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Funmilayo Tomoye

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"You need to get a lady pregnant!!" Aurelio Dad's loud voice rang in his head and he slowly put down the magazine he had used to cover his face giving his dad a questioning look. "Dad... excuse me?" he replied clearly shocked by his dad words. "you should know by now that your grandpa doesn't want things to end in a generation, he likes his things ongoing from generations to generations and in this case you're demanding for power.. that is what you need to get it from the both of us" His father replied leaving him shocked again. "Since when did the both of you start this.. off course getting a lady pregnant isn't bad or hard, I can" Aurelio replied with an appealing look. His dad scoffed at his reply, his facial expression showed he was ready. "This is not just to get a random lady pregnant, a lady that you'd raise your child with!, a Lady you'd be sure you can leave with!" he demanded as Aurelio rolled his eyes, he was wide-eyed "Seriously all these Dad? just because of what!!" Aurelio groaned aloud throwing the magazine in his hands away. "No more words, your grandpa and I already agreed to it" His dad said before he left his room. **** Aurelio Bertram, a 24 years old handsome billionaire, Grandson of a mob boss and the son of a highly recognized business man in the City, and for Aurelio..he is the combination of both but was temporarily nothing. His family happened to be one of the most feared and respected family in the city. Just when he had thought of taking his revenge on one of his childhood rival and an enemy to his family, and to go for one of a huge party event, his dad and Grandpa weren't ready to allow him but since he was of age to take over their family business, he put a condition that Aurelio must get a Lady that'd get him a child to be a heir to him but it didn't go as expected. Aurelio Bertram is known as a Man wh*r* in his family and he thought it'd be easy to fulfill his task but no, this time no single Lady got pregnant after weeks and months until he met, Erica James, A middle class hotel waitress, she's simple, has a very good body shape that'd make men drool over her. Her parents left her since highschool since she didn't further her educations for her own reasons, they believed nothing good would come out of her. But then after one night Aurelio spent with her, she became pregnant and thought of running away with the pregnancy out of shame but how would she run away with the All powerful Aurelio Bertram's Child...?? A child that would be his heir?!... "Even in the woods I'd find you Babycakes, from now on know you belong to me and all that has to do with you and my baby" Aurelio said to her ears sending shivers all over her.

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  • Author: Simran
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Temptation. The desire which is not easy to resist, is called Temptation. *** Cyrus Knight The Billionaire businessman who is popular in the whole country for being the biggest playboy. He is an infamous heartbreaker of the nation. He is very selfish, self centered, egoistic and stubborn person. He doesn’t like anything going against his will. If he wants something then he gets it at any cost. He can go to any lengths to get whatever it is that he desires. And he desires Natalie Miller. She caught his attention when she was attending his birthday party and now he wanted to see her on his bed shivering under him. But she refused him and he didn’t like that at all. Natalie Miller is step daughter of millionaire businessman Edwin Miller who is nothing but a money hungry man. Despite coming from such a rich family and having everything one could ever desire, Natalie is a girl who has seen and faced the worst in her short twenty four years of life. Everything which is difficult for you and me to even imagine. Still she was living her life while going with the flow waiting for the day when her miseries are finally going to end until she met Cyrus Knight. She didn’t know that he is going to become another nightmare in her life that she will be living with everyday. They were complete opposite but he didn’t care. He just wanted to fulfill his newly ignited desires, which were the result of the insults she threw at him, hurting his ego. Now his bruised pride wanted to take revenge on her for insulting him. His temptation to have her and make her his, to ruin her in every way possible encouraged him to go all out and he did. He got married with her, promising her to make rest of her life a living hell. Is his temptation going to break her beyond repair or will their story going to have an unpredictable twist in its plot?


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