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What have you done!!!

  • Genre: YA/Teen
  • Author: River
  • Chapters: 1
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 3.0
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Just when I thought my life went back to normal it takes a shocking turn. "Babe where are you," He said as he looked around holding a gun in his right hand. I hide from him as much as possible then make my escape as soon as I have a chance. As I breathe heavy then hold it so I don't give myself away. I guess that is what I did because I wince at the pain and the sound of my back hitting the wall. He put his face near mine, I watched as his eyes began to wander around my face then stare at my lips. "Why do you have to be one, my victims..." He said with a smirk on his face. Oh please someone come and save me as a tear ran down my face. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Bella is an awkward girl no one wants to hang out with her. People have been calling her names even a bad word but never shows her emotion in public but at home cry a lot. Until she met 2 guys who change her world and life for good and on a girl who might be her friend.......or not. She also has a secret and so does her beat friend.

Chapter 1

Late on First Day

"Hurry up Bella," said Erika and grabbing her backpack and waiting at the front door for me.

"Well I was up trying to studying while you were making little giggling on your phone because your boyfriend was calling of all people should know that because I am slowly letting you try to get to know the real me because you are my best friend who stuck with me even when people stop being around me and talking to me," I said getting my backpack and walking over to Erika and hug her.

When I was done hugging her I thank her cause she stayed when I need her or a friend is my side. I made a turn away from her face.

"You can go head and go I don't want to get you in trouble because of because of me okay and on your first day of school." I watch when she nodded at me back and ran out the door to the school. Me, on the other hand, I had to make sure that everything was off so nothing bad was going to happen and when that was done. I went to the front door and lock it and ran because I was now 30 minutes late on the first day of school.

That did not bother me at all as I was running I came across a corner I heard heavy breathing as well as mine. Then it hit me as if it was a big rock full of amazing colors and then Bam I ran into something until I heard an ouch that hurt you know from a voice that I knew that was a boy. I looked up at him he was rubbing his forehead back and forth in a fast pace.

"Wow, I did not know you a tough head for a girl. Oh, by the way, what is your name if I may ask?"

"Hi, my name is Bella and yours?" I said as I was getting up and dusting myself off reaching my hand toward him I come to notice how cute he was my heart was beat was beating fast om me is it possible for me to get me first crush? ... no way know one has ever loved me or let alone date me.(People tell me I am stupid that I am never good enough for anyone or they never "waste time" on me my friend well I do not know if we count as friend because she was from a grouped who picked on me heck she was the one to kick me in the stomach and yet we live together that was 4 years ago one day she did not beat me like she normally do which surprised me a lot and her gang to later that day when I was leaving school she was getting yelled at by some man I never saw before, to be honest, I felt bad but something inside me just snapped because I turn around there stood a guy in front of me nearly trying to knock me out, but I quickly moved faster than him when he was down I ran to her and punch the other guy unconscious then grab her hand and we ran as if there would be no tomorrow for us. When we got my house I cleaned all her wounds and help to have a bath and let sleep in my bed too when I thought she was asleep I return to only have a hand stop me why you helped me after all the things I did to you? I told her that it was my turn to return the favor and I would still do the same she just nodded at me and told me not to leave her I will not do that but only turn off the light she said okay I did that and use my phone to find my way back to the bed and we both fell asleep. Ever since that day, she asked to move in with me and I let her so yep that is only part of the story. ) I realized the boy toke my hand and got up.

"My name is Liu but my friends call me Luis and another name but I forgot it". As what looks to heat traveling up to his ears. Is he blushing at me? I question myself I, him that it was very nice to meet him and that I was late for my class.

"okay bye then... c-ca-can w-we be fr-friends?" I honestly could not help myself but I laughed a little and nodded because he was studdering.

"Yes we can be friends," I said with a big small on my face.

said bye to him one final time and turn around to run to my school leaving him in a daze for some reason.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I am sorry for the late update please don't be mad at me 😣........ Oh, I almost forgot please vote and you are welcome to leave comments about it and tell me what you think of it.


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