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Dark Night Of The Soul

Dark Night Of The Soul

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The story talks about the changes of manipulation and the journey of two people struggle to free themselves from those relationships find their own happiness. Their partners took advantage of their hardships to manipulate them. It wasn’t an easy decision to make when they decided to break free and live a stress-free lives After breaking free from those relationships, they finally felt in love with each and little did they know they were siblings unknowingly. Anna got to know her long sought father was the man who had sex with her in exchange of a job and the man he had ever loved was his brother.

Chapter 1

I started seeking for another job that would make me acquire weight after I got home from the headache job where I nearly turned into a skeleton.

I only had one day off from my prior work because it was so boring. Monday through Sunday, I worked from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. just to get paid GHC 290.00. I questioned why some workers were so vile, taking advantage of the nation's high unemployment rate to defraud others. It would be preferable to work in that environment and get paid that amount as opposed to folding your hands between your thighs.

As soon as I graduated from university, I didn't want to add to my mother's financial responsibilities. My mother had already been looking after my twin sisters, who were also in upper primary.

When I was five years old, both my father—who was with another woman—and the father of the twins—who wished to have sons—left us. The three of us were raised by our mother after our fathers left, even though she gave birth to me when she was still in high school and attending school. When the father left, the twins were just a few months old. Because my mother had only given birth to females, he grew incensed. He told my mother that he was shocked to learn that the twins were females.

Immediately after he heard that the twins were girls, he informed my mom that he was going to work but never returned till.

I never dreamt my stepfather could leave my mother. What could be the cause? Was my mother not a responsible woman? I never had the chance to ask my mother. I once asked my late aunt who was living with us, and she told me I was too young to know.

My aunt died in a motorcycle accident on her way to attend an important meeting. She was the breadwinner of the family. She sponsored my education. She died two months after my graduation. My mother used to cry over it whenever she sees her pictures. I took all her belongings to the house, not wanting her to see them again.

As a university graduate with a first class, no company was ready to offer me a job. I think my applications were not even read by the managers. Sometimes, they were thrown into the bins by the secretaries after my departure.

I thought ladies were easily employed but why my case was different?. “Don’t I have the qualities of a woman? It seems the witches in my family were really haunting me. Haha

Or was I destined to work with that heartless boss? He might think my service was not needed in any institution and I never thought of going back to that company again.

I felt pity when my mom goes to the market to sell just for her to get some food stuffs for us to cook. I wanted to accompany her in selling but she insisted.

My twin sisters had just closed from school. Dissatisfaction drawn on their faces as they forcedly pushed the trap door. Juliet angrily threw her bag on the floor immediately she entered. She folder her arms to her chest and her head was lifted up.

“What’s wrong, Juliet” I asked. She was very angry that she didn’t answer me. “Our teacher canned us for not buying our books” Judith answered.

I was reading an article in one of the newspapers. Neither was there a T.V nor a radio in the room. It was only two plastic chairs and a centered table.

I placed the paper on the table and drew closer to her as Judith went to change.

My arms were around her neck. She took off my hands and threw them away and sat at the edge of the of the bed. I followed, but her eyes were red, before she he could opened her mouth, tears round down. I was too emotional that I nearly cried. I held mine back just to console her.

"Why did dad leave us?" That was Judith's next question. I was very devastated. "Where could this girl have heard of this?" I was wondering because she was just three years old when our father left us.

"Who told you this, Judith?" I wanted to know. I overheard mom and you discussing it. She replied.

I tried to convince her that our father didn’t leave us for another family, but he had traveled. "Dad will come back; now go and change yourself; I have prepared your favorite food." She looked into my eyes and smiled.

Since there was no TV or fan, they couldn’t withstand the heat in the room. They left immediately after eating. I wanted them to do their homework, but they insisted on doing it later.

Mom came back with a sad face. Those vegetables she took from her friend were unsold because of the competition. I didn’t know whom to console first, my mom, Judith, or myself.

Juliet and Judith bashed into the room. They were sweating. They were wearing only skirts. The sweat tickled down through their thighs and ran through their skirts. Their feet were pricked with dust. They suddenly embraced mom, and she was forced to smile at them. They thought she had bought their books; they quickly searched through what mom had brought, but all they could see was the leftover vegetables. They were very furios that their tears could not be controlled.

* * * * * *

Denis was a young and jobless graduate man whose father was a rich man. He was the only son of the rich man. The rich man could have spoiled his son, but he never did that.

I know rich men really loved their children, especially when they’re single, but Denis’ case was different.

After his completion, the father could have handed him one of his companies, but he asked him to find his own work to survive.

The mother pleaded with the father, but he insisted that he find his own for his survival.

"This is how most rich men treat their children." They make them suffer after their death. "I will not do that." Mr. Herman told the wife.

"Ok, let him work in your company and get him paid," Mrs. Lucy pleaded.

"No! "Woman, let him go and get another job," he yelled angrily at his wife.

Mrs. Lucy left the room so as not to irritate the husband.

"Denis, your father has stuck to his decision, and there is nothing that can change it," Mrs. Lucy told his son.

“Write applications to those companies around, you might be lucky” she advised him.

Denis is the only son of his parents. The father didn’t want to pamper him just because he had money.

His father had learned from his rich friend’s children how they became useless when their father died. The company their father was working for was a joint enterprise, and that led to the downfall of the children.

Due to that, he didn’t want his children to fall into the same situation.

On entering the room, his phone had rung several times.The missed calls were from a classmate. He called back, and his friend told him about the new company that needed workers. He didn’t want to waste time at all.

"Where are you rushing to, Denis?" The mother asked. He was in a hurry to get to the company’s premises. Denis told her everything. The mother wished him good luck and kissed him on his forehead.

The father was driving to his office; he could have taken Denis in his car, but he asked him to use his own money and take a car to the office.

Denis ran, begging the father, but he drove the car over him. Denis watched the car as it disappeared.

Denis arrived at the office late. The interview had already started. The interviewer was furious at him and rejected his request.

With disappointment written on his face, he went back home.

The mother had also gone to the shop.

Denis was in the sitting room watching television when his father’s car horn blew. He pretended to be asleep.

"Look at the lazy boy."

"This is all that he can do for a living, and he will not go out in search for a job," the father yelled.

Denis went outside immediately after the father entered the room.

After some minutes, the mother came. The father was still murmuring. She handed over a flyer to the son. "Try tomorrow; you might be the lucky one," the mother encouraged. He nodded and helped her take the luggage inside the room.

The father was still whispering. Mrs. Lucy didn’t ask because she knew everything.

My mom also handed the same company’s flyer to me. They needed a secretary; that was the position I had wished for ever since I completed university. I decided to contact them to see if they still needed the person. It might be false information. "You have no call credit; please recharge," the service provider warned. My mom smiled. "I will call them early tomorrow morning," I promised.

The next day, the twins refused to go to school because mom didn’t buy their books. I wished I had a job; I would have supported my mom.

"Let’s call dad; he might help us." Mom stared at me. I was so shocked that Judith could ask such a question. "You don’t have a father," mom said, slightly sad. "How can we not have a father?" This time, my sisters sounded like adults. "Mom, don’t tell us this; we’re not kids any more." The last time our sister told us that our dad had traveled and would come back, and today you are here telling us, "We don’t have a father." "We were popped out of a rock, right?" they asked.

Mom and I could not believe our eyes. They were just seven years old. Could it be that someone told them? I thought.

"Keep quiet! Is that how you talk to your mom? "Is that how you were thought in school?" I was very furious and asked them to leave. They angrily walked out. Mom couldn’t stop gazing at them in dismay.

Mom’s head was lowered. I asked her if she even had a picture of my dad so I could find him and talk senses into his coconut. "No, I don’t have," she said slightly. She didn’t want me to know the whereabouts of our dad.

Looking into my bag to select the best dress that could fit for the occasion, my mother chose a black skirt with a blue blouse to match. "Sister Annabel, are you going somewhere?" my sisters asked.

"Yes, but tomorrow," I answered.

"Good luck if it's only a job interview," they added. I thanked them.

I didn’t know how sleepiness took over my mom and sisters. I needed to iron my dress, but unknowingly, the iron had been damaged. "What

Canny world we live in?" I thought of a plan with which I had been doing in the university. I placed the dresses neatly under my blanket and slept over them.

"How did you iron your dress?" mom asked in the morning. "Iron, mom? I laughed.She burst into laughter when I explained it to her.I never had even a CEDI with me for transport.

"Do you have money with you?" the mother asked.

I shook my head and wished all mothers were like my mom. She asked me to kneel down and pray for me.

When my sisters heard mom’s voice, they ran to the entrance and waved at me. Juliet quickly ran to hug me as if I would not come back. She wanted to follow me. There were little drops of tears in her eyes. "Juliet, I will come in a jiffy." I was very late, looking at my time. Judith and mom were standing, looking at what would happen. She also called Judith, and she went back.

I quickly ran to the roadside to pick up a car. All the passing cars were not near my location, and there was no space in those going in my direction. I checked the time again; to me, I was getting late because I was told to be there at exactly 9 a.m. and the time was 8 a.m. I had only 30 minutes to arrive at the long-distance company.

I stopped a car; there was no space, but I pleaded with the driver and the passengers to board because I needed to catch up with someone. Some passengers were very angry and murmured. I wished the bus had wings to fly, or I would have asked the driver to get down and take over. I looked at my wrist, but there was no watch. I was sweating because of the heat in the car, which was caused by me.

Chapter 2

Ten minutes later, I arrived at the junction. I called the manager. He informed me that the interview had commenced, so I should be in haste. I ran quickly because I didn’t want to miss this job. When I arrived, most people were seated under a canopy. Most of them were women. I greeted them with a panting voice. They all turned to look at me. Sweats were running around my neck because of the wig I put on. I tied up my shoulder-length wig. I didn’t put on makeup because I couldn’t afford it. I only had rosy lips.

"How can all these people apply for one position in one company?" It meant that there was indeed a high rate of unemployment in the country. I was never bothered because I knew I was going to be the luckiest one. Since all the seats were taken, I stood with some others.

Denis had also been at the same company. His nice suit was ironed neatly, with a red tie to match. He stood, directing me to take his seat. I was very tired, so I didn’t reject his offe


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