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Goddess Of The Night

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There is someone who cares for her, protects her from her so-called mother who abused her and the student who bullied her in the school, and loves her as a friend. Both of them were always happy together. Years pass and they both graduate. He becomes a top model in New York and Japan. She was always with him and supported him. She was the valuable person for him the friend he loved the most until she fell in love with him. He gets engaged to someone chosen by his parents. Because of this, she hides her feelings from her, and only her friend knows about it. One day after the concert they both get drunk and something happens between them. After that night she confesses her feelings for him but he refuses her. The next day he leaves for New York with his fiancee and leaves her heartbroken. Her heart was broken but her friend Megna was always with her. Two months later she found out she was pregnant while he was enjoying his successful life. She suffered almost died and after one year of suffering, she changed everything. She becomes the Goddess of the Night, a dancer in the biggest and classic club in Japan and he comes back to Japan. What will happen when they face each other again?

Chapter 1 - Behind the Spotlight

As the sun dipped below the towering skyscrapers of New York City, the bustling streets were abuzz with excitement. Darek stood in the sleek, modern studio, the air crackling with creative energy as he prepared for his latest magazine shoot. The studio was a sophisticated blend of minimalist decor and cutting-edge technology. Huge spotlights illuminated the set, casting a warm glow on the sleek backdrop that would soon frame Darek’s commanding presence.

“Alright, Darek, let’s start with a confident stance. Show us that signature smile,” Mark called out, his eyes focused on the screen as he adjusted the lighting to accentuate Darek’s features.

Darek took his place in front of the camera, his tall frame exuding a magnetic aura. His eyes met Mark’s with unwavering focus, and he flashed his million-dollar smile. The camera clicked, freezing the moment of undeniable charisma.

“Great! Now, let’s switch it up. Give us a smouldering look, a hint of mystery,” Mark instructed, challenging Darek to delve into a more intense emotion.

Darek shifted his gaze, his eyes now emanating a seductive allure. He tilted his head slightly and ran his hand through his tousled hair. With each click of the camera, he effortlessly transformed the epitome of a captivating enigma.

“Perfect! Now, let’s see some movement. Walk towards the camera with purpose, like you’re stepping into the spotlight,” Mark directed, seeking to capture Darek’s dynamic presence in motion.

With the grace of a seasoned performer, Darek walked towards the camera, each step purposeful and mesmerizing. The set came alive with his energy, and the photographers and crew watched in awe as he effortlessly commanded attention.

“Let’s try something more playful now,” Mark suggested, eager to explore Darek’s versatility. “Dance a bit, like you’re having the time of your life.”

Darek grinned and let himself go, swaying to an imaginary rhythm. His laughter filled the studio, contagious and genuine, as he let loose and embraced the moment. The camera clicked, capturing the infectious joy radiating from him.

As the shoot progressed, Mark and Darek worked together like a well-oiled machine, each attuned to the other’s cues. Mark would offer gentle guidance, and Darek would interpret it with an artistic finesse that made every frame a masterpiece.

The shoot was a symphony of emotions and expressions, showcasing Darek’s talent as both a model and an actor. He effortlessly transformed from powerful and stoic to vulnerable and captivating, leaving everyone in awe of his skill.

After the photo shoot wrapped, Darek bid farewell to the studio team and stepped outside into the cool evening air. As he walked towards his waiting car, he was met with a sea of adoring fans. Young girls squealed with excitement, their eyes shimmering with admiration. His bodyguards formed a protective shield around him, ensuring that the eager fans didn’t get too close.

Darek smiled warmly at his fans, a genuine expression of appreciation for their unwavering support. He waved his hand, acknowledging their presence, and even stopped to sign autographs and pose for selfies. His charm and grace were evident as he interacted with each fan, making them feel seen and valued.

But as soon as Darek settled into the backseat of his luxurious car, the facade slipped away. The warmth vanished from his expression, replaced by a cold and distant look. As the sleek black car glided through the city streets, Darek and his friend Mikael settled into the plush leather seats, the lingering adrenaline from the photoshoot slowly dissipating. Mikael couldn’t help but notice the change in Darek’s demeanor as he wore a contemplative expression.

“Wow, dude, what’s with that distant look? Aren’t you happy, enjoying this celebrity life? Many people would die to be in your shoes,” he inquired, his voice laced with genuine curiosity as he sought to understand Darek’s state of mind.

Darek, his tousled hair catching the faint glow of passing streetlights, let out a heavy sigh. He leaned back against the plush upholstery, his gaze fixed on the city lights that streaked past the window. “It’s not that I don’t like or enjoy the life of a celebrity, Mikael,” he began, his tone a mixture of contemplation and weariness. “I do, and I’m grateful for all the opportunities it brings. But sometimes, it just gets overwhelming and tiresome.”

Mikael furrowed his brows, his concern deepening. He leaned forward, his gaze locked onto Darek’s face, searching for the truth beneath his words. “Overwhelming? How so?” he prodded gently, wanting to understand the intricacies of his friend’s emotions.

Darek shifted his gaze from the passing scenery to meet Mikael’s eyes. “You see, Mikael,” he began, his voice tinged with a hint of vulnerability, “being a celebrity comes with its merits, no doubt about it.” His fingers absentmindedly traced patterns on the car’s armrest, his mind navigating the pros and cons like a well-worn map.

Mikael nodded, his curiosity piqued. “Yeah, I get that. I mean, the fame and recognition alone are massive advantages, not to mention the financial success and all the doors it opens.”

A fleeting smile tugged at the corners of Darek’s lips, appreciating Mikael’s perspective. “Exactly,” he agreed, his voice carrying a hint of nostalgia. “Walking down the street and having people recognize you, your work being appreciated, and having opportunities you’d never dreamt of – it’s all incredible.”

Mikael leaned back, his excitement palpable. “And what about the platform for advocacy?” he prompted, his eyes lighting up. “You’ve done some amazing stuff, raising awareness for those causes you’re passionate about.”

Darek’s smile softened, his eyes reflecting a sense of purpose. “You’re right, Mikael. That’s one of the things that truly matters to me. Using my platform to make a positive impact, to bring attention to issues that need it – it’s a privilege.”

Mikael nodded thoughtfully, his gaze shifting to the passing cityscape. “But,” he ventured cautiously, “I sense a ‘but’ coming.”

Darek’s expression grew more somber, and he nodded in confirmation. “Yeah, there’s a flip side to this coin, my friend. As much as there are merits, there are also significant disadvantages.”

Mikael’s brows furrowed again, his curiosity turning toward the darker side of fame. “Like what?”

Darek’s gaze turned introspective, his eyes reflecting the weight of his thoughts. “Loss of privacy, for one,” he began, his voice carrying a touch of resignation. “Every move you make, every aspect of your life, it’s all under constant scrutiny. It’s hard to have a moment that’s truly yours.”

Mikael’s expression shifted to one of empathy, his understanding deepening. “And the mental health challenges,” he said softly, “the pressure, the expectations – they must take a toll.”

Darek nodded, his eyes holding Mikael’s gaze. “Exactly. It’s not easy to deal with the constant pressure to meet everyone’s expectations, and sometimes, it can lead to mental health issues like anxiety and depression.”

Mikael’s gaze turned somber, his heart going out to his friend. “And the lack of normalcy, the disruptions to your personal life?”

Darek’s shoulders sagged slightly, the weight of his words felt in the air between them. “Yeah, it’s tough to maintain a normal life when you’re constantly in the spotlight. Personal relationships, daily routines – they all get affected.”

Mikael leaned back in his seat, his expression thoughtful. “And those intrusive paparazzi,” he said, his voice carrying a hint of frustration. “I can imagine how they can make things even more challenging.”

Darek nodded, a rueful smile tugging at his lips. “You have no idea. They can turn even the most mundane moments into a spectacle. It’s like living under a microscope.”

Mikael sighed, his understanding deepening. “So, it’s a complex mix of highs and lows.”

Darek’s gaze met Mikael’s, a mixture of gratitude and weariness in his eyes. “Exactly, my friend. Being a celebrity isn’t all glitz and glamour. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes, a lot that people don’t see.”

“Now I see how you feel, my friend,” Mikael remarked with a playful glint in his eyes, a soft chuckle escaping his lips. He leaned back in his seat, a knowing grin dancing on his face. “I was just teasing you, so just take it easy.”

Darek’s response came in the form of a light punch to Mikael’s arm, a playful grin tugging at the corners of his lips. The tension that had threaded through their conversation seemed to dissipate, replaced by an easy camaraderie that had always defined their friendship.

Mikael mock-winced, rubbing his arm in a dramatic display of injury. “Hey, watch those muscles, Darek. I’m delicate,” he quipped, his teasing tone emphasizing the lighthearted nature of their exchange.

Darek’s laughter joined Mikael’s, a genuine sound that echoed through the confines of the car. “Delicate, my foot,” he retorted, his smile genuine and infectious.

As the laughter subsided, their conversation took a turn toward lighter subjects, the weight of their previous discussion giving way to a more carefree atmosphere. “So, how’s your family doing?” Mikael asked, genuine interest in his voice.

Darek leaned back, his expression softening as he thought of his family. “They’re good, thanks for asking,” he replied, his gaze drifting to the passing scenery outside.

As the car navigated the city streets, their conversation took a turn toward Darek’s family. “Mom’s busy shooting her latest movie, signed just a few days ago,” Darek shared, a sense of pride evident in his voice. “Dad and Alex, they’re both occupied with handling our family business.”

“Talking about the family business, I think it’s about time I joined the business too. What do you think, Mikael?” he asked, genuine curiosity colouring his voice.

Mikael nodded, a knowing look in his eyes. “Yeah, it’s been in the cards for a while, hasn’t it? Have you talked about it with your family?” he inquired, his voice tinged with curiosity.

Darek shook his head, his expression thoughtful. “No, not yet. I was planning to bring it up at our next family dinner. It just feels like the right time.”

Mikael nodded again, understanding and agreement written on his face. “Sounds like a plan. Family dinners always have a way of bringing important conversations to the table.”

Their conversation flowed, carrying them through discussions of plans and aspirations, the future they envisioned, and the responsibilities that came with it. The car journey became a backdrop for their meaningful exchange of words and ideas.

As the car smoothly glided into the driveway of Darek’s mansion, their conversation naturally tapered off, leaving behind a sense of anticipation and purpose in the air. The mansion stood before them.

Chapter 2 - Shadows of Despair

While Darek was enjoying his time, basking in the warmth of friendship and contemplating his future, Olivia found herself caught in the grip of a far darker reality. Her days were an intricate dance through the minefield of her tumultuous relationship with her mother, Veronica. Who continuously abuses her both physically and mentally.

As the school bell rang, signalling the end of the day, Olivia gathered her belongings and prepared to leave the classroom. However, before she could step out, her teacher, Mrs Thompson, called her over.

“Olivia, could you please help me with organizing these files? I could use an extra hand,” Mrs Thompson asked, a warm smile gracing her face.

Olivia nodded, her heart sinking a little as she realized she might be late getting home. Still, she couldn’t refuse her teacher’s request. “Of course, Mrs Thompson. I’ll be happy to help.”

Time seemed to slip away as Olivia delved into the task, organizing the files with meticulous care.


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