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About me

Hello 👋 I’m a newbie in writing, I always have a thing for writing so I thought about one day that why not start this journey. So I decided to start this is my first novel. So please read, comment and if I make a mistake kindly let me know. All love ❤️ 🫶🏻


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  • 👁 13
  • 7.5

When Robina Adams got back from Moonvale Pack where she went to have her training on having leadership qualities in order to be able to rule the pack as Luna. She met the shock of her life. She found out that everything she had worked and wished for had been taken from her. The man whom she had loved and asked to rule in her stead had taken her position away from her, worse he doesn’t want to hear anything about her pregnancy. He only loved her because of her position as the Alpha's daughter, he had rejected her and had taken her childhood friend, Elsie as his mate. And worst they had a pup together, She had come back to tell Ian of the good news that she had learnt and was ready to rule and to tell him she was pregnant with his child seven months after but how would she, when he had everything all planned out and was having an affair even before she left. She couldn't tell him anymore, he had chosen her best friend over her, taken her position, and forced his way as the Alpha and denied her pregnancy. Angry, rejected and heartbroken, she left Silver Furs Pack and moved elsewhere to give life a fresh start. There she would meet Mikael Rivers’ long lost twin brother of Ian Rivers whom everyone thought was dead and rightful Alpha to Silver Furs Pack. Will she be grateful to the moon goddess for giving her a second chance at love, embrace all and move on or will her taste for revenge become insatiable? Well, find out more in the book !


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