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Worshiping Willow

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Easton Silvius, otherwise known as the Alphas son, is the guy every girl drools over in hopes they become his mate. Well, every girl but Willow. While it's abundantly clear to her that he is attractive, she doesn't see the point in fantasizing over someone who might not be your mate. Willow has dreamt about meeting her mate for as long as she could remember. It's all you can really do when you're an omega. All she hopes is for her mate to whisk her away from the insults and constant chores that were thrown to her as responsibilities. Unfortunately for Willow, that's not what the Moon Goddess has in store for her.

Chapter 1


The smell of freshly cooked bacon is heavy in the kitchen as I plate the last remaining pieces. Looking at the enormous buffet, it all seems to be in good order. I untie my apron filled with grease and hang it up, making a mental note to come back for it when I do laundry. I grab myself a small plate of food before scurrying back to my room ensuring there will be no run ins with anyone from my pack. Just as I reach the stairs I feel an unexpected object in my footpath and know immediately I'm going down. The plate of food scatters in my attempt to catch myself. The foot that caused this 'accident' belonged to none other than Kasey Golding, who just so happens to be dating Easton Silvius, the next in line Alpha. Kasey and her friends, being my worst tormentors, burst into laughter at the mayhem they caused and walk away. 'Great, there goes my breakfast.' I sigh inwardly knowing it's just another mess I have to clean up. I slowly begin to pick the pieces of egg and fruit off the ground when I feel someone bend down to help me. I look up only to rip my eyes back down as I notice Easton in front of me.

"You don't have to help me. Really, I'm fine. Just took a small trip is all." I lie, not wanting any trouble. He scoffs as he picks up a piece of the shattered plate. "Don't worry about it. I don't mind." He glances at me with a small grin. "Oh, well-uh thank you I guess." I stumble unsure of how to proceed. Picking up the now trashed plate and standing back up, I follow him towards the kitchen. You see, unlike most of the Silvius pack, Easton is a decent being. He cares for each member of his future pack despite the fact that his father, Alpha Greyson, is not so kind. He condones the awful treatment of omegas claiming they should be thankful for his generosity. That having a place to sleep and food to eat is good enough. Because of his cruel philosophy, most of his pack members have adopted the same mindset. Easton for some reason is different and I believe he will make a great Alpha. I just hope our Luna won't be Kasey. They had never announced that they were mates but the rumors say they are. I mean I don't think Easton would stay in a relationship for 2 years if she wasn't his mate. I guess we will all know during his celebration.

Speaking of, birthday is coming up as well. Actually it's only 4 days after Easton's. May 16th is the day I finally turn 18. The day I get to find my mate and have some happiness. I only wish my parents could be there for it. They died during a rogue attack when I was only 6 years old. That's when I was cast as an omega. Without my parents to teach me anymore, I was raised by the omegas in the pack. Told that my place in the pack was meant to clean and serve the other members. They neglected to mention how omegas in the Silvius pack were treated. The insults and small physical abuse were a day to day habit for those of a higher rank. It's something I have grown used to over the years. Now I just keep my head down and try to keep any attention away from me. At least that's my plan until I find my mate.

A mate, the one thing every werewolf looks forward to on their 18th birthday. It's your other half. The one the Moon Goddess deemed perfect for you. The one person who is supposed to love and cherish everything about you. It's very rare that someone rejects their mate but its said to cause extreme pain to both mates if that does happen. It's how the Moon Goddess punishes you for going against the fates. The worst part, even after the rejection your souls will long for each other. Your wolf often becomes depressed or angry for losing their other half. For some the rejection would be lethal as they aren't strong enough to handle the pain. I shudder at this thought. I couldn't imagine what it takes to reject your mate or why you would even want to. Its not something I ever wish to experience.

Finally making it back to my room after the whole stair debacle, I look in the mirror to see some egg stuck in my bright auburn hair. "Ew" I mutter to myself as I pull it from a strand of hair. Looking at my dull green eyes and freckles, I sigh. Seeing my dull features worn out from the years of strain, I lean back into my stiff bed knowing my days will keep repeating the same schedule. The schedule that has become ingrained into my head throughout the years. The schedule that will hopefully change in 5 days.

Chapter 2


Locked. Someone locked me in my room. 'What am I supposed to do' I groan inwardly. I came up to my room to shower after breakfast and get ready for the rest of the day but of course I would get locked in my room on a day I have no time to spare. I need to start preparing for tomorrow, Easton's birthday, and I cannot do that from inside my room. "Hello!? Can someone unlock the door please?" I bang my hands against the door. In turn, I hear the infamous giggles of Kasey and her minions. The clicking of heels fades away as does my hope of being let out. 'This is going to suck.' Sighing, I slide my back against the door and drop my head into my hands.

"What the hell do you think you are doing!?" Alpha Grayson growls. Shit. The one person I was hoping wouldn't find me in my room. It had been hours since I had been locked in and I knew I would be in huge trouble for it. "Alpha. I'm sorry. Someone..." I t


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