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About me

I love putting my imagination on paper. I have many ideas and hope to add uniqueness to the genre of romance fantasy. Many thanks for your support!


  • Author: O'Chantal
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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“Are you going to make this difficult for me?” I had no right to pressure him to accept the rejection when who knows what the hell Curtis was up to. “Are you going to force me to date you?” I felt like ranting. “You have slept with half of the pack and you expect me to believe that you didn’t have some cheap hussy in your life?” My mate frowned, “I slept with a few women. I kept one or two for sexual release but that was all.” He studied my facial expression of disgust. “I have you now so I don’t need them. You will satisfy me in every way and I will do everything to make you happy.” “We are not fairytale characters, and I am not going to be your sex tool.” I wanted my resistance to be adamant. “There’s no happy ending for us.” “I beg to differ. You are drawn to me just as I am to you.” He smirked as he leaned his jaw on his hand that rested upright with its elbow on the table. Perfectly aware that his touch triggers the magnetic suction of the mate bond, hypnotizing me to get lost into his soul. “How many naughty thoughts have you had about me since I picked you up?” I blushed profusely and took another sip of wine. Clearing my throat and faking coughs. I wasn’t going to answer that. - Sianna and Curtis are high school sweethearts. Thinking that their love could conquer all obstacles, they vowed to reject their mates and be together. Sianna met her mate and rejected him. But When Curtis met his mate, he cheated and lied to Sianna instead. Broken-hearted, Sianna found comfort in someone else's arms, her Alpha, and they had a one night stand. Now what happens when the Alpha does not want to let Sianna go? How far will the Alpha go to keep her? Should she forgive and honor her promise to Curtis or take her chances with the possessive Alpha? Will Curtis be able to redeem himself and get his Sianna back?

  • Author: O'Chantal
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 1.8K
  • 7.9

Phoebe travelled to the Firebricks Pack with her cousin Joanna, who is newly mated to the Gamma there. Upon meeting Alpha Hudson, she realized that they are mates. He avoids her but she is defiant to know the reason. He ditches her for a month and never expected that she would be waiting for his return at his pack. When she finally is able to confront him, the secret he holds leaves her flabbergasted. What on earth could be keeping the Alpha from his mate? Will Phoebe be able to handle the secret he unfolds, or will she turn her back on him? Thinking that the mate-bond would be strong enough to fix their issues, Hudson is devastated when it fails. Hence, he didn't give Phoebe a choice because he rejected her. The moon goddess interfered and now he has to chase after her, but she has no memories of him. Has she already moved on? If her memories return, will she be able to forgive him? Is there a happy ending for this fated couple? * "Why are you so upset?" The back and forth pacing halted at the sound of my voice. The anger he was fuming hadn't dissolved yet. -----"You were whoring around with another man!"-------- "Whoring?" I retorted, "Looks who talking?" --------"You have no right to be kissing anyone else." He came around to the other side of the car. "You are my mate, for fuck's sake!"----------- "You mean the mate that you don't want!" I shouted at him, "All you do is neglect me, and I have needs. If you get to fuck someone else, then so do I"----------- The growl he emitted echoed across the hills. He lifted the car and slammed it down. I gulped down my fears and observed the raging Alpha....... *© All rights reserved


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