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Vampire By Night

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Melissa, a werewolf hybrid, vampire father, and werewolf mother, which cracked up to become she was a hideous abomination since she couldn't transform like other wolves, but when necessary, she can develop painful claws, and can also mind-connect. Her father died when she was two, and she had no recollection of him. Her mum told stories of who he was. However, she and her mum got adopted by Alpha Logan when she was seven, and then, her mum stopped talking about her dad. Alpha Logan was not interested in learning about her mum's prior life. He considered it a betrayal that she had a child with someone who wasn't her partner sent by the Moon Goddess. Her mum got pregnant later, giving birth to Abby by losing her life. Alpha Logan's hatred grew more for Melissa and the newborn Abby, he never wanted to see her believing she was the cause of the death of his mate. Melissa took it upon herself to raise Abby, even though she had to beg for food formulas for other pack mates. He constantly abused Melissa and Abby physically, not until she got the courage and decided to flee. As though she thought she was free, taking side hustle jobs to fend for herself and her sister, she finds herself in the jaws of an enemy's territory, accompanied by her tiny sister Abby. An adversary who will undoubtedly bring about not only her demise but also that of the girl she has nearly reared.

Chapter 1

Melissa's POV

Two weeks earlier"Come on, Abby, it's time to wake up," I urged my six-year-old sister.

She rolled on the mattress, stretching and yawning, her crystal blue eyes flickering open to see mine.

Our room was the smallest in the Packhouse, and it was located at the back of the house, away from everyone.

There was a double bed mattress, a window, and a few toys for Abby in the room. All of our belongings fit easily into the duffle bag that also served as our clothes.

"You've been jogging, Melissa," she murmured, staring down at my clothing sleepily."No, they're just becoming comfortable now."

"Come on, you have to get ready for school," I said as I sat next to her on the floor mattress.

Abby sat up and frowned at me. I removed her pajama top before putting on her school shirt.

"Hurry up and put your pants on while I get ready," I said.I hurriedly stood up, walked over to the duffel bag next to the mattress, and took out my work uniform before swiftly undressing and sliding it on.

I grabbed my brush and pulled my hair into a high ponytail before doing the same with Abby's hair as I sat next to her on the bed.

I leaned over and grabbed her joggers and socks before putting them on her feet and tied the laces. We could hear people in the house moving around. Abby halted, her gaze fixed on the entrance.

"He's awake, Melissa," Abby said quietly.I immediately put on my shoes and grabbed the duffel bag, putting her pyjamas and the clothing I was wearing in it.

Throwing the bag over my shoulder, I stepped over to the window, knowing we couldn't leave by the front door. I dropped the bag out the window slowly before reaching for Abby.

She scaled the ledge before leaping to the grass below. It wasn't a great leap; the house had only one floor other than the basement and attic.

I climbed through, jumping to the grass below, then reaching up and gently closing the window behind me.

I checked to make sure no Pack members were in the front yard as I ran up the side of the house towards the side gate. It was still rather early.

The sun had only just begun to rise, and light was beginning to filter through the trees that encircled the house.

I took Abby's hand in mine and began jogging towards the bus stop at the end of the dirt road, which also served as the driveway.

I could hear the bus approaching as we neared the conclusion. We dashed to the bus station, arriving barely in time.

I threw out my arm, waving the bus away. When he saw us, the bus driver smiled."Hey, Bill," I remarked as I stepped into the bus and handed him our bus fare.

"Don't you have a grin today, Abby?" he inquired, gazing down at her. Her lips pinched at the sides of her mouth before she flashed him a toothy grin.

"She's my girl," he declared. We sat in the back of the bus. Abby sprawled out on the seat next to me, her head in my lap, for the ten-minute journey into town.

"I'm hungry, Melissa ," she replied, looking up at me.

"I know, I'll prepare you some lunch and breakfast when we get into town," I said as I leaned in to peck her on the cheek.

I looked out the window at the trees and birds in the morning. I was tired of living this life. My stepfather was a terrible guy, and he was the Alpha of one of the city's most infamous Packs.

When our mother died, I would have fled, but Daddy wouldn't allow me to take Abby. I'm not sure why; he was never a father figure to her.

He despised her from birth and blamed her for our mother's death.

I recall him bringing her home and telling me my mother died after childbirth. "Look after it," he whispered as he thrust Abby into my arms.

I recall being perplexed. I was only thirteen years old at the time.

I knew nothing about infants. I had to quit school and give up my entire existence. I raised her, adored her, and she became my entire universe. I couldn't believe he could reject his own pup,his own flesh, and blood.

Abby was a cute baby; Mum would have adored her. Logan didn't even bother with the papers, so I named her Abby.

Mum's middle name was Abby. When she found out she was pregnant, she was overjoyed, as was Logan, but when my mother died, her joy turned to rage.

Since then, the Pack has suffered for six years. They would never oppose him because they were terrified of him. There was a reason he was Alpha.

So here I was, a high school dropout caring for my younger sister. Because the Alpha didn't aid me with anything, Mum had everything ready for her arrival before she went.

I needed a formula from Pack members. Fortunately, even when Mum died, they didn't despise her or me. They felt bad for Abby and would sneak me formula and nappies.

I put Abby in school when she was five years old and began seeking work so that I could pay for her. It wasn't much, but it was preferable to having to seek or beg Pack mates for anything she required.

I still recall getting beaten up when I asked Logan for money to buy her a school uniform. He split open my lip before pulling me to the basement and beating me till I blacked out.

I shook my head, then looked down at Abby, who was toying with my father's necklace, which hung around my neck.

On one side of the necklace was a wolf, while on the other was a man with teeth. My father died when I was two, and I have no recollection of him.

My mother used to tell me how kind he was, but after the Alpha adopted us when I was seven, she stopped talking about him.

Alpha Logan was not interested in learning about her prior life. He considered it a betrayal that she had a child with someone who wasn't her partner sent by the Moon Goddess.

What made matters worse was that my father was not a wolf. My father was a vampire, and my mother was a wolf, therefore I'm a Hybrid, which isn't all it's cracked up to be. I'm a hideous abomination. I can't fully transform like other wolves.

When necessary, I can develop painful claws, and I can also mind-connect.I inherit their quickness and sense of smell from my vamp side. I can't also heal like a wolf or a vampire unless I consume human blood.

I don't receive blood because I was reared in a wolf Pack, which is fine. I can exist without it, but it means I'm always weaker and unable to recover.

Alpha Logan prevents me from drinking blood, and my mother and Abby are the only others who know who I am.

I hoped Abby and I would be rid of this hellhole one day, so I wouldn't have to disguise who I am, but that will never happen.

The bus came up in front of the diner where I worked. I pushed Abby away from the door and stepped onto the sidewalk.

"Let's go, Abby. If we hurry, Chris will prepare you some pancakes before school."Abby dashed into the diner and took her normal seat near the kitchen.

I watched as she slipped down the booth seat, her luggage resting on the red leather seat next to her.

Abby adored the diner; she came with me every morning before school and every afternoon after school because my shift didn't end until 6 pm I would pick her up from school during my lunch break, but the best part about working here was Jenna.

The proprietor was a human woman who ran "Allen's Diner." Allen was her husband's name. He died many years ago, and she took over her husband's company.

Jenna was in her late 60s. Her long white hair is constantly put back into a bun, and she has green eyes and beautiful cheeks. She is a larger woman, but she is one of my favorite individuals.

She always smiled and loved Abby, and because she didn't have her own children, she kind of adopted Abby and me.

Jenna always made sure Abby had lunch, brunch, and dinner. I hugged Jenna as I walked out to the kitchen after Abby was placed in the booth.

Chris was already standing at the stove, wearing a hippy tie-dyed shirt and pants, making Abby pancakes.

Chris was perhaps my sole faithful buddy; he was a handsome young man with blonde hair and blue eyes, but he was also queer. As I walked past to get my apron, I waved to him. Every morning before school, Abby eats pancakes.

Before stepping back out to get coffee, I grabbed my apron and wrapped it around my waist. I began filling a couple of clients' cups.

Allen's Diner was always crowded, no matter what time of day it was. I headed back into the kitchen when I finished refilling cups to get Abby her pancakes.

It was 8 am by the time Abby completed her breakfast. I cleaned up Abby's booth and went back into the kitchen to get Abby's school bag, which I kept in the duffel bag.

As I walked back through the kitchen, Jenna was already waiting for me with a paper bag.

"I made her ham and salad sandwiches, and Chris threw in some quiches from yesterday for her," she smiled as she handed me the package.

Abby dashed into the kitchen and wrapped her arms around Jenna's hips, her tiny arms barely reaching halfway. Jenna looked down at her before kissing the top of her head.

"Have fun at school and keep learning," Jenna advised. I thanked Jenna before slinging the bag over my shoulder and taking Abby's hand in mine to take her to school.

Because the school was only a block away, Abby and I strolled hand in hand the entire way.

The streets were clogged with people getting ready for work, and I swiftly pulled to the side as a surge of people emerged from the metro, just in time for us to avoid being trampled.

We arrived at the school swiftly, stopping just outside the gates, and I gave her a brief kiss. "I'll see you at 3 pm, okay?" "Have fun," I responded before quickly hugging her.

I saw her run away with her pals before turning around and walking back to the diner. When I returned to the diner, I went to get my and Abby's clothes from the duffel bag, but when I opened it, it was empty. Chris walked in before I could even close it.

"Jenna already washed them for you," he remarked as he walked back to the kitchen.I grabbed my apron and went to begin taking orders and refilling everyone's mugs. The day flew by, and before I knew it, Jenna emerged from the kitchen, motioning for me to come over.

"It's quarter to three, sweetie, you have to get Abby." Take this on the way. "I noticed you haven't eaten since yesterday morning," she replied, taking a napkin and placing a roast lamb sandwich in my hand."No, I'm OK, Jenna, you already do enough for us." She refused to return it.

"Don't be foolish, you gals are like children to me," she answered before abruptly turning around and strolling into the kitchen.

I ate the sandwich on my way to school. I peered up at the high-rise structures as I did so. I enjoyed the city because everything was so fast-paced and vibrant, and everything was always moving. I enjoyed observing individuals go about their daily activities.

When I arrived at school, I stood in the front yard waiting for the school bell to sound. I hadn't been waiting long when Abby burst through the doors, a bright grin on her face. She ran towards me and wrapped her tiny arms around me in a bear embrace.

As we walked back to the diner, I bent down and picked her up, and placed her on my hip. She told me about her day and her activities in class.

When Abby returned to the diner, she took her books from her purse and proceeded to sit with Jenna, who was already at a table waiting for Abby's arrival.

Jenna would help Abby with her homework and listen to her about her day every day after school. I was waiting tables in preparation for the afternoon rush when I felt eyes on me.

When I looked up from refilling Abby's cup with water, there was no one there. I moved back into the kitchen to prepare the next order, shaking off the feeling.

Chapter 2

Declan’s POV

After just finishing one meeting, my Beta Marley texted to inform me that the next appointment I had scheduled had been relocated to Allen's Diner.

It was apparently on the neutral territory; the Black Moon Alpha didn't want to meet on my turf.

Pussy, I thought as I stuffed my phone back into my pocket and adjusted my tie as I walked to the elevator.

When the elevator doors closed, I walked into it and pressed the bottom floor button. I stood there watching the buttons and the floors fall.

It came to a halt halfway down, the doors opening. I grumbled, irritated. Two women, one with red hair and one with blonde hair, were both incredibly gorgeous. One of them, the redhead, I recognized.

Miranda belonged to the pack. The other was an unknown person, and a short stumpy man from the tech floor followed them in.

They took a step back when they realized who I was. They lowered their heads to look at the floor.



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