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Vicious Vows

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"You're mine! From the day you married me, you became mine alone. So, if you smile at another man, I'll turn you over my lap and spank you till you are a moaning mess." Octavia had always been a victim of constant torture and abuse at the hands of her family. She never thought she would escape the hell she called home. Well that was until he came knocking on her door, looking for a bride. Tasked to take her stepsister's place as the bride to a ruthless Alpha, Octavia is feeling more scared than ever. What happens when she sees that the Alpha might not be as the world portrays him? What happens when her heart begins to sway? What happens when he finds out about the swap? Will she be able to weather the storm or will she be left alone once more? Follow Octavia as she delves into the world that belongs to the masked Alpha. Her Alpha Damien.

Chapter 1

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Octavia's heart was in overdrive as she took one step after the other to what she had deemed to be her peril.

She wanted so badly to stop but when she remembered what they had said, she kept walking forward, her knuckles clenched tightly till it was painfully white underneath her veil. She very much wanted to shout at the top of her lungs that she didn't want to proceed with this, but she knew the severity of the situation and what she would have to face if she did.

She could feel multiple eyes on her, some more intense than others. She knew that it was her cue to begin her game of pretense.

She recounted what she was told in her mind.

Pretend you are confident; that you are happy; that you aren't in pain.

Make sure a soul isn't able to tell that this is not your place!

She let out a sigh before she gathered all the courage that she could muster and finally raised her head and looked towards the end of the path she had been walking.

Towards the reason for her fear and hesitation.

Her husband to be.

He stood there, all taut and domineering as he stared straight at her intensely as if challenging her to keep looking at him.

Looking at him didn't do anything to settle the chaotic state of her mind as his gaze was enough to send chills down her spine.

She gulped and changed the direction of her gaze to the priest at his side but never lowered her head.

Soon, she was standing before him as they turned to face each other and even sooner, her vows with him had been said.

There was no need for wastage of time as none of them knew each other. There were no feelings nor sentiments so they only said a perfunctory vow before they were officially joined together as man and wife.

Immediately the deed was done, he didn't even wait for her before he walked away. He didn't look back nor did he slow his strides for her.

People who weren't witness to their marriage would assume that he wasn't the one who just got married.

She sighed in relief that he left her because she wasn't sure if she could keep putting up her front while standing beside him as he exuded that domineering aura.

It didn't help that she could only see his piercing green eyes as they looked as if they could see through her soul.

Oh! It seemed she had forgotten to include something in the description of her new husband.

On his face was an intricately crafted mask that made sure not even a part of his skin was exposed.

She had heard all sorts of rumors as to why he wore that mask but truthfully she didn't care because knowing the real reason wouldn't save her from her impending doom and peril.

She gritted her teeth and steeled herself before she proceeded to walk towards the exit, the congregation following behind her.

There, she could see the black Bentley that was waiting on her. Her husband was already inside and he seemed to also be waiting on her as the door was left ajar.

At this moment, she had begun to seriously rethink her decision. She really didn't want to get into the car and further seal her tragic fate.

This was not what she wanted.

Her decision was made by her father though as he stepped out from the congregation with all smiles and held her dainty wrist tightly before pulling her towards the vehicle.

Once there, he ran his hands down her back like a loving father before leaning down to hug her.

Octavia's heart froze from fear as she dug her nails into her palms till she was sure they would bleed.

"Go with him dear as he is your husband now. Also, don't forget us as we will always be family" he whispered in her ear before pulling away.

She bit her lip as she caught the double meaning in his words.

He was still smiling as he raised his hand to stroke her hair.

Nothing was wrong with his actions as he looked like a father who doted on his daughter more than anything.

Only she knew that behind that smile, an animal purely driven by his ego needed to feel superior.

In a sense, she was happy that she was finally going away from him but as she entered the car and felt the aura surrounding her new captor or husband, she wasn't so sure if it would be any better or worse.

Soon, the car door closed and they began moving. She could see the fading figures of her family from the rearview mirror and that alleviated a boulder-like burden she had been carrying for years but as she turned to look at the man who was staring back at her, it was quickly replaced with another.

His cold eyes that showed no emotions just stared at her.

She wanted to look away but it was just like she was held in place by his gaze.

"Octavia!" He finally muttered after what seemed to be centuries.

Her eyes widened in shock because that was the first time he had spoken since they met.

Besides that, he had called her name!

His voice was surprisingly pleasant, a total contrast to himself as a whole.

When she realized what she was thinking, she mentally slapped herself, before reminding herself of the reason she was scared of him in the first place.

It wasn't because of the rumors nor his imposing aura nor was it his mask.

It was because of what she had witnessed.

That's right! If he could do that, what's to say he wouldn't do it to her?

She finally managed to tear her gaze away from him once he looked away and then she turned to look out the window.

Her mind couldn't help but wander to the reason she was in this situation in the first place.

A few days ago, she never would have thought herself to be married to the infamous, Ruthless Alpha of the Black Diamond Pack.

Well, why don't we take a tour down memory lane?

Chapter 2

"Uggh! Please stop! I'm sorry. I'll take note next time and never do it again. I beg of you!" Octavia pleaded frantically as tears streamed down her face.

She was currently being dragged mercilessly by her hair.

Her scalp hurt so bad but she didn't care as she was more worried about where she was being taken. She knew that should she reach there, she would suffer a fate worse than death.

Unluckily for her, her pleas seemed to fall on deaf ears as she was pulled even harder. This caused her knee to scrape the ground harshly and begin bleeding profusely. Her heart thumped loudly from fear and trepidation.

She wanted so badly to yank her hair from her assailant’s hands but she knew defiance would only worsen her punishment.

Soon, she could see a familiar wooden door up front and that made her lose all rhyme and reason as she began flailing frantically.

"No! Please, I will do something else. Please, I beg of you,  I don&#

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