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The Tale of a Mysterious Necklace

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Enter a captivating world where reality and the supernatural intertwine in the young adult novel, "The Tale of a Mysterious Necklace." Join Sasha Alfredo, a spirited teenager facing the daunting challenge of starting anew in a strange town. Reluctantly leaving behind her familiar life, Sasha is thrust into an ancient, mysterious building that holds secrets untold. Amid her frustration, she stumbles upon a remarkable necklace pulsating with an otherworldly energy. Little does she know, this necklace will lead her on an exhilarating adventure beyond her wildest dreams. As Sasha adorns the necklace, a ghostly presence emerges, introducing itself as Ghostie. Bound to the necklace, Ghostie becomes Sasha's unexpected companion, guiding her through the treacherous halls of her new school. Together, they encounter Declan Davies, the brooding heartthrob known for his aloof nature. In a twist of fate, Declan becomes an unlikely ally in Sasha's quest to uncover the necklace's secrets. As Sasha delves deeper into the necklace's past, she unravels a hidden world of prophecies, enchantments, and revelations about her own identity. Their journey takes them across dimensions, facing mythical creatures, conquering fears, and unearthing a destiny Sasha never thought possible. Time becomes their greatest adversary as Sasha and her newfound allies decipher cryptic clues, confront dark forces, and navigate a labyrinth of secrets entwined with her own past. The fate of Sasha and the world rests on the necklace's true power. "The Tale of a Mysterious Necklace" is a mesmerizing blend of fantasy, adventure, and self-discovery, captivating readers with its immersive storytelling and relatable characters. It explores resilience, friendship, and the transformative nature of embracing the unknown. Brace yourself for a thrilling experience that will leave you yearning for more. Will Sasha unlock the necklace's secrets in time? Can she trust the unexpected alliances she forms along the way? Prepare to be spellbound as an ordinary teenager uncovers an extraordinary destiny in a world where the supernatural becomes real.

Meet Sasha Alfredo

My eyes roamed around the "ancient" building meant to be my new home. I call it ancient because it looked really old and kind of creepy.This is so bad!How will I cope with living in this kind of house? What next?Sasha! My mom called it "distracting me from my thoughts."I shifted my gaze to her; she was setting up the dining table in its spHace.Don’t just stand there; assist with something. She instructed, and I scoffed.Assist! and what is there to assist with? This building looks so outdated! I remarked angrily.Stop that, Sasha! My mom was warned: this is your new home, and there is nothing you can do about it. She finalisedNew home, my foot! I retorted angrily.Oh, come on, Sasha, this is going to be so much fun. My little sister Kamara joined in the conversation.She was jumping around the sitting room in excitement.I huffed.Fun! This is a nightmare I really want to wake up from.Climbing up the old looking stairs led me to a short passage with four rooms.I pushed the door to the first room open and quickly banged it shut when I saw a king size bed in the room.That must be my parent's room! I mutteredWalking towards the second room, I noticed the door to the opposite room was slightly ajar, so I walked towards it instead.I peered into the room and huffed when I saw my dad setting up my bed in a corner of the room.Oh yeah! My room at last!I opened the door wider and walked in.It seems like someone is trying to change this old box room into a princess room. I said while looking around, and my dad looked up at me.hey Princess! When did you get here? He asked with a smile.Not quite long. I answered with a frown, and he nodded absentmindedly as he was still fixing my princess' bed.But Dad, this is just not right! I mean, out of all the houses, why must it be this old one? I started because I needed a house urgently, and this was the only one available. He answered, and I scoffed.But is it a must for us to move here? Why didn’t we just stay over at the former house? I continued, and he chuckled lightly.You know, I just got a transfer here, and considering the distance, it won’t be possible!What ever! I muttered with an eye roll.He stood up from the floor when he was done fixing the bed and moved closer to me.Sasha! I know you are not happy with the whole idea of staying here, but I can assure you that you will love it later.But how, dad! I left everything I cherish most: my friends, my title as the "most popular girl" Jayden, f*ck*ng left everything. I yelled and broke down in tears.Oh Sasha! He exclaimed while pulling me into a hug.It is going to be alright. He assured me, and I believe you will get over it once you start school. He added, and I pulled out of the hug.School! And when will that be? I askedTomorrow. He answered with a wide grin.But dad, isn’t it too early? Can’t school wait? I asked with a frown, and he shook his head negatively.No PrincessBut dad, it is... I tried to say something, but he cut me off.Go freshen up and come down for dinner. He gave instructions and walked out of the room.School! tomorrow! Is he for real? Why can’t he and Mom just let me be?I signed in anger.Taking a few steps to the bathroom, a shiny object hidden behind the cracked wall caught my attention.What is that? I wondered as I moved closer to it. I pulled it out; it was a golden chain with D2 wording inscribed on it.I stared at it in awe; it was made with pure gold.Who would have kept it here? I wondered, Probably the previous owners, but how is it possible?" The chain still looks new! I really don’t care; it belongs to me now.I tossed it on the bed and walked into the bathroom to shower.Returning to the room, I walked over to a corner of the room where my boxes of clothes were kept.I opened one of the boxes and searched through it for comfortable pajamas. I soon found one.It was a pink pajama with a flower design, and I hurriedly put it on.I was about to leave the room when I remembered the golden necklace. I went over to the bed and picked it up.I stared at it in admiration. I bet it will cost a fortune.Putting on the necklace, the light bulb went off and then turned on.I scoffedEven the light bulb is fake. Oh, lest I forget! Let me introduce myself.I am Sasha Alfredo, an 18-year-old high school student. I am white, have blue eyes, black hair, average height, curvy, and have a big *ss, which I am very proud of.I have an annoying 8-year-old sister named Kamara who is sometimes nice. I'm talking about my parents; my mom is a full-time housewife, which makes my father the breadwinner of the family.Dad works for a big company and has just been transferred. I hope this explains why we moved to a new house.On getting downstairs, I met my family seated around the dining table.Are you done bathing? My mom asked, and I huffed.Isn’t it obvious? I answered with an eye roll.Be careful, Sasha! She warned, and I smirked.Whatever. I muttered as I sat down beside my little sister.I dished out a small quantity of food onto a plate and soon began eating.So how do you like your new room? My mom started, but I ignored her.I am talking to you, Sasha. She retorted, and I scoffed.What do you expect me to say? Just tell me, how will I like an old looking room with cracked walls? I fired at her, and she sighed.I know your room is kind of old, but I promise it will be fixed before you get back from school tomorrow. She assured me, and I frowned.Speaking of school, must I go to school tomorrow? I asked in a huff.Yes, baby, it is a must. My dad answeredbut it is... I tried to say something, but he cut me off.You are starting school tomorrow, and that is final. He finalized, and Kamara chuckled.I glared at her, and she stuck out her tongue.Spoilt brat!After eating, I said a silent prayer to God for the delicious meal.I stood up and was about to head upstairs to my room when my mom called.I turned to look in her direction.Won’t you at least bid us good night? She said it with a light smile.Good night! I mumbled, and she nodded.Good night, princess. My dad said, "And make sure you wake up early to prepare for school. he added.Oh yeah! I drawled and headed upstairs to my room.Entering my room, I collapsed on the bed.I was really tired and needed a good rest.I pulled up the blankets and was about to go to sleep when the chain around my neck shone brightly.What is this? I wondered and sat up in fear.I tried to take off the chain, but it refused to come off; it was kind of stuck to my neck.What is happening? Is this I stopped when I felt a strange presence in the room.I looked around but did not see anyone.A chill of fear swept over me, and goosebumps sprang over my hand.Is anyone here? I managed to ask, but there was no response.With my eyes wide open, I laid back on the bed.I looked around the room again, and as expected, I did not see anyone.I signed; it is probably just a figment of my imagination.I closed my eyes and was about to doze off when I heard a light footstep. It was moving close in my direction.Oh my god! It can’t be real. It can't be real. I kept on mumbling with my eyes still tightly closed.Please help me! A tiny voice pleadedNo! go away! You are not real! I said with a trembling voice,Open your eyes! the voice said, and when I did, I peed on my pants...Right in front of me was a beautiful girl with long black hair.I tried to scream, but no sound came out. I was so scared.Please help me! She pleaded again.Who are you? I managed to ask, and she smiled.That is why I need your help. She answered, and I shuddered in fear.Just go away, please. I pleaded, but she shook her head.I can’t do that because you found me first.I stared at her blankly, wondering what she meant.The necklace you are putting on belongs to me. She explained, and I gasped in shock.Anticipate.

A Ghost

In fear, I listened to the girl as she talked but could not understand a single thing.

I was damn confused.

Will you help me? She asked after she was done explaining, but I just stared blankly at her.

Sasha! She called, and I froze.

Will you help me? She repeated, "How did you know my name? I managed to ask, and she chuckled softly.

I heard your mom call you when you were all seated in the dining room. She answered with a wide grin.

But how is that possible? Why didn’t I see you? Where did you even come from? I asked in a rush, and her countenance changed to one of sadness.

What is your name? I continued, but she shook her head.

I don’t have a name. She answered with a sad face, and I gave her a surprised look.

What do you mean by that? I mean, who in this world doesn’t have a name? I asked, and she scoffed.

Haven’t you been listening to me? She asked with a frown...

To tell you the truth, I was just too s


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