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The Suuicidal Killer

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A suicidal killer and a godly woman. Damon, well -a known name throughout the country. a name that when heard by all will be prayed with fear and trepidation. Name that can kill and take some lives. A name but a lot of life taken. Erelah is A name of a woman with the meaning of 'Angel'. It all started, one night after the two crossed paths. A night where just after singing death. A night where the perspective of death named 'Damon' will change. Erelah, How many more letters have I written to you? But no matter what I write and say on the papers I write, it is unlikely that you will read it because I know that what I write will not reach you nor will you know the things that I want to tell you. But I only want one thing to happen Erelah, that is for everything to be fine and to tell the truths that I have been hiding for a long time. Of all the lies I know, of all the lies I've done, there's only one thing I've never lied to, and that's to love you even when you're far away from me. Forgive me Erelah, forgive me. Damon.

Chapter 1 The night

‘Just incoming news, Three human corpses were found inside their house bathed in their blood. Such corpses have engraved the letter ‘D’ on their breasts. According to residents near the crime scene, they did not hear any noise or shouting from the house. Police are now starting to investigate such crimes. '

"As of now, we have a person of interest. We have obtained some details on the bodies of the victims and based on our study, the letter 'D' on the victims' chests is possibly the work of this person."

I laughed and turned off the television then stood up in my seat. I started walking towards the kitchen of my house and then looked around.

"What can be good to use?" I asked myself then approached the sink where the knives were placed in a drawer.

I took a knife and looked at its sharpness.

"Dull, I'll feel the pain when I stab it in my chest," I said then returned my hold to the pouch. I looked around the kitchen again and then at a drawer.

I immediately went over there and opened that drawer. I was stunned when I saw the long rope there, I took it and examined it.

"If I use this, I'll feel the pain when I hang myself," I said then with a sigh.

"What's good to use? I want one that I can't feel the pain." I said to the rope I was holding.

I just laughed to myself while looking at the rope, I put it back in the drawer and then walked back to the living room.

I was shocked when I felt my cellphone vibrate in my pocket so I immediately took it and saw someone calling.

"Oh?" I answered the call.

"Take the payment from your bank account, we have already deposited. The boss gives you a bonus because of your talent. Boss also says thank you." I laughed and then poured wine into my glass before sitting down.

"Tell your boss, If he has any suggestion about how to die without feeling any pain," I said, I heard him laugh on the other line.

I just turned off the call and turn my phone off and was about to put down my cellphone when it vibrated again. It's Boss.

I first drank the wine in my glass and then answered the call.

"What else?" Suddenly, I heard the roar of his laugh.

"Did I bother you when you try to kill yourself?" He asked.

I laughed.

"I'm still thinking of a way," I said so he laughed even more.

"Come here to our hideout, we'll have you do something new." I scratched my head and leaned on the sofa.

"Just tell me who," I said.

"You're in too much of a hurry, you haven't even seen the look yet, come here." I sighed and stood up.

"All right," I said then dropped the call, I took the motor key and then my coat before leaving the house. I immediately got on my motor and drove it towards the hideout.

But even before I got to the hideout I immediately put my motor to the side of the road and then stood in front of the bridge where under it there was rushing water from the dam.

I took the cigarette out of my pocket and the lighter from the left pocket of my coat then lit the cigarette on my lips. I looked under the bridge and then thought.

"When I drown, the pain is short-lived. Is that right?" I asked myself then put a hand on my head.

How do I know the answer to my question if I don’t figure it out? I immediately climbed to the bridge and then stood on its railings. I smoked my cigarette and then exhaled the smoke.

"Finally, there is peace too," I said then smiled. I closed my eyes and then inhaled the breeze of cold air.

I opened my eyes again then took the cigarette from my lips then dropped it at the bottom of the bridge, I saw how the water rippled my cigarette.

"I'm next," I said then slowly turned around and closed my eyes.

"Sayonara," I whispered then ready to throw myself into the rushing water when suddenly someone pulled me back and down the railings of the bridge causing me to open my eyes, I close my eyes again when I saw myself falling on the road.

"Ouch!" I moaned as my body fell to the floor. I was holding my head where it was the first to hit the cement road.

"You alright?" I was stunned and frowned when I looked at the speaker. In front of me is a sitting white woman, wearing a red dress and tied with her brown hair. Its nose is pointed and its eyebrows are thick, its eyelashes are long and its eyes are brown. Her lips are pink and the color of her face turned red.

"Who are you?" I asked if that’s why she stopped and stared. I blinked and stood up in my seat while holding my head.

“D*mn, It hurts." I moaned.

"Are you serious about that question?" I looked again at the woman in front of me.

"Does it look like I'm joking with that question?" I asked why she was so blown away by the suddenness. She laughed and looked at me then stood up.

"I'm just saving you, why are you on the railings of the bridge? Do you want to kill--"

"Who told you to save me?" I asked irritably so she was even more shocked and couldn't believe she looked at me.

"Hays, if you hadn't pulled me back maybe I would have drowned earlier." Irritated said.

"Are you crazy?" She asked incredulously so I looked at her again.

"You're bothering me." She said then she turned her back.

"Wow, instead of thanking you for saving you, it's like it's against your will that I saved you." I heard her say.

"It's really against my will," I whispered then started walking closer to my motor when I felt something hit my head that was painful so I stopped and held my head and then looked in the direction of the woman behind me.

She crouched as she stood there holding a small rock.

"What?!" I asked angrily.

"Aren't you going to thank me ?!" She asked angrily.

"For what?" I asked, she laughed and was annoyed.

"Because I saved you! You owe me your life because n--"

“Then thank you!" I said then turned away again.

"Hoy! Your gratitude is out of your nose, be thankful properly!" I was paralyzed when someone hit my head again. I calmed myself then violently faced her again, my face looked blank in her direction then quickly approached her causing her to stop and start to get scared.

I immediately pulled her closer to me and then looked her in the eye.

"Thank you," I said quickly while looking into her eyes.

"Thank you for bothering me to kill myself," I added so her eyes widened and she immediately pushed me away. I was shocked and then looked at her reaction.

"Y-you're going to kill yourself?" She asked.

"Isn't it obvious?" I asked irritably, she swallowed and then signed off the cross as a reason to weirdo me to her.

"Dear God, please forgive him for his sin. He doesn't know what he's doing." She whispered so I stopped, I just looked at her then took a deep breath and turned away from her again.

"Amen," I said then I started walking closer to my motorbike and then got on.

"Hoy! Man!" I looked again at the woman who was still standing where she was.

"Are you done praying?" I asked. I saw the unbelievable reaction she had on her face.

"R-really hast! Whatever your problem is, suicide is not the solution." Suddenly she said so I was stunned to put on my helmet and then looked at her seriously.

"You're lucky because you're still alive, don't you know that many people want to live a long time, and then you'll just waste your life? Just pray instead of killing yourself." She said that's why I continued to put on my helmet and then looked at her.

"All right, it's up to you to pray for me," I said so she was surprised.

"Huh?" She asked, I started my motor and then focused the light on her face causing her to be dazzled.

"I said, just pray for me," I said so she looked at me.

"O-okay, w-what's your name?" She asked even though she was confused.

I laughed then turned my motor.

"Damon," I answered then starts my motor.

Chapter 2 Suicidal

Damon POV

"Hey, suicidal kid!" I took out of my mouth the paracetamol, biogesic, neozep, alaxan, and the other medications that I'm about to swallow. I looked up at my caller and saw Gazer approaching me. I sniffed and looked at the medicine I had spit out.

"Damn, babies," I said then looked at Gazer who was already next to me.

"What's that medicine for?" He asked then looked at me. "Then coke?" He added then laughed. "I don't know what's going into your brain and making you want to commit suicide." He said he then snatched the coke I was holding from me and handed me a glass of wine which he took inside.

"I also don't know why it's fashionable for an idiot like you to suddenly show up to disturb me to commit suicide," I said and accepted the wine he offered.

"You don't seem to have time to die." He said so I laughed.

"Wow, man," I sa


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