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Anne Garcezz

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  • 👁 339
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Allyssa is a twenty-year-old girl, very responsible, and she doesn't accept that she is an omega. She is afraid of losing the people she loves, such as her brother, mentor and closest friends and is also afraid of falling in love, as she thinks that love makes people stupid. She is an orphan and lives only with her brother in a rebel territory, and her dream is to defeat King Alexander, prove that he was guilty of the death of King Moriam to usurp the throne, and lead the people to the resumption of peace in the Kingdom of Ascabaltt. Allyssa will meet Andrew, who is the Prince of Asacabaltt, but pretends to be someone else so that his true identity will not be discovered when he is captured by the rebels. Having lost her parents so early, Allyssa is dedicated to war techniques and the rebel movement, she has never been romantically involved with anyone, as no one has awakened her omega side, but her approach to the Prince awakens some mixed feelings in Allyssa, who does not manages to identify what she feels, and wants to disown what she feels for him, which makes her treat him badly at times, but little by little they fall in love, and she accepts that she is a Lunar omega and that Andrew is her destined companion. Andrew is an Alpha Lupus, he's twenty-four years old, he likes to have fun, and he doesn't usually take anything seriously. He was created to be King, but he never accepted that condition, let alone marry Artanis or any woman for the interests of the Kingdom. When he overhears the conversation between the mage Direl and his father, that King Moriam's heir may be alive, he flees. The Prince is arrested by rebels, and there he meets Allyssa. He feels attracted to her, and realizes that she feels the same way. Andrew uses this attraction to evade the rebels, and follow through with his plan. The approach between them awakens so many feelings and sensations in Andrew, who perceives something different in Allyssa, reminds him of the prophecy about him finding his Lunar omega, his destined companion.


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