. I clutched my head in agony from the incessant howling. When Lothian’s hand wrapped around my arm, I tried to jerk free from his grasp. “Don’t touch me, demon,” I screamed.

“Nonsense, I have a gift for you, my queen. I am going to kill your wolf and take away all your pain,” he hissed just before he sank his teeth into my neck where my mate mark was.

I screamed in agony as Sheba continued to howl and then the world went black.

End Of Flashback

“The mirror has been sent to your chambers. After you see that your mutts are still alive, you need to bathe and prepare yourself to please me tonight,” Lothian hissed as he sat on his throne next to mine.

“Yes, my king. It will be an honor to please you once again,” I mumbled, going through the motions. One of these days I will kill him and be free of this vile demon. I stood from my throne and spread my wings to glide to my chambers, my prison was more like it. After I view my precious pups I will be spread open and fucked while he grunts his way to orgasm. Then once he leaves my chambers I will take the potion the witch gave me to prevent conception of his spawn.

Once I was in the hallway that leads to my chambers, I hurried as fast as I could, giddy with anticipation to see their faces once more. In my chambers I closed the door and knelt in front of the mirror and pressed my palm to its surface.

When the picture began to surface I sat back on my feet and watched. A gasp escaped my lips when I saw that they had found each other. He has grown into a handsome young man and she is a beautiful young woman. Perhaps now that they have found each other they will have happy lives. When she turned a tear slid down my cheek, my little princess was having a pup of her own. I was going to have a grandchild I’ll never meet and if her round belly is any indication, it will be soon.

My heart ached with longing to be with my pups as they become adults and have children of their own. ‘Please Selene, if you can hear my prayers protect them as they continue to grow. I wish desperately that I could find a way out of this place and be reunited with them.’ I watched for a few minutes more and when the picture faded, I felt my heart shatter once more.

Chapter 2 -Catching Up

Baylor POV

“...Happy Birthday dear Wally. Happy Birthday to you,” the crowd gathered sang to my two year old nephew, Beta Heir Walter Jered Goldberg.

“Blow out your candles big guy, so we can eat the dinosaur cake,” I said as I held Wally next to his cake while his parents video and photographed the occasion. Of course when he blew out the candles there was more spit than air expelled from his little mouth. I would be grossed out if it was someone else’s kid but his father had been one of my two best friends and basically my brother as far as I can remember. I’ve put worse things than a little toddler spit in my mouth before.

Wally promptly stuck his finger into the cake and then held it up to me with his big brown eyes sparkling, “Unca Bay bite?”

I shook my head, “No, you go ahead Wally, it’s your birthday. You should have the first bite.” I can do a bit of toddler spit, but I am pretty sure I spotted him with his finger up his nose a little


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