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Trapped in King Werewolf's Mission

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"I'm feeling hungry, Jessica. Can you satisfy me tonight?" said the man who had changed his form. Jessica's tears were still streaming down her beautiful face. "I don't want to satisfy you. Please let me go, Malvin. Don't do anything to me, or I will kill the fetus inside my stomach?" she threatened later. After discovering the man's proper form, Jessica is forced to end her relationship with Malvin. However, she gets caught up in the wolf king's lousy plan. She becomes pregnant with a werewolf child after their separation. How will their story continue?

Conceiving a Werewolf Child

[I'll see you tonight. We have to talk!]

Jessica sent a message to her boyfriend who had not been seen for a few days at the office. Usually, they would spend a lot of time making out in there until midnight. Jessica was Malvin's assistant, who had been working for a year at the property company.

"Why am I still unable to dial Malvin's number until today? Is that guy deliberately trying to avoid me? It's been almost a week since I've seen his face at the office." Jessica looked very troubled by the situation.

Jessica immediately landed her body on the car. She felt more and more strange about the situation. Almost every full moon night, Malvin was not seen in front of her. That night, she decided to go to Malvin's residence in Manchester. There was a government prohibition against wandering around in the middle of a full moon night. Over the past few years, there have been a number of strange incidents with several motorists killed due to attacks from wild animals of unknown origin.

Jessica's gaze was very troubled when she saw the door to her boyfriend's apartment. "Why does this door look so creepy?" She glanced back in all directions.

As she was about to knock on the apartment door, she heard a wolf howl from inside the residence. When she wanted to listen more closely, instead, she received a tug from an unknown man. The man told her to return immediately for safety. Jessica immediately followed the man's advice. After getting into the car, she called her boyfriend's number again. She felt that something was wrong in the apartment.

"Malvin? Is it really him?" Jessica said after seeing her boyfriend's journey in the underground parking lot.

When she approached the man, she found his true form unacceptable to her common sense. The man turned into a very scary wolf in there. She immediately stepped back to avoid bad events. She couldn't believe that she had been dating a human incarnate.

"No! Am I dreaming?" Jessica pinched her skin to make sure. "I'm not dreaming."

Just as she was about to run away, instead, she heard a woman screaming. She ventured to look at the scene through the small gap under the vehicle. She could clearly see how ferociously Malvin had preyed on the human. Her tears could not hold back after witnessing the terrible incident.

One day later, news of a woman's death in the underground parking lot of an apartment building went viral. Jessica, who was an eyewitness, could only remain silent in her apartment. She was already preparing to resign from her current position. She also immediately cut off communication with Malvin because she didn't want to become a victim of the werewolf's ferocity. After that, he decided to return to her family's hometown in London.

One month later, fear still haunts Jessica's mind. Malvin's true form often entered her dreams every night. She still couldn't forget the incident until she saw the man's face in her family's home. She could not possibly tell her father and sister about the man's identity. She did not want her family's lives to be threatened.

"Why did you come here?" Jessica asked after meeting Malvin in the living room.

"Why did you resign from the company? I can't reach your cell phone number either. What's the matter? Tell me to solve this problem, Jessica," said Malvin, a very charming and handsome man.

Jessica was still hiding her feelings of fear from the man. "Go away! I don't want to see you anymore. Our relationship is over! Please leave this residence."

"Give me a clear reason so that I don't chase after you anymore, Jessica," Malvin said with his gorgeous eyes still looking hopefully at Jessica's face.

"I don't love you! I don't need that job anymore, either. Are these reasons strong enough for you not to keep interfering with my life anymore?" Jessica still cast a sharp gaze at the man.

"Do you already have another man in your heart?" asked Malvin before leaving the residence.

"Yes, I already have a mate. So, could you stop trying to teach me? Many other women will make you happy." Jessica immediately closed the door of her residence firmly.

For weeks, Jessica experienced something very disturbing. In fact, she had no appetite for the food she used to consume every day. She often felt nauseous when eating the food. The morning sickness was even worse.

"Are you okay?" asked Laura when she saw her sister's strange activity.

"I'm fine. I'm sorry I couldn't join you two at the table," Jessica replied as she walked away.

"What happened to your sister, Laura?" asked Nison-Jessica's father.

"I don't know. Could it be that she has developed gastritis?" Laura looked back at her father's face.

"You should take your little sister to the hospital for a checkup. I feel like she's gotten worse after her breakup with Malvin. I feel that the problem between the two of them has really disturbed her mind," said Nisson, who was still worried about his youngest child's health condition.

"Alright, Dad. I'll take her to the hospital later." Laura still needed clarification about everything.

Jessica was already feeling uneasy because her body was reacting like a young pregnant woman. She also hadn't had her period for the past month after thinking carefully. Finally, she decided to take an independent pregnancy test in the morning. Her eyes immediately rounded emphatically after getting the results of the test.

"No way! I can't be pregnant. This can't be happening. The child in my womb can't have a body." Jessica's body was already shaking when she saw the two red lines on the pregnancy test.

Jessica was getting frustrated with her situation. She also tried to abort her pregnancy by taking various medications that were believed to dissolve the process of fetal development in her stomach. However, all the ways she had done without good results. She didn't stop there either.

"I don't want to disappoint my father about my pregnancy. They can't know the bad things I'm facing right now," Jessica said with her eyes fixed on the Gynecological Surgery room.

When she wanted to enter the room, she had a new problem. She accidentally met Malvin in the hallway. The man immediately approached her with a look full of suspicion.

"What are you doing here, Jessica?" Malvin asked seriously.

"You have no right to know every activity I'm currently engaged in." Jessica was still staring at the man's face sarcastically.

Malvin began to glance at the room nearby. "Are you pregnant, Jessica? Whose child is that in your tummy?"

The Marriage Contract

"The child in my womb is not yours, Malvin. Get away from me right now!" snapped Jessica. She didn't want to get tied up with that horrible man again.

"Don't try to lie to me, Jessica! I know what kind of things you've done during your time apart from me!" Malvin immediately pulled Jessica's hand away from the room.

"Malvin! Could you stop it? I'm not going with you. Stop it, or I'll scream for help to everyone here," Jessica threatened later.

Malvin didn't care what his ex-girlfriend said. Jessica's screaming did not get any response from anyone who passed by. Malvin had influenced everyone who was there until they arrived inside the principal residence owned by Jessica's family.

"Malvin?" greeted Laura, who was surprised to see them.

"Is Mr. Nisson inside, Laura? I want to talk to him." Malvin spoke firmly.

"He is, but what is this about?" La


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