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Two Warriors, Two Battles - A Twist of Fate?

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Second in series. Catch up with Delilah and Knox as they embark on parenthood. Gabriel and Manuel are pack warriors and meet their fated mates Esme and Lola on a night out, yet true to form things don't go quite to plan..... Esme and Lola are both from an unconventional pack that has unusual views on mates and restricts the rights of women. Esme already had to fight to be given permission to go to University, will she be willing to give that all up for her mate? While Lola has some adjusting to a new way of life to get used to..... Can the two warriors battle for their happy ever afters they are so desperately seeking?



Review after half of the novel

I am only at chapter 30 as of right now and while I love the characters from the first book, I don't like the repeating of the information. I get why some may want to add it I'm but for someone who read the first book, it was pretty annoying to have to re-read alot of the things I already knew. There was a couple new pieces of info but most was repeating. Just a thought for the author.

February 12, 2024

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