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Wanted or Unwanted?

Wanted or Unwanted?

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Rain is a werewolf who just turned 16 and leaves home in search to find a pack to join. In that pack she finds her mate. But her mate doesn't want her because he loves someone else. Heartbroken she almost dies until she meets someone else. Someone saved her life and got her through the pain. As she tries to heal her mate comes back around to win her back but is it too late? She wonders why he would make her feel unwanted or wanted. Find out more about Rain's story. Will she take her mate back after hurting her or will she move on with her life and find someone new. After all she is only 16 and has her whole life ahead of her. Read on through Rain's eyes and see her adventure take off. Trust me I think you might like this story. It's full of love, drama, suspense, and more. If this is popular enough I will be working on more turning this into a book series. So please give your honest opinions. All feedback is welcomed, whether it be positive or negative. I've always wanted to write my own books and this is practice for me. Thank you!

Chapter 1: Sixteen

At last my 16th birthday, the day a wolf can leave home and find a pack to live with. To grow and protect with. I never thought I see the day come when I can finally be apart of something. Start the new chapter in my life and see what path I will walk on. As the sun rises on the den I wake up and stretch. For now I'm in my human form, I will turn into my wolf form when I adventure off to find my new pack. I yawn loudly and jump up with excitement! I run outside to find my parents and my younger siblings in puppy form playing roughly. I lay on the ground and let them jump all over me as we all burst with laughter. My father walks up to me in his human form and wants to walk and talk. My dad explains, "so Rain, today is the big day huh?" I looked up and smiled and said "yep, I can't believe that it came so fast." Then my father tells me that he has to explain something to me that will happen very soon. He says, "at this age in life you will start experiencing new feelings and moods. It can happen anytime from now until you turn 18. All wolves find a mate around this age or a little older. You will know its happening due to your smell senses. You will pick up a very strong aroma and that will be smell of your future mate. Once you find your mate you will develop these urges to mate with him and those urges will start within a couple days of finding him. But to be warned some mates will turn their mates down, if this happens it can and will take a toll on your body in ways you can't imagine. Hopefully your mate will take you. Rain, you are a very beautiful young lady. Pretty blue eyes with long natural eyelashes. Pretty long curly light brown hair with those chestnut highlights. Even in your wolf form you are as beautiful as ever just like your mother." I started tearing up and hugged him tightly. I could tell he was sad I was leaving, considering all my other siblings my age passed away a long time ago. I was the lucky one out of five puppies. Losing the rest devastated my parents badly but they were so happy I made it. I'm just happy that they ended up having another litter about 9 years ago. At least they won't be alone anymore. I run over to my mother and hug her so tight. I said, "I'm going to miss u mom, I love you so much." She cries and says, "I'm going to miss you more my sweet Rain Drop." She holds my face in her hands and kisses my forehead. Then my dad comes over and hugs us both in a group hug. He says, "you be safe out there kiddo and make sure to call time to time and inform us on your life." "Of course I will daddy!" I stated. I hug my young siblings and grab my bag and walk out into the world. As soon as I get a good distance from my old den, I put my bag down and form into my wolf form. I howl to let my parents know I'm going. I grab my bag with my mouth and run off through the woods to search for my new life. As I've been running for hours I stop by a clean water spring and stop for a drink. I lean my head down and dip my tongue in multiple times spooning out the water into my mouth. As I'm drinking a I hear rustling in the bushes. I stand my ground with my hairs standing up on my back, teeth showing, and growling slightly. Out comes a new furry face. He had brown eyes with brown fur. The new wolf that appears in front of me looks at me deeply and walks to the side. He then lets out a grin and proceeds to smell me. I allow him to since it's a wolf custom. If a wolf goes to smell you it means they want to get to know your scent and possibly be friends. He then speaks," so a 16 year old female wolf huh?" I nod my head yes. Then he says, " I figured, you have a pure scent, only females who have not found a mate smell this way. You must have left home today in the search for a new pack. I can tell not only from smell but u have a pretty big bag over there. I'm Asher by the way, it's nice to meet a new face." I then speak back, " You would be correct about everything and I'm Rain, it's nice to meet you as well." "That’s a pretty name for a pretty wolf." he says. I told him thank you. Then he proceeds to speak, " maybe you can join my pack, we are looking for more recruits. Most of the wolves you will meet there are near your age." I gulped and then said, " are u the alpha?" He nods his head no. I let out a sigh of relief, I am not ready to come face to face with an alpha already. He then walks over picks up my bag with his mouth then says, " come on lets go, I want you to meet everyone and see if you can join." We then continued through the woods for about 20 minutes until we came across a really big area. It had multiple dens, a medical center, a school for the puppies, and more. We proceed to enter I guess what you would call a pack camp. I wonder what will happen if I did live here? Hopefully I get to live a normal wolf life. Only the future will know for sure.

Chapter 2: Welcome to the Pack

Asher and I finally get to the biggest den where the alpha is. I instantly knew that Asher wasn't my mate. He smells like a normal wolf. Luckily he is super nice, I will need a friend. We enter into the den and we wait for the alpha to come forward. Asher drops the bag gently. Then comes walking out a big wolf. He was tall and had black fur with blue eyes. He looks at both of us and speaks, "who do we have here Asher, is this your mate?" Then Asher chuckles, " no Dad, she doesn’t have the mate scent with me. Her name is Rain, she recently left home in the look for a pack." Theo speaks, " ah we have a 16 year old then. Welcome to the pack Rain, I think you will enjoy your stay here. I'm Theo, leader of the pack. If you need anything please come to me or Asher and we will help to our best ability. Asher please take Rain to one of our available small dens please and help her settle in. Also show her around the camp." He nods his head at Theo and


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