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Unbreak My Heart( second chance mate)

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When Robina Adams got back from Moonvale Pack where she went to have her training on having leadership qualities in order to be able to rule the pack as Luna. She met the shock of her life. She found out that everything she had worked and wished for had been taken from her. The man whom she had loved and asked to rule in her stead had taken her position away from her, worse he doesn’t want to hear anything about her pregnancy. He only loved her because of her position as the Alpha's daughter, he had rejected her and had taken her childhood friend, Elsie as his mate. And worst they had a pup together, She had come back to tell Ian of the good news that she had learnt and was ready to rule and to tell him she was pregnant with his child seven months after but how would she, when he had everything all planned out and was having an affair even before she left. She couldn't tell him anymore, he had chosen her best friend over her, taken her position, and forced his way as the Alpha and denied her pregnancy. Angry, rejected and heartbroken, she left Silver Furs Pack and moved elsewhere to give life a fresh start. There she would meet Mikael Rivers’ long lost twin brother of Ian Rivers whom everyone thought was dead and rightful Alpha to Silver Furs Pack. Will she be grateful to the moon goddess for giving her a second chance at love, embrace all and move on or will her taste for revenge become insatiable? Well, find out more in the book !

Chapter One

"What do you mean by that ? Are you saying that the position of Alpha had left my family, that is totally impossible. 

“You can't just tell me that I need explanations”. Robina yelled loud enough for everyone in the hall to hear what she was saying.

She had returned from Moonvale Pack three days ago, tired and disturbed by pregnancy hormones; she had  stayed back hoping that Ian could come and visit.

Buh he had neither visited nor called her and now she was standing before  some of the prominent and leading wolves in the Pack who knew all about the rules and regulations guiding the Pack.

"What nonsense is this? How can you tell me that I can never be Luna, remember my father was Alpha of this great Pack."

"You actually don't know about that and it is none of our business, what we are saying is that the position of Alpha has left your family. "Beta Swiss retorted.

This was more than shocking, it was impossible, it had been seven months when she left the Pack to go and learn all about leadership in Moonvale Pack only to come back and hear this.

Where is Ian? She thought , she needed him now more than ever. 

"I need to hear from my mate. He alone will understand the trash you all are vomiting." 

She turned around as the big oak door opened, Ian walked in expensively dressed, he looked different from the Ian she had left seven months ago, more like a ruler, dressed in a charcoal black suit, his strides were tall and filled with pride.

He held a cute little baby girl of about a year in his arm, she could see the unmistakably fatherly love and care with the way he carried her. 

Worst of all, he didn't even look at her direction as he handed her over to a nanny.

She wanted to run to him, to hug him, to tell him how much she had missed him but for the first time in her life, her legs betrayed her, they felt glued to the earth.

What was going on? Her heart hammered loud enough for everyone to hear, she must be in a dream.

She watched him as he strode past her and went up to the raised podium and sat on the same chair her father always sits  whenever he had cases to preside over.

"Welcome." He said to her,

She blinked, just welcome? What was going on? Is it some kind of prank or what?

"I heard you arrived three nights ago, how was your trip? splendid I guess”. He answered himself 

Really, her eyes bugged out in surprise and confusion swirled in her eyes.

"Ian." She said in a whisper, more like she didn't say anything because she wasn't sure if she even heard her own voice.

"What's going on here?"

"Just as you heard, I was told that you wanted to see me, what do you want?”

"I don't get it, what is going on here?" She shook her head trying to shake off the confusion." I don't understand the position of the alpha leaving my family, Ian. I need explanations."

“There's nothing to get confused about, I bless the name of the moon goddess. Macalister here had given you the necessary explanation and I'm quite sure you still retained that level of smartness you had before you went over to Moonvale Pack."

"You can't do this to me Ian, you are in no position to sit on that seat as the alpha of this Pack."

"Oh yes I'm sitting on it, so what are you going to do about it?”

The authority, the pride, the confidence and everything shocked her, this was definitely not happening.

"Would you mind telling people present at this honorable gathering what we both discussed before I left ."She said, her voice breaking in tears. 

"Did we ever discuss anything? The only discussion I had was with your father, he instructed that after his death I was to rule, based on the fact that you are weak and cannot rule the Pack."

" Lies Ian, all those are lies my father never said such I was the one who discussed with you I told you to rule instead, to oversee the affairs of the Pack while I was away, why would you hurt me this way?"

Already she couldn't control it, the tears streamed down her face in rivulets.

“I know nothing of what you speak of, I was only following the orders of your father beside he told me how.... he paused and waved his hands in the air to emphasize on the particular word which seemed too heavy for him to speak. How promiscuous you are”.

The last sentence broke her, she could never believe it, even in a million years that Ian, the man she loved and cherished and would give her life to, would betray her and take her position from her.

"Just take a look at you Robina, you were your father's pride but see ,you came back pregnant and I'm sure you don't know who the father is”.

His words were enough to raise even the dead, he just disgraced her, made her look stupid before everyone.

"Ian”. She calls softly." What happened to you? Tell me what's going on?" she cried in pain. 

"I came here to see you, to talk about our plans of ruling together as mates."

"You didn't come to see me Robina, be truthful for once ,you came to see your lover."

“What lover?” She yelled.

 "Why would you betray me Ian?”. She couldn’t bring herself to tell him she was carrying his baby.

"Enough I will not sit here and watch you slander my name, getting pregnant out of wedlock is a huge offense, most especially from a Luna”. He blunted out aggressively. 

“You had better tell us who is responsible before you drag me into a filthy mess I know nothing of. I’m pretty sure I’m not responsible for the thing you called pregnancy”.

He finished and stretched his hand and one of the wolves placed a scroll on it.

He stretched his hand again and another took it from him and handed it to Robina who read it, her body convulsing from the shock and betrayal.

"That was a written agreement between your father and I.”

“So I'm the Alpha, accept it. Now these are my terms, you can live in this Pack but you are not to come anywhere near royal grounds.”


She shrieked."That...."

“I'm not done."

He stood up."Robina Mary Adams,I reject you as my mate."

Chapter Two

She had that far away look in her eyes as the bus sped away to a destination she had decided to go and never to return.

Leaving Silver Furs Pack seems like the best decision she had ever taken but as the bus drove off.

She remembered that night like it was yesterday, how he held her and made her face feel so special that night. She smiled at the memory and shook her head gently as if shaking her head could wipe out the memory which still lingered at the side of her head.

"You look so beautiful tonight.” He had said to her that night after their family dinner as she looked at the pitch dark clouds without a single moon and wondered what it could be like if Ian wasn't in her life.

She turned to give him a small smile and kept on looking at the sky again.

Her heart tugged, she knew this was the last time they would probably see each other again, she was going for a training which would equip her with how to rule the Pack, far aw


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