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Camellia, just a sixteen year old she-wolf, was just like any other girl in her pack. Yet, there was one secret she kept from everybody. Her boyfriend - Ezra, the Alpha of her pack. It was all cute and sweet until the day Ezra ran over Evelyn and Camellia had to take all the blame, and infuriated her mate- Nikolai. What should have become the most beautiful moment for Camellia turned out to be pure torture, as she comes out of the prison, two years later and becomes his exclusive prisoner, his 'Murderer'. Will their relationship change, or will they be just a guiltless - prisoner and a heartless - tormentor to each other?


Camellia's POV:

"Are you absolutely certain that it wouldn't be a problem if I came along with you?" My question came out sounding terrible, as nervousness began to crawl up my skin.

This would be my first opportunity to observe the mating ceremony. However, I am aware that it could be dangerous since I am only sixteen years old and considered underage for such an event.

On the other hand, my boyfriend, Ezra, insisted that I accompany him to get a better understanding of the ceremony. His anticipation had been building up for some time, especially since he was destined to become the Alpha of the Blackridge Pack. He had been planning for his future and ours.

"It's alright, Camellia," Ezra replied.

"But what if they find out about us? Ezra, I might face sanctions for this, and your position as the future alpha could be compromised too."

While we made our way up the steep garden of Sunbloom Field, Ezra suddenly stopped to catch his breath.

Sunbloom Field, an open garden, provided the perfect setting for the mating ceremony. The full moon cast a luminous glow, making it a mystical ambiance. The crystal-clear water of the pond added to its allure.

During the mating ceremony, it was believed that the pond had a mystic quality. The alpha male would gaze at his reflection in the pond, eventually finding the image of his mate.

As Ezra tried to calm me down, he said, "Camellia, you have to trust me. It's important for you to witness this. If I am to become the alpha of the Blackridge pack, I want you as my mate and sole luna. Remember that, alright?"

Overwhelmed with emotion, I managed a gentle smile and nodded. Ezra's words reassured me, erasing my concerns about being caught. He had a way of persuading me.

We sneaked into the garden to have a better view of the ceremony from a distance. It was the quickest and safest way to observe without being seen. Holding hands, I felt a sense of security and reassurance. I was grateful to have Ezra by my side.

As we approached the gathering, we unexpectedly encountered two werewolves. They had just come from the pond area. Ezra signaled for me to keep quiet, and we hid behind a bush as they approached. My heart pounded in my chest, fearing they would discover us and report us to the elders.

While I was consumed by fear, Ezra remained calm, contemplating how we could escape the situation. I couldn't help but pray for a way out of this ordeal.

Thankfully, we managed to slip away from the approaching individuals and joined the other werewolves in the garden. Ezra mingled with the crowd, while my curiosity led me to explore the surroundings carefully, trying not to cause any trouble.

As I wandered, I admired the elegance of the transformed garden. Before reaching the mystic pond, werewolves from different pacts socialized in an empty space. Illuminated by the full moon, the flowers added to the enchanting atmosphere.

Suddenly, a woman's voice interrupted my thoughts. It seemed like she was arguing with someone.

"How could you expect me to calm down, Nikolai? You saw it right in front of your eyes that I was not the one reflected in the pond. I am not your mate," the blonde woman said, her voice filled with hysteria.

Her words struck me. Just moments ago, I had been contemplating the possibility of being Ezra's mate, hoping it would be me. However, the woman's statement snapped me back to reality. I realized that I might not be the one destined for Ezra after all.

Most alphas could sense their mates early, and the pond served as a formality. But deep down, I couldn't help think about the possibility that I wasn't Ezra's mate.

The truth is, no matter how deeply I loved being Ezra's mate, I couldn't ignore the possibility that the mystic pond had chosen another mate for him. If that were the case, I would find myself in the same shoes as the blond woman I had seen earlier.

Rare as it may be, there were instances where alphas couldn't sense their true mates early on, making the pond's decision more than just a formality. Despite knowing this, a lingering thought persisted in the back of my mind—I could be one of those rare cases after all.

Lost in my musings, I was startled when a tall guy with raven hair approached the blond woman named Everly. He called after her, "Everly, would you care to listen to me first?"

Nikolai, that was his name. Seeing him, a strange sensation jolted through me, though I dismissed it as mere coincidence. Perhaps it was just the discomfort of squatting for so long, my legs beginning to protest. I hoped we could soon emerge from our hiding spot in the bush, as I wasn't sure how much longer I could endure this position.

Everly turned back to face Nikolai, her expression a mix of sadness and frustration. "You can't blame me for refusing to listen, Nikolai. I was there when you saw the reflection of your mate. Your eyes changed, and I could sense it. But where does that leave me?"

I couldn't help but sympathize with Everly, even though I hadn't experienced such heartache myself. It was painful to imagine the man you loved not being fated to be your mate.

In a world where werewolves were bound to their fated mates for life, this practice seemed cruel, relying on a mystic pond to determine one's partner.

Silence enveloped Nikolai for a few moments, confirming Everly's intuition. It pained me to witness her confronting the harsh reality. Eventually, Nikolai spoke, "That doesn't change anything, Everly. I still want you to be my Luna."

But Everly wasn't convinced anymore. Tears streamed down her face as she replied, "Save those words for your true mate, Nikolai. I'm done here." With that, she hurriedly left him behind.

As the couple parted ways, I decided to follow the path they had taken, hoping to ensure they wouldn't end up in a heated argument.

Suddenly, something shiny caught my eye, illuminated by the moonlight. I bent down and picked it up—a necklace with a resin pendant. Inside the resin was a delicate rose.

It had to be Everly's necklace since they were the ones who had been here earlier. Determined to return it to her, I turned to follow her, only to find Ezra hurrying towards me.

"Camellia, we need to leave."

"Why?" I asked, confusion evident in my voice.

"Just trust me, we have to go."

Ezra's sudden change in behavior perplexed me. He had been socializing with others just moments ago, so what could have caused him to be in such a foul mood? Despite my curiosity, I didn't press him further. Instead, I followed him obediently, trusting his judgment and hoping to understand his reasons later.

As we stepped outside, the once clear sky transformed into a blanket of dark clouds. In an instant, heavy rain poured down, drenching the road before us. The rain seemed almost menacing, falling in intense torrents.

But even more unsettling than the weather was Ezra behind the wheel. He exhibited an alarming shift in mood since we left the Sunbloom field. Now, he was eager to get us home at any cost, driving recklessly fast in the pouring rain.

"Ezra, please be more careful!" I finally mustered the courage to speak up. My body trembled with nerves as his actions intensified, particularly his disregard for safety.

The rain was pounding so fiercely that his high-speed driving became extremely dangerous. Yet, no matter how loudly I yelled for him to slow down, Ezra paid me no attention. He continued to drive at an alarmingly reckless pace. Despite having a valid driver's license, I still couldn't shake the discomfort of his inexperience and his penchant for speed, especially in such treacherous conditions.

Suddenly, all my fears came crashing down upon me as I watched in horror. Ezra was about to collide with a woman crossing the street. Time seemed to slow as the events unfolded before my eyes, leaving me unable to utter a single word to stop the impending disaster.

In an instant, it happened—the car struck the woman, sending her flying through the air. The impact was traumatic for both of us. As the vehicle careened forward, we realized the brakes had been damaged in the collision, hurtling us toward a massive, ancient tree.

My memory became a blur, lost in the chaos of the moment. When I finally opened my eyes again, the throbbing pain in my head reminded me of the impact, my forehead having collided with the car's controls.

No one rushed to our aid, leaving me as the sole conscious person in the wreckage. With a weak body and blurry vision, I forced myself to assess the situation and seek help. My first priority was to check on the person we had hit.

Determined, I made my way to the motionless body lying not far from the crash site. A surge of horror coursed through me as I recognized the woman—it was Everly, the blonde woman I had seen earlier. Dread washed over me as I realized the consequences of this tragic accident.

Despite the dizziness and pain in my head, I summoned the strength to pull Everly into the car, urging Ezra to assist me in getting her to the nearest hospital. Although our car was wrecked from the collision with the tree, I knew it could still be moved back onto the road.

As Ezra regained consciousness, he rushed outside and tried to pull me back into the car. "No, Ezra. We need to help her," I insisted, refusing to go with him.

"Let go of her. She's already dead," he retorted callously. "Even if she were alive, there's no way she would survive if we took her to the hospital."

"Ezra, how can you speak like that? Don't you realize this is our responsibility? It was you who was driving, recklessly speeding and causing this accident."

"Stop talking nonsense! We need to hurry, Camellia. You should just leave her."

"Are you really going to abandon her like this, Ezra?"

"Yes, so let's go," he said, attempting once again to pull me towards the car. But I resisted, refusing to go with him.

In a moment of defiance, I broke free from Ezra's grasp. "If that's what you want, then go alone. I'll find a way to help this woman without your assistance."

Frustrated, Ezra eventually conceded and allowed me to do as I wished. However, as I began to pull Everly towards the car, my consciousness began to blur. Before I knew it, Ezra was rushing back to me just as I started to lose my grip on reality.

Dizziness overwhelmed me as my head injury worsened. I wished desperately to make amends for the tragedy, but it seemed impossible in that moment. As my consciousness faded, I watched helplessly as Ezra took advantage of my vulnerable state, dragging me back into the car and driving away from the scene, leaving Everly behind.

The world around me faded into darkness without warning, consuming my consciousness completely.

Chapter2: PREGNANT

Nikolai's POV:

"How can you expect me to calm down, Nikolai? You saw it with your own eyes—I was not the one reflected in the pond. I am not your mate," Everly exclaimed, my voice filled with frustration and hurt.

"I can't blame you for not listening anymore, Nikolai. I was there when you saw the reflection of your true mate. I can see the change in your eyes, and it leaves me wondering where that leaves us," she continued, her voice tinged with sadness.

"Save those words for your true mate, Nikolai. I'm done here," she declared, her resolve firm as she turned away, determined to distance herself from the pain. I was stunned, and silent. I just remained there, not knowing what to do.

My mind kept returning to that final conversation with Everly, her words piercing my heart because deep down, I knew they were true.

Nothing else in the world mattered more to me than Everly's well-being. It was the only thing that consume


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