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When Colour Dies

  • Genre: YA/Teen
  • Author: Gril18
  • Chapters: 21
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 12+
  • 👁 335
  • 7.5
  • 💬 80


There are a lot of unknowns in the world, and no one knows when our lives will end. It could be right now, tomorrow, or in the days or weeks to come. You might be happy or sad right now, but nothing lasts forever, and you won't even notice when your feelings change. What happens when two people who see life differently meet? One whose eyes are no longer happy and filled with deep sadness. While the other one is happy and full of hope. What will prevail as they become close to each other? Sadness or happiness? Hope or destruction?



Even though it was late at night, a young man who was looking up at the dark sky couldn't stop crying. He was sitting near the bridge, and his dirty clothes were visible. His skin is dirty and looks like it hasn't been taken care of.

Many people walk by and see how bad his situation is, but none of them can look away. No one pays any attention to him. Everyone didn't want to talk to the man. He was just alone all the time.

"Eunice, do you know that man? He always seems alone and miserable every time I see him. It's like he's just staring at nothing. Is he okay? What do you think?" a woman asked her friend as she looked at the man on the bridge.

She and her friend stopped to eat at a nearby restaurant, which is why she ran into that man again. She had seen him for a few days, but she didn't know what was happening to him. That is why there is a curious look in her eyes.

"From what I can remember, he was wearing those same clothes yesterday. I just want to know the truth about what happened to him. It looks like something terrible is happening to him right now. I feel sorry for him. Do you think someone died from his family?" Eunice said with sadness as she looked over at him.

Still, she didn't take her eyes off it. Apparently, what she was saying was quite true. The man seemed to have some kind of secret, but they couldn't figure it out. He has no scars on his skin and doesn't look like a homeless person. It is just that the clothes he was wearing were dirty and looked like they hadn't been taken care of. But overall, he seems to have a decent family.

"Mayenna, is it just me, or have you been looking at him for a while? It seems like you're making up stories about him. I have a simple question for you: do you like him? Have you become less picky about guys? Come on, what are you doing?" When Eunice saw that Mayenna still wasn't looking away from the man, she asked her friend.

Mayenna didn't listen when her friend was talking. It may seem that she has lost her hearing, but she doesn't care about it. The only sound she can hear is the strong wind. She wanted to know what was wrong with the man. Mayenna wanted to know if the man were freezing because of the chilly winds. She was curious about him.

"What are you going through, Mayenna? Can we leave this place? Hello? Please give the earth to my best friend. Do you not hear me? Gosh!" Eunice frustratingly says, since her friend still didn't pay attention to her.

Her friend kept looking, so she just exhaled. She didn't want what Mayenna was doing since it was starting to ruin their evening.

"I hope you didn't put me here with you if you're not going to answer me. What is it, Mayenna? Hello? Here I am. Right there. Don't you understand? Am I joke you? Gosh, girl! Okay, fine, do what you want," Eunice added again.

Eunice just told her friend that she was mad for putting it on the food. Mayenna was still shocked and looked at you on the bridge with wide eyes. She looked like she was just watching the man move like she wasn't waiting for anything.

"Relax, Eunice. I'm listening to what you're saying. Please, just let me think about it. I want to talk to the man on the bridge," Mayenna whispered.

She didn't take her eyes off her friend and just kept looking at the man. People are leaving that place to go back home. Yet, Mayenna is still looking and watching him.

"Okay, as you wish. But once I'm done eating, we'll go home. Do you get that, Mayenna? That man will forget you. He is not interested in you. So please, don't think of something impossible to happen," Eunice marked strongly.

Mayenna just nodded so her friend would stop talking. She then gave her full attention to the person she was thinking about at the time. She stares at him again, but he doesn't give her a single look.

He slowly got up from where you were sitting at the bridge. Mayenna feels like time is moving slowly and she doesn't know why, but she is only thinking about him.

She finally saw his face, which was a surprise for her. Even though there was a long distance between them, she could tell that the man was talking with her eyes. Mayenna tried to talk, but he couldn't hear her. It's strange, and when she looks at him, she feels like she's going to drown in sadness.

When the man looked her in the eye, he left quickly. Mayenna was a little surprised, and she could feel her heart beating quickly. She didn't want the other person to go. She wants him to stay. There was something she had to say.

"No! S-Wait a minute. Don't leave me..." she whispered as she watched you walk away.

The man left for good and never looked back. But before he walked away, he turned to Mayenna and smiled. A smile that is full of pain and sorrow.

"Don't worry. I'll find you and put some color back into your dark world. I swear to that, to the moon and back," Mayenna spoke to herself in a determined whisper as she followed the man's fading figure until it was gone.

Chapter 1: First Encounter

A young boy walks quietly through a hot, busy, and crowded place. Even with all the shouting in the market, he didn’t care about the surrounding noise. There are a variety of buyers, and some are still haggling. This is how he starts and ends his day every day. It’s typical, but he has no choice.

He has a warm-hearted face, but his eyes are sad and full of mystery. If you pay close attention to him, you will see this for sure. It was very heartbreaking, as if all the happiness in his life had died a long time ago. It’s one of the reasons why many people are ignoring him.

He just walks around the streets, and when he’s tired, he makes a small bed on the side of an enormous building. His life is like this. Even though it’s hard, he has to do it. He chose to go in this direction. That’s why he must endure the consequences.

“Why does it seem like there are more and more homeless people on the road? Do you not feel bad for yourselves? You’re such a jerk! It’s already cr


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