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She was the one he couldn't have

  • Genre: YA/Teen
  • Author: Ghptie
  • Chapters: 70
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 2.8K
  • 5.8
  • 💬 32


Mila Bennett, 17-year-old, sassy, friendly, feisty and the vice-captain of the dance team. Well, everyone except Hayes Miller, bad-boy and the captain of the basketball team in Henry M. Gunn High School, one of the best public schools in California. Rémy Miller, Hayes brother transfers to Henry M.Gunn high school. He's mesmerized by one girl, Mila. He wants no one but her. Hayes starts to catch feelings for the girl he never wanted, but the question is would Mila want a guy who has been a thorn in her flesh all these years? Or a guy that has always been there for her and cared for her. Rémy realises her unspoken feelings for his brother. He also realises that the love he had for her was just for friendship. When a baby comes in along the way, Is Mila ever going to tell her arch nemesis how she feels about him or she’s going to keep them to herself? Is Mila ever going to tell her arch nemesis how she feels about him or she’s going to keep them to herself?

Chapter 1

"I can't believe summer vacation is coming to an end, "Mila said over the phone to her best friend Willow.

“Tell me about it, at least we've got dance tryouts to look out for." Willow reminded her.

“Yeah, when is Khalil coming back? I've missed him, by the way, "Mila inquired as she shopped for stationery at the mall's bookstore.

“He said he and his boyfriend Jake would be here in two days, and I appreciate how supportive his parents were when he came out as gay "Willow revealed.

“Yeah, they're good parents... so he's missing the first day of school?" Mila voiced out.

“Mila honey, school starts in two days' time today is Saturday." Willow chuckled at her friend's forgetfulness.

“Ah, that's why Forever 21 is full, I better go get some outfits for school before the best ones run out of stock," she said walking to the shop.

“Actually, I'm inside." Willow saw her friend and waved to her. Mila hung up the phone and walked toward her friend, muttering a few sorrys along the way.

Willow hugged her friend tightly even though and spent the summer together. They had a great time traveling together and seeing beautiful scenery.

Mila's parents were both workaholics, so she spent most of her time with her caretaker, Naya. Mila's elder twin brothers were attending university in a state far from California. She only got to see them on Thanksgiving and Christmas or on other occasions when they randomly come home to check on her.

Willow's mother, like Mila's, was a workaholic. Her father had eloped with their maid to start a family, not that she blamed him, but her mother didn't have much time for him. Willow's younger sister, Aaliyah, was starting her freshman year of high school.

“I've already chosen a few dresses, "Willow admitted.

“Hello, Aaliyah." Mila hugged her.

“It's great to see you, Mila, but I have to leave. I'll see you at the food court, sis." As she walked out, she waved to both of them.

“So, where were we?" Mila enquired.

At 17, Mila was 5'4 light-skinned light-skinny, but not too curly jet-black hair. She had deep dimples and light blue/green eyes. She had a baby face which sometimes her brothers teased her with. She was slim, not too curvy, and had a well-rounded *ss.


“Mila! we're gonna be late!" Willow honked her horn.

“Jeez woman, calm your t*ts!" Mila responded sitting in Willow's turquoise sports car, with Aaliyah at the back.

“Are you ready for your first day in high school?" Mila asked the 15-year-old as Willow drove off.

Mila turned on the radio as the backstreet boys played "I want it that way"

“I want it that way..." they sang along at the top of their lungs.

“That was fun ladies, but we're here." Aaliyah swallowed constantly.

"Hey, you're going to be fine. You've got Kiera and you've got this." Willow assured her younger sister as they all got out of the car.

Aaliyah headed in first to go find her friend as Willow and Mila scanned through the sea of people to see if they would find Khalil.

“Where the hell is that dimpled guy with locks?" Willow asked after a while as they headed to their lockers.

“You missed me?" Khalil asked behind them as they turned to hug him.

“Where the hell have you been, we've been searching for you?" Mila asked.

“I was with Jake in one of the empty classes." he winked.

“Okay, enough of the details, let's see our class schedules," Willow suggested. They had classes together, including recess.

“Well, let's head out to Ms. Prick's class before weMsore a detention," Khalil suggested as they walked to their class.

“Aaliyah, wait up!" a voice behind her.

“Um, hi." the girl greeted.

“Hello," Aaliyah raised a brow wondering why the girl had stopped. Kiera made a stop at the bathroom so Aaliyah headed to class without her.

“I'm Vanilla, and I just want to be your friend if that's okay with you." she fidgeted with her fingers as Kiera joined them.

“I thought you would have been in a class by now Ali," Kiera said.

“I was, but Vanilla stopped me. She said she wanted to be my friend." Aaliyah told.

“That's a great idea, it won't be us two anymore, hi I am Kiera." she introduced herself.

“It's nice to meet you, Kiera, and I look forward to being your friend as well," she added.

“Okay then, come on we don't want to be late for our first class." Aaliyah prompted as the three friends walked together to their class.

That's oddly strange. Aaliyah thought to herself.

Relax, just go with the flow. Her mind added as they entered the classroom.

I just hope the first day of freshman year goes well. Kiera murmured to herself as they found themselves seats.

“What time are tryouts today?" Mila asked Willow.

“After school," she added, her mouth full of salad. The doors to the cafeteria burst open as Hayes and his friends, Natalie, Mike, Austin, and Nina walked in.

Willow rolled her dark gray eyes at the guys who just walked in. She was medium-sized, stood at 5'5ft, was olive-skinned, and had a great personality.

Some of the girls adjusted their tops to show more cleavage, while others bat their eyelids at the girls. Girls gave glares to Natalie and Nina who cared less as they tapped away on their phones.

Mila wasn't bothered at all by their presence or anything that concerned them. Natalie and Nina nodded at Willow and Mila since they were both on the dance team, while Hayes just glared at them thinking they would be intimidated by that.

“You could try better buddy, that doesn't work on us." Mila found herself saying to him.

“ You better watch your tongue," he bellowed.

“You better watch your tongue," she mimicked.

“You don't scare me, Miller. Try something else, this one is getting old," she stated.

“That's enough Bennett, don't you know when to stop? jeez..." Mike chimed in. She was about to answer him when Khalil held her shoulder signaling her to.

“Cat got your tongue, miss fakey fake?" Hayes blurted out, running his fingers through his blonde hair. Hayes stood at 6'5 well built and had the rarest shade of green eyes. He slightly bit his pink lips just to rile her up. He was a ladies' man and he enjoyed it.

She shook her head at him, she wasn't going to stoop so low to argue with him. Besides, he wasn't a fan and neither was she.

“That's enough Miller, " Nina added with finality in her voice.

“Whatever," he murmured as the bell rang.

“Finally, it seemed like an eternity with all this tension around here, wooh." Wan allow to let out a breath she didn't notice she was holding for too long.

“Come on, Bennett we've got math," Khalil said as the friends walked to their next class.

Mila felt a pair of eyes on her, she turned to meet Hayes' dark ones, and she flipped her middle finger at him as she smirked triumphantly heading to class.

Mila: 100

Hayes : 0

Beat that. She smiled to herself as they entered the dreaded math class.

“Good afternoon, class." the boring old man greeted.

“F*ck, my life," Mila whispered to Willow as they giggled.

“So, I was thinking if we could try out for the cheerleading team?" Aaliyah suggested.

“It's not a bad idea, I was thinking the same." Kiera agreed.

“Vanilla?" They both asked.

“Sure, I'd love to." she beamed.

“Girls, let's go then." Kiera happily led the way as the girls followed suit.

“It seems this year's tryouts are more than we've had during the years," Willow said as she dropped her bag on the table.

“Of course it is." Mila agreed.

Nina and Natalie were already seared waiting for Willow and Mila so tryouts could start.

“Sorry, we're late." Mila apologized to them.

“Nope, you weren't, we were just a little bit early today." Natalie chimed in.

“Okay, let's begin," Willow announced.

“Hey ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you to the dance team, as you know we're auditioning for new members, so you show us what you got and we decide who stays and who goes, let the audition begin," Natalie added to the dramatic effect.

“Thank you all for trying out today, by Thursday, your names would be mounted on the notice board to see who made the team and who didn't, until then Ciao," Willow added as they piled out of their dance studio and headed to the parking lot.

Aaliyah spotted her sister and friend. She couldn't wait to tell them how her day went.

“So, someone seems happy, I guess your day went well," Willow said as she reached where her sister was standing.

“Yeah, and I can't wait to tell you both about it." She said as Willow unlocked the doors and they all piled in.

Chapter 2

“You were rude to her, so you deserve everything and more." Nina voiced out. Hayes and his friends hang out at Mike's house. They had a den where five of them hung most of the time.

“Why are you defending her?" Is it because you're both on the same stupid team that's why you defend that fake ass bitch?" Austin asked, taking puffing on his cigar.

“First of all, smoking kills, and my team ain't stupid." Mila is the most real person you could ever find in Henry M. Gunn high school," she stated.

“Enough of the fake ass bitch, is there a party tonight?" Mike changed the topic.

“None that I've heard of," Austin answered.

“There is, actually." Hayes showed them a chat between him and Trisha, the school whore inviting them to a party at her house.

The issue about Mila and her drama was long forgotten.

“Hey, Naya." Willow greeted her.

“Hi Willow, she's up in her room.&qu


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