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Last Chance (Last Love)

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It walks like a destiny and flows like water. Evil comes as fast as the wind, then as fast as lightning the truth will pursue it. Just like love that comes and goes like dusk in the afternoon, no one will know even the heart can't dodge. Aini : You should never let go because there won't necessarily be a second chance of grasping the same warm. Dave: How strong and much you sacrifice your soul if you are not destined to be together will be the same. No matter how tightly you grasp, if the grasped wants to leave then it's just useless.

Chapter 1.

Aini is a 6th semester student at the end of the Faculty of Economic Management who is looking for an internship for her final assignment because she wants to finish college within 4 years. In fact, he should have solved it within 3 years, but how else could he have a thorny problem?

Every so often, he didn't even do anything, was always blamed. That's how life is, sometimes it's not fair to live it. But no matter what, life must go on without or anyone cares.

Paying for college with his results was indeed difficult, and he had to save on everything he got for now and then, for a future.

Lia suddenly came over and sat next to Aini while directly sipping the mango juice on the table without asking and coveting whoever owns the juice. After pointing out half the juice, he immediately sat down, without caring that his two friends looked strangely at him.

“What's the matter? I know that you two of you have seen me earlier, I really have debt,” Lia said without hesitation.

“Nope. It's nothing, I'm just really surprised by you, Li, there is no such grace that you are a girl. The bars are very” Salsa said, sneering with a nudge of Aini's dreamy arm thinking about where she was going to apprentice.

“Normally, I'm lazy to discuss anything now. I just want to eat people,” Lia said shoulder-to-shoulder, unconcerned.

“Aini, why the hell? Help me think this is one human being,” Salsa said again. Aini remained silent, without caring that Salsa and Lia took turns looking at her.

“Aini lo why? Any problems? Just a story, we can share. We exist because we are destined to share with each other,” Lia retorted, looking at Aini, who was silently looking forward with a blank look.

“Oh my gosh, this kid, why the hell? Hey, your dream?” asked Salsa, startling Aini from a long daydream that might be in her mind that all was a falsehood.

Aini, who received a surprise attack from Salsa and was also a soft pat on her arm by Lia, was shocked, while stroking her chest.

“Ash, you guys on the heck anyway? Shocked to know what I'm doing!” replied Aini annoyed at her two best friends.

Lia and Salsa looked at each other astonished at the sight of Aini who wasn't even bothered by them and instead scolded those who tried to resuscitate her. Gosh, this friend of his, thought the two of them.

“Hay, two, Aini! I'm sorry, ma'am, we're asking again and at the same time, well, the one is just silent. I know what you feel!” said Salsa irritably.

“Hey, have you guys got an internship yet? We're already in semester 6. And I just want to get to the 8th semester on this campus, I would rather not be a perennial student. Besides, how will my scholarship be revoked?” asked Aini with her explanation, silencing her two friends who were looking sorry for her.

“You know, Ni, I've said to just stay with me. Or at home, Lia can too. So, you won't be tormented very much in the maid's rich house. It's not appreciated anymore, it's better to be appreciated, this is not it. Yes, this time you are given a good meal, you just eat the leftovers and then again. Papa, you've been wealthy in the same talk. So, I want to trample on it.” exclaimed Salsa irritably half-dead as she clenched her fists holding the remaining glass of juice halfway, assuming that the glass was the aforementioned attach.

Aini sighed and was silent for a moment. “Where do I want to go anyway, Sa? Going to Lia's place is also useless, you will know her, you know how Papa is,” said Aini listlessly.

“You're just too good, Ni. After all, the attachment make can't be given a heart, actually. We don't let our guard down according to him,” Lia explained impassioned.

“You should know how he and your papa can't be persuaded anymore, Ni. It's been the same as make attached. I won't want to hear what you're saying anymore, even though it's all yours and your mama's.

But because the woman who doesn't know herself came in your family, everything falls apart,” Lia added with a feeling of utter annoyance, especially now that she was eager to eat people.

“Yes never mind the language of me anymore. What are you talking about, Li?” asked Aini curiously.

“Uh, yes. What were we doing? Again your period? Or fight again with your papa? Does your mama still want to match you again?” asked Salsa to Lia who had been silent.

Lia shook her head, not confirming her friends' statement, “No, I broke up with Josh,” Lia explained briefly.

Aini and Salsa exclaimed almost in unison. “Ha?” Surprised by the two to the point of being directed, even Salsa almost spit out his drink on Lia's face. “Oops, I'm sorry to let go, Li.” Salsa smiled seductively, clearing up the spilled little juice on the table.

“It's so sordid,” Lia said sarcastically.

"Yes, it's really sordid. It's messy again you Sa, gosh,” Aini said, patting her forehead.

They are no longer surprised to see Salsa who is careless, reckless, and always angry and has no grace. But he remains as he is. That's what made them close since high school. Having different hobbies and traits does not make them at odds, it is getting closer.

“Back to the topic, why did you think?” asked Salsa again

“yes, how come it broke up?” continued Aini curiously.

Lia exhaled heavily, “Josh cheated,” she replied shortly.

“I've been, I'm truly sorry to discuss him. Sometime, it's just like that. After all, he's important too, not that important to me in my colorful life,” Lia retorted.

“Are you sure he is? I'm not certain, Li,” Salsa said, thinking that Josh couldn't be.

Aini also thinks the same. Josh who, although he is not innocent, but such a good person can commit crimes or cheat is completely unimaginable by him.

“But I can't believe it, Li. Josh is as good as you are. Let alone with you, just like us, he's that good, I'm not sure about that,” Aini interrupted.

Aini and Salsa nodding together indicate that they don't believe it or actually don't want to believe it yet? I don't know, for sure because it hasn't been seen by their own eyes, so everything feels uncertain, but whatever happens is probably what's best.

“You don't see how it was originally a human being. Depraved, you f*ck*ng b*st*rd him,” Lia said.

Aini and Salsa just nodded, understanding what Lia's mood was presently.

“Yes, we have discussed the others,” continued Salsa.

“Discuss what?” asked Aini.

“Just about you, Ni. How about it?” said Salsa, blinking her eyes.

Lia who saw it, shouldered. “Whatever, I'll just follow it,” she replied.

Chapter 2.

A man is seen sitting alone in a Café. Staring outwards with a dreamy look, like daydreaming of something. Only his gaze looked with his eyes open, but his mind went nowhere. It was as if the many burdens that were burning in this life made him distrust a single person, even his father, who justified all means to obtain property that for him would never be brought to death.

Being betrayed made him lose confidence, even his confidence. It turns out that what he considers good so far is not necessarily the best for everything that is his priority.

“Sir, want to order more?” a waiter asked him.

He turned his head. “Yes, coffee latte without sugar, yes!” he said mentioning his order.

The waitress nodded and reverted, after which she looked back out the Café window as it happened to be a rainy day from this morning not stopping. Until the day began to fall in the evening drizzle that did not want to subside to wet the earth diligently.

A man about his age ca


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