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Christina May

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About me

Love, Mystery, Realistic, Wolf, and Luna, are a few things that can describe me. Read my books to have a better understanding of who I am


Vampire By Night
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Melissa, a werewolf hybrid, vampire father, and werewolf mother, which cracked up to become she was a hideous abomination since she couldn't transform like other wolves, but when necessary, she can develop painful claws, and can also mind-connect. Her father died when she was two, and she had no recollection of him. Her mum told stories of who he was. However, she and her mum got adopted by Alpha Logan when she was seven, and then, her mum stopped talking about her dad. Alpha Logan was not interested in learning about her mum's prior life. He considered it a betrayal that she had a child with someone who wasn't her partner sent by the Moon Goddess. Her mum got pregnant later, giving birth to Abby by losing her life. Alpha Logan's hatred grew more for Melissa and the newborn Abby, he never wanted to see her believing she was the cause of the death of his mate. Melissa took it upon herself to raise Abby, even though she had to beg for food formulas for other pack mates. He constantly abused Melissa and Abby physically, not until she got the courage and decided to flee. As though she thought she was free, taking side hustle jobs to fend for herself and her sister, she finds herself in the jaws of an enemy's territory, accompanied by her tiny sister Abby. An adversary who will undoubtedly bring about not only her demise but also that of the girl she has nearly reared.


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