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Two Lunas and an Alpha

Two Lunas and an Alpha

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After suffering years of abuse Skye finally restarts her life in small town Tennesse. The town is known for its warewolf legends and friendly local wolf pack. She quickly falls in love with an amazing couple who bring out a side of her that she has never seen before, her warewolf side that is. When her ex comes back around to finish her off she finds that he is more connected to this world then she knew and she must use her new found lovers and their friends to defend what is now home to her. If she fails more than her life will be ended.

Chapter 1

She sat motionless in front of the mirror, staring into the large mark he had left on her cheek. Her blue eyes were already swollen with tears and long brown hair was clinging to her tear stained face. Somehow she had managed to get to her room without anyone else seeing it. The makeup she used to cover it had since faded. Her head swimming with the last few hours in her mind. How did it end up like this? How long until he killed her? How long until anyone loved her the way she deserved? Would she escape like she was planning on? Would she be able to trust again? Just then the door flew open and she saw nothing but him coming for her again.

6 months later

Stopping at the rest stop was not what Skye wanted to do but after hours in the car, she needed to stretch her legs. She was still about 30 minutes from her final destination but the adrenaline was already starting to wear off. She parked the car and after checking around for any familiar vehicles she got out and decided to take a look if there was coffee in one of the vending machines to help motivate her for the last leg of the trip. As she was leaving with coffee in hand she saw the blacked-out SUVs parked next to her car and she briefly froze and had to remind herself that this wasn’t a movie and that her ex was not capable of hiring hitmen to get her. She forced herself to walk to her car and got in so quickly that she nearly spilled her coffee on herself. She locked the doors and took some deep breaths, noticing only for a second the smell of strawberries and vanilla before she realized how ridiculous she was being and wondered how it would look to other people. She decided to shake it off and hit the road again. Putting the car into drive and pulling off she didn’t notice the man and woman exiting the SUV and watching her merge onto the interstate again.

The car ride was long but when she finally arrived and drove through the gate outside of the dull one-bedroom apartment that she now called home, relief flooded her entire body. Moving 700 miles away from the only place she knew was the hardest thing she ever did but she needed a life restart in order to put the past behind her and make a better life for herself. After her ex-boyfriend ended up beating her so badly that she ended up in the hospital she knew that she needed to run away and restart somewhere in order to have a chance at life. After spending weeks hiding money and trying to figure out where to go she ended up in West Tennessee in a town called Somerson. As the gate closed behind her car she felt the fear that she had been followed melt away and the hope of her future dared to blossom. She walked inside and went straight to the bedroom and crawled into the bed that awaited her. Thankfully she had found an already furnished apartment because she had nothing to her name except her car and the clothes on her back. She heard the soft howls of wolves as her eyes grew too heavy to stay open and sleep claimed her. That night the scent of strawberries and vanilla invaded every part of her dreams.

Chapter 2

When daylight flooded the room at dawn she woke up and realized she was so tired when she came in that she didn’t notice the window shade had been open. She quickly got up and went to the window. She jumped back when she saw the fuzzy outline of a white wolf laying on the ground right outside the fence and the memory of the howling wolves from last night played in her mind. She knew her apartment building was up against a forest but wildlife was not something she thought she would see much less a wolf. She let out a shriek as a large black wolf emerged from the trees and looked like it was staring straight at her. The white wolf instantly stood up and started to look for danger but relaxed when it made eye contact with the slightly larger black wolf then turned its head and looked at Skye. She instantly closed the blinds and held her breath for several moments. She dared to peek again and the wolves were gone. Shaken but convinced she was still half asleep and dreaming she wandered


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