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About me

Hi ~ This is Author Ana!! I love to pen down my wild imaginations into words! Here, you can read my stories of different genres. I hope,you will enjoy them. Remember to catch me up on this social media sites: Instagram: Anamika_author Facebook page: Books Of Anamika Ana


The Offside Of Love
  • Author: ANA
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 3K
  • 8.0

" Sometimes we find the best thing inside the worst person " Savannah Yardley, the college beauty of Sunblock College didn't expect that her so called perfect boyfriend, Finn Hansley, the number one basketball player of Sunblock's basketball team would be the reason of her most devastating birthday celebration on her 19th Birthday. Finding her boyfriend with her own best friend on the bed was the birthday present that she had on that night. Heartbroken at that sight, Savannah accidentally came across the path of her sworn enemy, Ares Thatcher, the current caption of basketball team from their rival college. Ares wasn't the absolute man to share her sorrows but Revenge is dish best served cold. In her spark of revenge that engrossed her soul like wildfire, she made a deal with the cold, playboy, Ares Thatcher ---- Reveal Finn's weakness to Ares, get revenge on Finn & being done with Ares at the end. But she didn't know that dealing with a bad boy was like playing with fire__ either you burn or you get burn. Was it worth to cheer for her enemy in order to seek her revenge or something was more behind this?

Seducing The President
  • Author: ANA
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 215
  • 7.5

Xavier Gray, the youngest president of USK state and a billionaire CEO coming from the most powerful, ruling family in the whole country.The founder of Eden International Limited, an international company who has been ruling over all the companies for the last decade in the state.A 29 years old, the most wanted, attractive and alluring bachelor that the nation girls are dying to be in his arms. Despite being domineering, cold and ruthless, he has another split personality that is asexual. A rare psychological trauma of not having sexual desires for any person. Thus he always keeps his safe distance from women.But what will happen to all his restrictions when his life will encounter a multi-talented, undeniable beauty, smart and creepy characteristic, 22 years old, Iris Young who enters in his life only for the purpose of seducing the dominant president?Will the bridge burn finally? Or a planned mission will turn into an unplanned Love?

A Love By Fate
  • Author: ANA
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 10
  • 5.0

The story of two lives from two different worlds, but made for each other by fate. Sammer Winston a.k.a Sam who is a 500 years old werewolf's lord, known as ruthless, arrogant, merciless by the whole world.. His hatred towards human was unbelievable. But what will happen to him after his marriage with a human girl called Elsa Swan who is beautiful as angel, pure from heart?? What will happen to them after the reason of their marriage will reveal one day?? Will they able to love each others ever again?? What secrets were lurking between their relationship & past?


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