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Phoebe travelled to the Firebricks Pack with her cousin Joanna, who is newly mated to the Gamma there. Upon meeting Alpha Hudson, she realized that they are mates. He avoids her but she is defiant to know the reason. He ditches her for a month and never expected that she would be waiting for his return at his pack. When she finally is able to confront him, the secret he holds leaves her flabbergasted. What on earth could be keeping the Alpha from his mate? Will Phoebe be able to handle the secret he unfolds, or will she turn her back on him? Thinking that the mate-bond would be strong enough to fix their issues, Hudson is devastated when it fails. Hence, he didn't give Phoebe a choice because he rejected her. The moon goddess interfered and now he has to chase after her, but she has no memories of him. Has she already moved on? If her memories return, will she be able to forgive him? Is there a happy ending for this fated couple? * "Why are you so upset?" The back and forth pacing halted at the sound of my voice. The anger he was fuming hadn't dissolved yet. -----"You were whoring around with another man!"-------- "Whoring?" I retorted, "Looks who talking?" --------"You have no right to be kissing anyone else." He came around to the other side of the car. "You are my mate, for f*ck's sake!"----------- "You mean the mate that you don't want!" I shouted at him, "All you do is neglect me, and I have needs. If you get to f*ck someone else, then so do I"----------- The growl he emitted echoed across the hills. He lifted the car and slammed it down. I gulped down my fears and observed the raging Alpha....... *© All rights reserved



Review after half of the novel

So far the best novel I have read on this App. I love how Phoebe tried to help Huston and all the work she put into the material bond. I didn’t like at all what he did to her but I am so hoping that they work it out. I love them as a couple. I hope though she doesn’t make it easy on him though after what he did. He needs to work for it. He needs to earn her can’t wait to see what happens next. Definitely a must read

December 2, 2023

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