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You are my destined omega

You are my destined omega

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Allyssa is a twenty-year-old girl, very responsible, and she doesn't accept that she is an omega. She is afraid of losing the people she loves, such as her brother, mentor and closest friends and is also afraid of falling in love, as she thinks that love makes people stupid. She is an orphan and lives only with her brother in a rebel territory, and her dream is to defeat King Alexander, prove that he was guilty of the death of King Moriam to usurp the throne, and lead the people to the resumption of peace in the Kingdom of Ascabaltt. Allyssa will meet Andrew, who is the Prince of Asacabaltt, but pretends to be someone else so that his true identity will not be discovered when he is captured by the rebels. Having lost her parents so early, Allyssa is dedicated to war techniques and the rebel movement, she has never been romantically involved with anyone, as no one has awakened her omega side, but her approach to the Prince awakens some mixed feelings in Allyssa, who does not manages to identify what she feels, and wants to disown what she feels for him, which makes her treat him badly at times, but little by little they fall in love, and she accepts that she is a Lunar omega and that Andrew is her destined companion. Andrew is an Alpha Lupus, he's twenty-four years old, he likes to have fun, and he doesn't usually take anything seriously. He was created to be King, but he never accepted that condition, let alone marry Artanis or any woman for the interests of the Kingdom. When he overhears the conversation between the mage Direl and his father, that King Moriam's heir may be alive, he flees. The Prince is arrested by rebels, and there he meets Allyssa. He feels attracted to her, and realizes that she feels the same way. Andrew uses this attraction to evade the rebels, and follow through with his plan. The approach between them awakens so many feelings and sensations in Andrew, who perceives something different in Allyssa, reminds him of the prophecy about him finding his Lunar omega, his destined companion.

Chapter 1


Ah... The Alphas! Everything that happens depends on them, is determined by them, thought by them, this is a question that bothers me a lot, because, being a woman, I have heard since childhood that I can be an Omega, and as most women in the rebel territory are, it is believed that I am too, even if at the age of twenty, my heat has not yet occurred, which I thank the heavens relentlessly, because at my age I would already have a mate and puppies, and this would prevent me from doing what I like. My speech sounds pessimistic, but in the world we live in, the Alphas, both men and women, are surrounded by privileges that Betas and Omegas don't usually enjoy, be it here where I live, or even in the capital of the kingdom where everything seems more modern, but it isn't.

When my brother and I arrived in rebel territory, we were just two frightened youngsters afraid of the world. I was twelve, and my brother, fourteen, we were welcomed by Duric and everyone. We had to learn many things to live here. I always had a strong personality, and my parents raised me very comfortable, without the submission that the Omegas must have to the Alphas, and when I arrived in this rebellious territory, everything seemed too difficult, the rules imposed by the Great Alpha, in addition to everything that is imposed by society in general, limits too much the life of those who are not Alpha. I did not want, and still do not want a life limited by social standards, and the only thing I could see at that moment, besides the enormous thirst for revenge that consumed me since I witnessed my village destroyed, and my parents killed in a cruel way, was the revolt for having to accept that I no longer had my parents, my house, my home, and would have to accept the way of life of this place.

Here I had always heard that I could be an Omega, and that I could not get involved in activities that forbid their participation, but the "No" is something I don't know, especially when it arouses my curiosity, and that is what happened when I started to accompany my brother in sword training, it made me very interested, and I insisted so much to learn that my brother could not deny me, and consequently, the news that I was training reached the ears of the Great Alpha, leader of our territory, Duric. My activities with the sword did not please the leader and the advisors, and I had to abandon something I loved to do, until they needed my help in a crucial moment within the territory, and this earned me the respect of everyone. Fighting always brought me hope for change, and after I got permission for such activity I started to train intensely, always preparing myself for what I still don't know what it is, although in my heart I feel that something very big is going to happen in my life, and even if I am Omega, I won't be like most who settle for being just a companion, or companion of an Alpha.


It has become a habit of mine to train until I get tired, something that makes my leader very happy. He usually observes the training sessions, and to think that in the beginning he stopped me from participating in everything I do today, but today this is all very different after I showed my value, regardless of whether I am Omega, Alpha, or Beta. This morning he is charging me even more, and all my movements are questioned by him, and this makes me think that something is going on, and even with so many interruptions on his part, I managed to defeat my opponent. The leader smiles, his broad smile shining brighter than the sun illuminating his ebony skin, walks quickly, and approaches me.

— You are increasingly ready for any combat, the way you defended yourself preventing him from hitting you was impeccable, Allyssa!

— É... I have been intensifying my training, after we beat Alexander's little soldiers in Bartari, but today you questioned so many moves and blows I exercised, is something going on?

— No, but I think you know that here we must be ready for anything, because we never know what can happen if the King discovers our Territory...

— All right, I think my training is over for today, I'm tired. If you'll excuse me, I'll go to my hut. — I speak as I put my sword away in my kaboodle.

— Wait Allyssa, I have something for you!

— What is it? — I ask curiously.

— Here, it's your new sword!

— But, this is the sword that... — I speak in a tone of enthusiasm, and I can't conclude.

— Yes, but now it is yours, take good care of it!

Admiration overwhelms me, that weapon has always left me mesmerized. I touch its all silver blade, along with the pommel, the handle, and the gold hand guard, and in the center a huge colorless stone that looks like a diamond that shines intensely. I thank him, and make my way toward the hut. On the way, further ahead I spot the plantation of the territory, where my brother usually spends a few hours of work. I walk among the trees and see him. I stop to observe him and remember how our lives have changed during these eight years living in the rebel territory. My brother picks a small red flower from a bed near the plantations. Balck has a lost, sad look in his eyes, and his beautiful blue eyes are watery.

— What is it? Still remembering him?

— How can I forget him? I see him every day, I know he doesn't like me, but I still love him!

— Balck, you have to forget this man, he rejected you, he marked someone else instead of you, and he is married!

— I know that, but it's hard!

— You have to forget him, see why I don't want to fall in love? Love makes people foolish and blind! Look at you, you were so rational, now you live crying in the corner for someone who doesn't deserve you.

— I don't cry, and love doesn't make people stupid, and as an Omega Moon, you are lucky you haven't gone into heat and fallen in love yet!

— I am not an Omega Moon... I have told you this a thousand times!

— How can you be sure that you are not? You've never been in heat, you've never talked to your she—wolf, and...

— I might be an Alpha Lupus, and...

— Never! They come into heat and can relate to any Omega or Beta, but it is with the Lunar Omega that it can completely calm down, and that kind of Omega only comes into heat when it meets its Alpha Lupus!

— Balck, stop this talk! It's giving me a headache!

— I am sure that the day you meet him you will go into heat, and act like a fool in love!

— Oh, my brother, the day you see me acting like a fool in front of an Alpha, you can beat me up or have me locked up in that remote cabin they use as a prison. Now, let's go home!


A few rays of sunlight stream through the curtains and illuminate my room. I open my eyes slowly, something is disturbing me, a deafening noise coming from the door, I try to identify what is happening. I perceive a desperate voice calling my name.

— Andrew, I know you are there, please open the door! I need to talk to you, I have wonderful news!

I roll my eyes, and wonder what is wrong with this girl? Why does she and her father insist on the idea that one day she will be my wife? Although I know that this crazy idea is also nurtured by my valuable father. Imagining this possibility, of one day being married to Artanis, is disturbing. I shake my head in denial, it is out of the question, she may be very beautiful, her dresses are usually very tight, they enhance her curves in a way that pleases me, but she is an insufferable and shallow girl, not to mention the great detail that prevents me from marrying anyone, the prophecy.

She is insistent. She knocks on the door until she is tired. When I realize that she is giving up, I get up immediately to go and ask for breakfast, but while I am talking to the servant, my friend Paolo enters the room and sits on my bed.

— Andrew, I don't understand why you are so rude to my sister, she came so full of hope to talk to you!

I dismiss the servant, close the door, look at my friend, and answer him.

— That's the problem, your sister is fed false hopes about me, which are also fed by our parents who insist on this story of arranged marriages to strengthen the kingdom!

— Regardless of political motives, my sister is the best match you will have in the whole kingdom, and you know that you can't run away from your father's choices...

— Oh, you mean you've become a matchmaker now? Or rather, you want to be the brother—in—law of the FUTURE KING OF ASCABALTT? Paolo, I can hear that from anyone, but from you? You are my friend, we always go out hiding from our parents to have fun without worrying about anything, have you forgotten?

— My friend, I know all this, but it's about time we grew up and took on the responsibilities that await us! One day I will be governor and you will be king. I'm not saying this because I've become a matchmaker, or because I'm interested in some position in the kingdom. You know me, you know that I am not interested! I truly think that we need to grow up, Andrew, we are no longer children, we are twenty—four years old and we need to think about the future!

— OK! But you know I can't marry just anyone, besides being the prince, I am an Alpha Lupus, and the prophecy...

— Andrew, do you really believe this prophecy that you can only marry a Lunar Omega? That kind of Omega doesn't exist anymore, and...

— I don't know, but the warlock Killian...

— Please, if your father hears you mention his name, chaos will be installed in this castle!

— I don't know, what I feel is that somewhere out there, she exists, and I have to find her!

— You are going crazy! Get this idea out of your head, Omega Lunar doesn't exist...

I note my friend's words, I agree with Paolo that we are no longer children, but about Omega Lunar, I disagree. I know that she is living somewhere, and this makes me feel that something is missing, and I don't want an arranged marriage with some Omega, it's not enough that one day I will be the King, something I don't want and am not ready for. If only something would happen and change my situation!

I walk to the window and observe the landscape, while my friend keeps talking endlessly about the responsibilities that we will have to face in the future. I don't listen, this is one of my defects, when someone says something that doesn't interest me, I look to some distant point, pretending to listen, I observe the palace gardens, while Paolo continues his endless speech. Someone knocks at the door, I look in the direction of the knocks, and quickly Paolo gets up, opens it, and before I can speak, or do anything, his sister enters my room. Artanis looks like a real wolf in search of her prey, but I notice that the girl is embarrassed to see me without my clothes. Her face blushes, her smell makes me dizzy and nauseous, her eyes wander over my naked torso, I feel a discomfort in her gaze, I stare at her, smile lightly.

— Ah, oh! I'm sorry I didn't realize before that you were like this.

— What are you doing here? I told you I don't like people invading my room!

— Calm down Andrew, she didn't mean any harm! — explains Paolo.

— She never means any harm. Now I understand why you ran to open the door, just to facilitate the entrance of your sister!

— Andrew, my dear... Could you put something on so we could talk?

— Don't call me darling! I'm in my room, and I have nothing to talk about with you!

Artanis has the gift of making me impatient. I take a long—sleeved white shirt that was on my bed, get dressed, and leave the room slamming the door hard. I know they will come after me, I hurry my steps when I hear the sound of the door opening, without looking back I deduce that it is coming from my room, and the first door I see, I unlock it. I quickly enter to get rid of them, leaning against the door to listen to the footsteps until I realize that they move further and further away. I get out, look from one side to the other, walk down the long corridor, go down the flight of stairs to the second floor quietly, and when I reach the first steps to reach the first floor, I hear the voices of Artanis and Paolo, which makes me step back. I walk towards the corridor of that floor and hurriedly enter the first door I find open. I notice that it is a room that my father used to use to meet with his closest allies.

I walk through the living room and lightly run one of my hands across the large oval table, open the balcony door, lean on the balcony and look out over the garden. Everything seems so peaceful, but suddenly I hear voices and a movement at the front door, I believe they are looking for me, I close the door, crouch down and sit on the floor by the glass, hoping that no one will find me. My mistake, the voice I hear is my father's, and someone else's.

— Tell me, what do you have to say that is so important, Direl! I'm worried about the ball. — says my father.

— Do you really believe that Andrew will agree to accept the betrothal to Guilhermo's daughter?

— I am the king, and no one should disrespect my decisions, and that includes my son!

I can't believe my ears! So, is today's ball an excuse to force me once and for all to make a commitment to Paolo's sister?

— I don't think that's why you called me here, Direl!

— It's about Killian, Your Majesty!

— What is it? What's about that bastard?

— I recently discovered that there is a very powerful energy coming from Volcann, from the degree of power I suspected it could be Killian, after many attempts, I could finally feel his energy... He is alive!

— He can't be! I took it upon myself to put the best knights on the trail of the accursed one, and they assured me that he was dead, that they burned his body. They brought me his ring as proof, is this some kind of joke of yours, Direl? — my father shouts, and still bangs heavily on the table.

— Your Majesty, I was a bit suspicious about the authenticity of that ring, I took the liberty of investigating, and found out that the ring is a fake. Killian may have manipulated his men, he is a very powerful magician and is very capable of doing anything with his magic, even some of his knights do not remember many facts of that day.

— It's not possible, that traitor! Damn him! I thought he was dead! You have to find out the whereabouts of that bastard, before it's too late!

This information makes my father very angry, he increases the tone of his voice, and I keep hearing several knocks on the table.

— Your Majesty, do you believe that false prophecy? — The Magician asks.

— I cannot pay to see it, Direl! It is my son who will inherit this throne when I die, not some supposed son of Moriam! — he speaks in a very low and worried tone.

— Your Majesty, but if Killian is alive, as I believe and the prophecy is true, this means that the Lost Prince is alive, and will ascend the throne.

— This will never happen. I will do everything possible and impossible to prevent it, and no heir of Moriam will ascend the throne that belongs to my son, this I can guarantee!

As soon as I have said these words, my father continues to confabulate against the wizard Killian, but I cannot concentrate on what they are saying, one thing is on my mind: there is a Lost Prince, and he is alive. This information perplexes me, I always believed that the story of the Lost Prince was a legend, but hearing all this and how worried my father was, this only leads me to believe that such a story is true. If there is an heir to my Uncle Moriam, this means that he is the one who should assume the throne, and my father occupies a place that does not belong to him.

Chapter 2


The idea of a Lost Prince dominates my thoughts, this is the perfect opportunity to free myself from the obligation of being King. My father would never accept my uncle's heir in power, so I have to do something, since I have never agreed with his attitudes, and also could not do anything against his violent way of governing. Therefore, finding my cousin, before my father, might be the big chance to show me that I am capable of doing something for the kingdom of Ascabaltt.

I am so lost in thought, lying on my bed, and I don't notice the time passing. I look at the window, and realize that the sun is setting. I am snapped out of my trance when I hear someone knocking on my door. I get up and walk slowly, lost in a strange feeling. I open the door and a servant informs me of something.

— Your Highness, I come on behalf of the King to bring you a message...

— Tell me!

— King Alexander, your father, has asked Your Highness to come down to t


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