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Phoebe travelled to the Firebricks Pack with her cousin Joanna, who is newly mated to the Gamma there. Upon meeting Alpha Hudson, she realized that they are mates. He avoids her but she is defiant to know the reason. He ditches her for a month and never expected that she would be waiting for his return at his pack. When she finally is able to confront him, the secret he holds leaves her flabbergasted. What on earth could be keeping the Alpha from his mate? Will Phoebe be able to handle the secret he unfolds, or will she turn her back on him? Thinking that the mate-bond would be strong enough to fix their issues, Hudson is devastated when it fails. Hence, he didn't give Phoebe a choice because he rejected her. The moon goddess interfered and now he has to chase after her, but she has no memories of him. Has she already moved on? If her memories return, will she be able to forgive him? Is there a happy ending for this fated couple? * "Why are you so upset?" The back and forth pacing halted at the sound of my voice. The anger he was fuming hadn't dissolved yet. -----"You were whoring around with another man!"-------- "Whoring?" I retorted, "Looks who talking?" --------"You have no right to be kissing anyone else." He came around to the other side of the car. "You are my mate, for f*ck's sake!"----------- "You mean the mate that you don't want!" I shouted at him, "All you do is neglect me, and I have needs. If you get to f*ck someone else, then so do I"----------- The growl he emitted echoed across the hills. He lifted the car and slammed it down. I gulped down my fears and observed the raging Alpha....... *© All rights reserved


"Dad, I cannot marry that girl!" Hudson retorted, "She will never be my Luna!"

The elder man looked at the son he raised better than that. Hudson dated Jaimilee for years and broke up with her six months ago. His father was disappointed when he heard the news, as he was hoping that Jaimilee would have been his son's chosen mate.

Hudson Carter was twenty-six years old and despite his international travelling, he still has not found his mate. The council is growing weary and a Luna is needed for the pack. He is already the Alpha but mate less.

Hudson, understood where his dad was coming from, but the fact remains that he simply could not agree with the decision to forsake his mate. He felt that timing was everything and believed that eventually she would show up in his life. The council was not being as patient as he was and so the pressure was on his father to convince the current Alpha of what was in the best interest of the pack.

"Son, you should have found your mate at eighteen and the council has been lenient enough to give you eight additional years to find her." He sighed and in five strides went to lay his hand on his son's shoulder. "We have to think of the other possibilities of why she hasn't found you yet, like….."

"Don't say it, Dad" Hudson was having that thought to cross his mind. Thinking that his mate could be dead was out of the question.

His dad made it to the door and placed his hand on the knob to open it. "I'm sorry son, but in six months there will be a meeting concerning this. Your brother has found his mate and they are thinking of replacing you with him if you don't choose your Luna."

Hudson looked at the crushed picture in his hand. The girl was an Alpha's daughter from one of the alliance packs. Her name was Giselle Harris with a cute and petite body. No one would understand his problem and that he couldn't chose a Luna because he wasn't sure that she would want to stay with him after learning his secret.

Even doubts about his own mate clouded his mind. He could have had tons of women, but that was not his nature. His wolf was strong and mighty due to the true alpha blood that flowed in his blood, but this was something that his brother, Charles, did not display.

He was stressed out but could not show his frustrations to those around him. He had been lonely for years and the only reason he stayed with Jaimilee for that long was because having her around kept his secret safe. He made the ultimate decision to free her so that she would not reject her mate when he came along.


My Gamma, Chad, mind-linked me that his mate had arrived with a guest and that he would help them settle in. I knew he would want the time to fool around with her, so I gave him the rest of the day off. I got in my car and went to welcome our guest.

Chad, the lucky b*st*rd! I sent him to the MoonBlood Pack to deliver the updated alliance contact, when he stumbled upon meeting his mate, Joana.

Due to urgent pack affairs, he had to return without her, and in order for her to renounce the previous pack and join mine, the necessary paperwork needed to be filled. He showed me the power of the mate bond by moping around as if he was a man in mourning. I saw him change from a fuckboy, into a whipping fellow almost overnight.

My Beta, Dwayne, on the other hand, continued to be single and to wh*r* around as normal. He never refuses a woman. I cautioned him repeatedly that a lady might use his ease of getting between their legs to draw him into a trap. He dismisses my advice by asserting that he is capable of handling himself.

Tick, tick, tick, tock. Time is passing quickly and I am stressed. When the truth comes out, I consider how disappointed my parents will be.

I am very envious of all the mated wolves, and now I have to meet Chad's mate and celebrate their union.

For years, my wolf, Regis, had been agonizing. Can my mate save us? We are hopeful and wishful, and praying that she might be the moon goddess' answer to our prayers.

'I believe in our mate.' Regis murmurs. 'Don't underestimate the power of the mate bond when we mark her and make her ours.'

"You had better be right, Regis." I was far from enjoying the ride to the pack house.

'We will be happy when she comes.'

"But where the hell is she?" I lost my cool and snapped.

'It's not her fault. Don't be such a gorilla with our mate!' He growls at me.

He is talking as though she's already here. Man, I wish she was. I pulled into my packing space. I ran my hand through my hair, with no care for appearances. It's not my job to impress anyone, so I wasn't going to give my look a second thought.

Family is everything. My dad taught me that. My Beta and Gamma are my best friends. We have had some exciting adventurous times before the duty fell on our shoulders to manage the pack.

Charles was privileged with such freedom. His carefree nature was dangerous at times. He uses the influence of his position to challenge the rules of law and order. Just last year, the council demanded for me to rein him in. Despite the brotherly talks I've been giving him, he doesn't even want to be the Alpha.

'One day at a time, Hudson. That's what we have to do.' My wolf comforts my troubled heart.

My attitude was not the best, and I need to chill. So I sat in the driver's seat, inhaled deeply, then exhaled. I thought about my pack and the love I carried for them. I will do what I have to do until it's time to leave.

The clock was ticking and I knew I might have to give up his Alpha title soon.


I don't know why I decided to follow my cousin, Joana, to the Firebricks Pack. At a party last week as they celebrated their graduation from college, we discovered that the Gamma of this pack was Joana's mate. She asked me to string along and keep her company here while she got used to the new pack members because this would be her new home.

Joana and I were cousins on my mother's side, and we acted more like sisters or best friends. It was sad to have her torn away from me, but what could be done? This was how things worked in the werewolf world. The female was the one expected to join her mate's pack, unless the male preferred to leave his pack for hers. Paperwork had to be done between Alphas and approved before the move could be done.

My cousin and I have great genes. We both have black hair but her eyes are chocolate brown eyes while mine are icy blue which sometimes takes on a deeper shade. We are two hot and curvaceous 5'8 tall women who c


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