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Vampire Violet

Vampire Violet

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: hannah
  • Chapters: 2
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 11
  • 3.0
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This is a story about a girl named violet and she is a vampire and has two love interest one of her love interest name is Sam and Xavier Sizemore and they are in college and she tries her hardest to cut Xavier out of her life bc how bad of a bad-boy he is he tries to ruin Sam and Violet relationship they thought everything was perfect but is it as perfect as everyone thinks or will someone change her mind about their relationship. hope you like it I’m going to try my best and I hope you enjoy Thank you for reading I will try to upload story’s as fast as I can

Chapter 1

Violet’s point of view

Last day of freedom before I start college. Looking around my room full of box’s is crazy to think I am finally going to college. I’m going to miss my family but it Will be a nice start to a good year

Let me tell you a little about myself I have a boyfriend named Sam he’s amazing we meet a little bit ago and finally made it official he’s going to the same college I’m going to I love writing in my note book my friend Lilly is also going to college with me we both are really excited for this new start but it’s also stressful having to go straight to doing a lot of work I’m going to college to be a veterinarian I have loved animals since I could remember especially horses but anyways back to now

i hear a knock at the door - oh hey Sam you all packed up yet -Sam yeah I am are you -Violent yeah just looking around my room thinking about a new chapter in my life and i get to spend college with the best boyfriend ever and My bestie which reminds me Lilly asked if we can pick her up on the way to the campus hopefully she didn’t pack a lot you know how Lilly is hahaha

Hey Lilly are you ready to go we got to get on the road please tell me you didn’t pack much if you did you might have to ride on top of Sam’s car hahaha oh good you only got a couple boxes -Lilly umm no violet this is just the ones down here I got to go up to get the other boxes but don’t worry it’s only a couple more i will be there in a minute got to grab the other boxes 10 minutes later all set y’all ready for a new chapter of our life's

everyone YES!

Okay Sam Let’s get out of here said Violet I’m so ready to see our dorms I hate that the rules are guys aren’t allowed to be in the girls rooms and same goes for us girls how on earth are we going to hangout Sam I haven’t went one day without seeing you Sam it’s going to suck

Chapter 2

First day waking up living in my dorm me and Lilly are sharing a dorm room together I’m happy I get to see her everyday but it sucks me and Sam won’t get to hang out a lot but at least we got some classes together and get to hang out sometimes going into town. I’m going to go check on Sam,

Lilly -Alright said Lilly just be careful -Violet I will be back in a bit.Knocking on Sam‘s door I hear a screaming noise like it’s a girl in his dorm room OMG is he cheating on me we aren’t supposed to have the opposite gender in our dorm rooms.

Random girl walks out with her hair all crazy and hickeys it almost looks like someone bite her wow didn’t know Sam was into that kind of stuff. I finally get enough confidence to knock on the door and let him know I’m done with him and caught him cheating. But when I did Knock it wasn’t Sam who answered. Umm who are you and why are you in my boyfriends dorm room, Well aren’t you just the prettiest thing there ever was and to answer your qu


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