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The wolf king's love

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Emily was abandoned by her family and crossed over to another world. When she opened her eyes, she encountered the legendary wolf's green eyes! This wolf turns into a human during the day and a wolf at night! The wolf's name is Alexander, who was originally the King Caesar. He turned into a wolf due to betrayal by his relatives and now only wants to kill and revenge every day!Unexpectedly, they met! She felt sorry for him! He was moved by her! However, neither of them was willing to express their true feelings to each other. Between humanity and wolf nature, who would ultimately come out on top?

Chapter 1 The first encounter


The sound of wolves howling, mixed with the soft rustling of their paws on the grass, grew closer and closer, causing Emily to frown unconsciously.

Before she could even open her eyes, she felt a cold and bloody aura rushing towards her.

Her instincts kicked in, causing her body to move before her mind could even process the danger.

In an instant, her body was like a taut bow, and she sprang away several meters.


Another wolf howl made Emily's legs feel a little weak, but it also snapped her out of her daze.

She steadied herself and looked in the direction of the sound.

What met her gaze was a pair of deep green eyes that glowed with a menacing light in the darkness.

The green eyes were filled with a fierce, human-like malice, and a cold, emotionless glint.

A wolf with human-like qualities?

Emily narrowed her eyes slightly.

The surrounding area was pitch black, and the cool breeze carried the strong smell of soil and the faint aroma of grass.

She realized that she must be deep in the forest. There wasn't enough time to think about how she ended up here.

Emily glared at the wolf, which was panting heavily and watching her warily.

The wolf, which was as tall as a human and strong, bared its teeth at Emily.

The thick smell of blood filled her nostrils, and she could see that the wolf's mouth was still bleeding.

Emily got into a stance to defend herself. This was the most effective way to deal with wild animals that she had learned from years of living in the forest.

Emily's agile stance seemed childish and ridiculous in the wolf's eyes. A moment of mockery flashed in the deep green eyes.

It's simply ridiculous!

Emily remained calm and stared at the wolf that looked down on her.

Honestly, she wasn't afraid of wolves. In fact, she wasn't afraid of any animals in the jungle.

She had been thinking that it had been a while since she used her animal taming skills. She wasn't sure if it would still work, so she decided to wait for the wolf to make the first move.

There is a word goes,if the enemy doesn't move, I won't move.

Emily and the wolf stared at each other for a long time. The wolf, despite having its front paws in an attacking position, didn't dare to make a move.

Suddenly, there was a rustling sound in a nearby tree. Then, a black shadow shot up into the sky.

Caw, caw!

The thick crow cry sounded like the first shot in this battle between a human and a wolf.


The wolf, taking advantage of the opportunity, charged towards Emily with its already-present stance.

The sound of its paws on the grass grew louder and closer. Its sharp teeth glistened white in the darkness, making it seem terrifying.

The fierce aura rushed towards Emily, and its bloodthirsty eyes stared at her as if she were already dead.

Its sharp teeth were about to bite her neck. Emily tensed her legs and was about to roll away when suddenly, there was a rustling sound behind her.

Emily had no time to use her animal taming skills. She gritted her teeth and endured the sharp pain as her body hit the ground.

She knew that she must have been covered in small bloody holes, and her nerves were in agony.

She struggled to stand up, but before she could fully recover from the pain, the sound of iron hooves on grass reached her ears.

Emily knew that she couldn't afford to lie down. She gathered all her strength and fled into the forest, chanting the mantra that she had tried so hard to forget deep in her heart.

Emily didn't notice the wolf chasing her. Its eyes were filled with contempt, as if looking at an inferior creature.

Although she had done her best, how could two legs ever match four?

Emily felt the sharp teeth bite into her back just as she finished reciting the last line of the mantra.

She closed her eyes and braced herself for the intense pain that was about to follow.

However, to her surprise, the sharp teeth slowly withdrew, and the pain gradually eased.

Emily turned around and saw the wolf's eyes, which were filled with disbelief.

Emily blinked in confusion and saw that the wolf was looking at her with pain in its green eyes.

The wolf shook its head vigorously, trying to clear its mind, but its heavy head gradually lowered, and its four legs began to stumble. Its eyes were fixed on Emily as if it was about to fall.

Emily couldn't believe what she was seeing.

If it were a human, it would be understandable. After all, humans have the intelligence to stop themselves from doing something they know is wrong.

But this was a wolf, a lower animal in the eyes of humans.

Why would it stop itself?

Suddenly, the wolf bit hard into its own front leg, and blood filled the air. The smell of blood was so strong that it overwhelmed the smell of the soil.

Emily couldn't believe her eyes. If it were a human, it would be understandable.

After all, humans have the intelligence to stop themselves from doing something they know is wrong.

But this was a wolf, a lower animal in the eyes of humans. Why would it stop itself?

Emily had been living in isolation in the forest since she was a child.

She had only seen a handful of people, and the only animals that had accompanied her throughout her childhood were those in the forest.

Whether it was a cute and charming small animal or a bloodthirsty and cruel large animal like a tiger or a wolf, they were all her friends in her eyes.

If it weren't for the wolf's initial intention to kill her, she wouldn't have used the animal taming skills that could have killed her.

With a loud thud, the wolf's massive body finally collapsed to the ground. Its massive whining sounded like it was coming from the depths of its soul.

Emily watched the wolf lying on the ground, its huge body trembling. Its formerly bloodthirsty green eyes now looked more like those of a defeated animal, filled with self-loathing. Its eyes slowly closed, as if waiting for Emily to deal with it.

Emily was still in shock from the wolf's self-inflicted injury.

She couldn't help but feel a twinge of sympathy for the wolf. She had never intended to harm it. Its blood had splashed all over her body, and the pain was still spreading throughout her body.

She gritted her teeth and endured the pain as she walked towards the wolf, whose head was drooping.

The wolf was huge, at least five feet tall when it lay down, and its four legs were still twitching despite being injured.

Emily couldn't help but feel a sense of awe as she approached it. Its body was covered in a smooth coat, which was surprising considering that wild animals in the forest usually smell bad and have rough fur.

Emily reached out and touched the wolf's head, feeling the soft fur beneath her palm.

The wolf's fur was so soft that it reminded her of the fur of the spirit ferret she had once raised.

Emily couldn't believe her eyes. She had never expected to see a wolf with such smooth fur, especially considering its massive size.

She had assumed that its fur would be rough and prickly, but instead, it was as soft as silk.

Chapter 2 The Appearance of Eva

Unexpectedly, there was no searing pain. The wolf raised its head with great effort, looking at Emily's astonishment and couldn't conceal its pity. It raised its eyebrows proudly.

It bared its teeth and tried to shake off Emily's hand on its head.

How could it need a woman's pity? If possible, it would rip up her throat in one bite.

Seeing the wolf's awkward expression, Emily couldn't help but laugh. This wolf was far more interesting than any animal she had ever seen. She blurted out, "Why not be my pet?"

She didn't expect the wolf to respond, but the pain in her hand reminded her that this was a very different wolf.

In response, the wolf bit her hard.

"Ow, it hurts, let go," Emily didn't dare pull hard. She carefully reached out with her other hand to pry the wolf's jaws apart.

Emily knew that if the wolf used a little more force, her palm would be pierced. She could feel the


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