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Blind Date

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A story that will remind you of your student life with a meaningful youthful twist that surely will make you cry and smile. A story that will touch your heart. They say fate is so playful. And, in many people in this world, it chose the two of us to be played with. “ Will we win, or will we just be a victim of fate? “ – Alexa “ We started things wrong. Will our ending be right? “ – Ken Our story was initiated predestined. Will it determine our dramatic ending, or can we change it for a new happily ever after?

Chapter 1: WRONG START


Since today is our school foundation day, several booths are set up throughout our campus. I am checking out other booths with few friends when a woman and two men come over to talk to us.

“ Excuse me, who among you is Ms. Alexa? “ the girl humbly asks, Wait? Is that me that they are searching for? What for? Why are they finding me?

“ Why do you need her? “ my best friend Rhea ask them. Woah, I am amazed that she speaks in English, is this end of the world sign?

My eye widened when the girl replied, "We find her since someone pays our booth solely to have a blind date with her."

What?! Who in the world would want to cause trouble with me? Seriously? Are they joking or messing up with me? I tried to have eye contact with my friends, but no one took the courage to look in my eye. Tsk, I am sure that they are part of this.

“ She is Alexa, “ Rhea answered while pointing at me

I mentally facepalm because of what she said. Seriously, is she really my best friend? Gosh, this girl. Before I can say anything, the two men are already holding me in their arms.

“ What? Let go of me “ I said with an irritated tone

“ Sorry Miss, but if you want to be free, you first need to pay us one hundred pesos.“ one guy answered

" What?! Argh! " I said in astonishment.

My wallet is in the hands of my buddies, and I know they will not give it to me, so I have no alternative but to go with them. When we go to their booth, they ask me to take a seat, which I do, and when I do, they handcuff me.

“ Wait? Why do you put handcuffs on me? “ I asked them irritably

“ The handcuffs are included in our protocol Ms. In this way, you cannot escape on your blind date, “ the guy who put handcuffs on me answered.

I just rolled my eyes at them. Seriously, who did that protocol? Whoever he is make sure that he is great at hiding because I will find him , and he will receive one from me if I find him. The two men have already left us. I have no choice but to face the guy who is my “ blind date “. In all fairness, he is handsome.

“ Tsk, what a joke, they picked someone as ugly as this girl.“ he whispers

Stop me! This man is getting into my nerve

“ Excuse me, are you pertaining to m--- “

* TSUP *

“ Too noisy, “ he said with a smirk on his face

Did he just kiss me? The nerve of this guy! I am ready to start World War 3, but I stopped when this person suddenly appeared and started removing the handcuff they put on me a while ago.

“ I am sorry Ma’am, and Sir. The two of you are not supposedly the partners. “ he apologetically told us that made my eye widen,

“ What did you say? “ I irritably said while frowning. They are not aware of what did this idiot do to me. He stole my first kiss, then we are not the partners on this blind date ?!

“Sorry Ma’am Alexa, due to many requests of girls wanting Sir Ken to be their date, the papers got mixed up. Sorry Ma’am, “ he apologizes nervously.

I took a deep breath to calm myself up. This is the problem every foundation day. Students have many demands, so it became disastrous in some things.

“ If he is not my date on this blind date, then who? “ I calmly asked

The guy seems nervous, but he managed to answer me, “ Ma’am, we mistook you for another Alexa that is written in the paper. Honestly Ma’am, you are not supposed to be here.“

My jaw dropped when I heard his answer, but what irritates me the most are the laugh of this arrogant Ken.

“ What is funny? “ I asked with full of annoyance all over my face

“ Nothing, I just thought that who on Earth would like to have a date with someone like you, “ he smirked

“ You! You are really getting on my nerves. “ I am ready to slap him, but he is too lucky that he avoided it

“ But anyway, I still enjoyed, but if you excuse me, I will just go on my real date, “ he smirked, then turned his back to me. It made me more irritated.

I started turning back myself to leave this place when he suddenly gaze at my position and said, “ it is sweet.“ His attention then shifts to my lips, which causes my cheeks to turn a bright tomato red.

“ Besh! “ I am ready to chase that Ken to punch his face when Rhea suddenly appears then called me. I irritably look at her.

“What! ” I irritably asked while raising my eyebrow.

" You have such a hot head, look at yourself. Be calm, I am already here to save you," she added while chuckling.

“ No need. It is just a misunderstanding. “ I answered, then turned back and slowly started walking because I am so annoyed by what happened. Ken snatched my first kiss after that; is this just a misunderstanding? Unbelievable?!

To avoid having the concept mar the remainder of my day, I simply dismissed it. I will never forget this, though, so get ready for my revenge.

After a few more hours, I decided to go home. I immediately head to my computer as soon as I enter my room. I suddenly started looking at my Facebook, and the reason is that I was looking for the name Ken. But, I was unsuccessful because I did not find him on Facebook. I grudgingly shut down my computer and lay down on my bed. After a little while, I started to feel drowsy, so I closed my eyes and fell asleep.




The next day, I unusually woke up early. After eating my breakfast, I go straight to school. If you are confused about why I go to school today, it is because after our foundation day is the first day of our second semester. It is the reason why I do not have any reason to be late since it is the start of the semester, and also, I need to search for someone.

As soon as I walked through the entrance to the school, the security personnel began to welcome me. I greeted them back with a sweet smile on my face. Some of the students passing by in my direction are whispering. I am sure that it is because of what happened yesterday. I did not bother to waste my time with them, so I went straight to the principal’s office. I did not bother knocking either; instead, I went right to the principal.

“ Good morning Madam! ” I lively greeted my mother with a big smile

Yes, you read it right. The principal slash the owner of th


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