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Blossom in the Hills

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Lilly Jones, a country girl who is invariably into the book world with her elegant pursuits is currently studying college. While studying at the prestigious college she met a transferee his name is Austin. Austin appeared into her life and propel her life upside down. They fall in love and everything feels so right, at the birthday party, they both got drunk and sleep with each other but one day Lilly Jones found out her lover wasn't as simple as he looked. He was someone from a very outstanding background. She also found out her lover was already engaged to someone else. She also started getting threats to leave him. To add more chaos, she found out she's pregnant with a child, now what will she do?

Chapter 1

"Knock Knock"

Everyone's eyes shifted towards the door as soon as there was a knock at the door.

There stand two new faces, one with a smile on his face while the other one had a gloomy face.

Everyone gasped as they saw the man in a black shirt and tuxedo. He was handsome beyond words with his black long hair and deep black eyes. His beauty was non-resistible even though he wore a gloomy face. Everyone stared at him in awe.

"Hi everyone, I'm Billy and he is my friend Austin" The other one with a happy face introduced himself as well as his friend. He was also handsome with a sharp chin and brown eyes. His eyes were traveling the whole class from here to there trying to know every one of them while Austin seemed not interested at all.

Billy saw that everyone was waving at him or rather to Austin.

Austin spotted a blank space at the back of the class and he moved towards the seat without looking left or right. Billy also followed him behind quickly and sat next to him.

"Hi, I'm Blaze" One of the students next to them extended his hand toward Austin. Austin once take a glance but he didn't entertain him instead looked away with a scoff.

Blaze felt embarrassed and was about to take his hand back when Billy shook hands with him "Nice to meet you, Blaze"

"Are you two new here?" Blaze asked looking back and forth to Austin and Billy.

"Umm yeah, just transferred" Billy replied.

"Why did you two get transfer in the middle of the year?" Clay also join the conversation.

"I think you should mind your own business" Austin who was silent till now spoke up all of sudden in his deep and husky voice. His words were cold and harsh, enough for the boys to feel a chill down their spine.

"Well that was rude Austin" Billy patted his shoulder and sat next to him as if he was calming him down.

Austin on the other hand don't seem happy as he glared at his shoulder where Billy had kept his hand. Billy instantly pulled his hand back and looked at the boys and smiled awkwardly.

Just then Lilly Jones walked in with her books in hand.

Lilly was blue eyes with red and long hair. She had thin lips and red cheeks, she seemed innocent and harmless.

She put down her books in front of Austin with a thud and stand aside with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

Austin looked up and raised his brow at her.

"This is my seat, go and sit somewhere else" She demanded.

"I have taken this already, don't bother me." Austin was not gentle at all but Lilly was not less either. She wasn't that fragile. She was a superwoman when it comes to fighting and she won't accept any domination, especially today when she had a bad mood.

"I said this is my seat. You can't just appear out of nowhere and take over my place. So get your lazy butt out of my d*mn seat" She said in a stern voice. She wasn't going to back off either.

Each one in the class looked at them with excitement. Austin was getting on Lilly's bad side on his first day and it was quite interesting. Lilly was a hard nut to deal with while Austin seems to have the same demon aura.

"Is there your name carved somewhere?" Austin smirked at Lilly. Lilly felt annoyed and her frowns were telling these in loud words. Seeing her frown, Austin couldn't help but feel content.

"You" Lilly felt speechless as she pointed her index finger at him. She couldn't help but get red in anger.

"Hmm, me? Am I handsome?" Austin got up from her seat and inched closer to Lilly Jones getting out of his seat.

Lilly angrily stomped her feet on his. "Beautiful my *ss"

"Arhh" Austin bent down and begin to massage his leg. His face was frowning and this was the only change in expression Lilly saw since she got here. She felt so good seeing him in pain.

You jerk! You deserve it... Lilly thought to herself.

She then walked up to her seat and was about to sit on the chair when a 'thud' sound came and the chair was gone away from Lilly.

Lilly tried to balance herself but it was too late. She was already on the air about to land hard on her butt. She closed her eyes in fear but just before she hit the ground, she felt someone had held her hand and she was hanging in the air.

She looked up to see Austin with a smug smile on his face. She felt her blood boiling with anger. She couldn't help but shout "You blockhead"

Hearing those words, Austin's brows were knitted together. 'Attitude bully' he said in his head as he loosen his grip around Lilly's wrist.

This time Lilly really fall on the ground hard on her butt. She looked up and Austin he was now standing straight with his arms crossed in front of his chest.

"Hahahaha" Everyone around begin to laugh at her and she felt embarrassed.

"How dare you!" Lilly's mood was bad but this jerk made it worse. She doesn't know if something can be worse than this.

"Well, you can't trust a blockhead. Who knows if he dares"

"Well, welcome to Green Hill. I'll show you what it's like to get in my way." Lilly said her words coming out of her gritting teeth.

Austin scoffed as he walked past her. He get the chair and sat on it.

Lilly angrily walked to the back and sat there sinking her head on the bag. She felt embarrassed and angry at the same time. 'Who the hell is this jerk? Coming in the middle of the semester yet trying to get in trouble with me on the very first day. What does he think of himself? I know he's not a good person, good students don't get transferred in the middle of the semester.' Lilly cursed him.

Chapter 2

As Lilly Jones was sleeping, she felt a hand caressing over her hair. She looked up to see her best friend standing right above her. She was Claire Davis, her only friend who she could rely on "What happened? Why are you sleeping?" Claire asked he was confused. Lilly was a girl who was always active and smiling. She has never seen her sleeping like this before. And also why was she here? Claire thought as she looked back to the seats at the front where now was sitting a new guy.

"Who is on your seat?" She asked as she sat down on a vacant chair next to her.

Lilly's face turned bitter as Claire mentioned Austin. "He's a jerk! I asked him to leave my seat but he made me fall on the ground" Lilly make an angry face as she cursed him "Bastard"

"Is that so?" She looked to her seat and there too was a new face sitting lazily in her seat. Even though he had taken away her seat, she couldn't help but notice h


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