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The wolf who hated alphas

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Warning: It contains physical and s*xual abuse and anxiety attacks. Have you ever lived in hell and thought you would never leave it? If you had a new opportunity, would you accept it? This was the life of Sera, someone who lost his speech due to trauma and discovers at WolfPaws school a new life. However, what would be a new life, brings her new traumas and mysteries. The hidden past of her mother, secrets of her lineage and a ridiculous alpha named Karim, who is her enemy and who she should hate but who Sera can’t keep away. Will Sera face her demons? And how does her and Karim’s relationship relate to the mysterious secrets of high school? Find out from the wolf who hated alphas.


There were wolves running against her, just a frightened child before animals three times her size. A red flag of a grey wolf was fixed right in front of him.

"Sera!" - A female voice screamed.

The child felt her body being hugged strongly.

The last show of affection she would feel until now.Brown eyes and a gentle smile were directed at her.

Her mother caressed her face lightly, took a red scarf from her own neck and wrapped it around hers.

"It’s cold, Sera. Wear it whenever you want to feel safe. I’ll be with you right now."

And with one last smile, there was only blood.The girl tried to say something, but there were only tears.

Sera woke up with a scream stuck in her throat. Long ago she didn’t hear her own voice.

She didn’t remember how it sounded anymore. Would it be thin? Melancholy? Dragged in?There were no more memories in her mind. Even in her dreams, she couldn’t hear something that hadn’t existed for 10 years.Her home was not a fairy-tale house, or a house like any young her age. It was just a cabin in the woods, with nothing special.

A perfect place for anyone to find.Sera tied her black hair in a bun, imagining that she would never get used to the silence. It had been two days since she heard any sound.

There were no heavy footsteps or screams. Nor was anything being broken or the sound of your body being pushed against the wall.Even so, she still did not believe her torment was over. As she prepared her lunch, the knife fell.Sera was frightened, for a few seconds her body paralyzed.

The young woman waited for a punishment. But nothing happened. Her body trembled, still waiting for a reaction by her mistake. But again, nothing happened.Sera leaned on the table and sighed in relief.

There was no more danger for her. No more.

She drank her vegetable soup in peace, not knowing what to do now.

Suddenly, something took her attention. Something so common to others, but so precious to her...Rain. A simple rain.

The young woman ran barefoot out of the hut, her scarf got wet, but she didn’t mind.

Sara danced beneath the drops, smiling. It was something I would never be allowed to do, other than just observe from the inside.Now, she felt free. But freedom could also frighten.

Soon, her mind led her to a thought of insecurity, as if she were making some mistake, after all, this was something she could not do before.What would become of her now? Who would be beyond the person who obeyed orders and was used as an object? How could she think she’d be free if her mind wasn’t?Sera began to panic, she got down on her knees and felt her heart race and her breath getting faster and faster.

The air seemed to be lacking and painful memories came to her mind.Fear took hold of her. What she was supposed to do? There was no one there to help her.

Well, it never was, it had always been only Sera as her own support.Finally her scarf falls lightly on his shoulder and the memory of her mother comes to mind. And so Sera calmed down, taking deep breaths, regaining control.Suddenly, he seemed to hear something out of the trees.

Sera looked around and there was nothing. It was just an impression.Maybe being around that place didn’t do her any good. I was having hallucinations and also panicking about something that should have been her salvation.Taking the red cape that was her mother’s, Sera walked through the forest, her only company since she will move there.

However, there was something different this time.A noise was heard again, and this time, Sera was sure it existed.

She hid among the trees and put her mouth in an automatic act.

There were several men and women and young men dressed in grey with the symbol of the grey wolf in their jackets.Sera tried to contain the surprise.

What were these people doing in a place as isolated as that? Were they after her? The last of her clan?Her mind worked quickly, trying to escape in the best way. Should she sneak? Run? Greet? What would they do with someone like her? No voice?In a quick thought, she heard a male voice say,

"Let’s go, we’ll come back tomorrow."

She heard a tall, muscular man say, probably the alpha of the gang.Sera could not recognize, had lost his wolf long ago when they forced her to be removed from her. This made her an ordinary human, far inferior to all wolves.

When the movement of the strangers began, she took the opportunity to run away, not noticing that a thread of her scarf was stuck in a branch of a tree

.She ran like never before, entering the hut, the only place there could be any security, even knowing that any wolf could attack the site with ease.Sera sat on the floor, trembling with fear.

Tears flowed down her face. How long would she be this weak? She hated who made her feel that way.Her hands trembled, she couldn’t do anything.

She couldn’t believe that those who murdered her mother could do the same to her.Her mother’s smile came to her mind and Sera tightened her scarf, gaining some courage.

There should be something there that could help her. For once, she should do something for herself.Running to a room that made her cough and sneeze for a few seconds due to time that was untouched, the young woman searched for files that her mother had left for her. That man never allowed Sera to touch them.

Her brown eyes ran through all the papers until they saw a booklet written: WolfPaws Boarding School, the best for his young werewolf on the rise.

That was the school where her mother had studied. However, Sera was not a wolf like her. Not one that could fight.

However, it was her only chance to change her life. And when a paper with golden letters fell to the ground, Sera knew there was a chance for her.

After so much suffering, there could be hope.

Chapter 2 - Decisions

The golden letters were written in impeccable handwriting:

"Dear Ada, I speak to you of WolfPaws College to ensure the admission of your daughter, Sera Cohen to my institution when she turns 18.

As you have been our outstanding student and contributed too much to our college, Sera will have a safe place at WolfPaws to learn and become a young woman of exceptional talent and training.

Grateful.Director Cordelia Dawood"

Sera reread it several times. She didn’t believe she had a safe place for herself. A smile filled her lips until two questions came to her mind:The first, there was no more sign of her wolf within, and certainly not the little girl Cordelia imagined.

Would the director accept someone on special terms?Sera sat on the cold floor of the hut and thought about what to do. With her hands on her knee, the girl soon realized that there were not many options.Her enemies would soon return and could find her easily. Already, leaving a forest to go t


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