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The Story Yet Untold

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The book ‘the story yet untold’ gives us the insight of a kingdom in the late 90s in Europe whose successors were killed and taken over by a deranged man who told the subordinates tales as lies put them in bondage for no reason, although they tried to live a better life but was really difficult at the time but there was a young boy whose circumstances surrounding his birth was a surprise to everyone even the king he claims that he is the chosen one and would liberate them all. He looked like the only hope for the kingdom, Can he save them? As the king is killed by His own what is the fate of the kingdom after the demise of the evil king?

Chapter 1

Screams in the background as footsteps draws nearer and nearer towards the chamber

“eínai edó” ‘He is here' A voice yells out as a number of people in the chamber stands up in unison, all putting on black ropes as the whole room was lit up with candles.

“Óloi chairetízoun ton éna páno ap' óla” ‘All hail the one above all' The voice yells once again as the man who owned the footsteps walked in and they hailed him in greek

“Kathiste” ‘Sit' He replied

“Where is he?” He asked

“Here I am” Mayhem says as he walks forward with his rope covering even his head, he brings it down as he goes before him

“Are you ready to take over?” He asked

“Yes” Mayhem replied

“You must learn to be heartless or you will never defeat” He said as he stood up

Few Years Later

Jeff's POV

‘Hold on’ Alex says

‘Not one of those your dreams again’ Alex replied

‘Can you just calm down? And let me finish’. Jeff interrupts

‘Yes! Allow him finish’ Jennie adds as she lets out a smile

‘’You all are just glad you hear this isn’t it? No one actually believes the sh*t he says, everyone just wants to dream don’t they?’’ Alex says as he stands up

‘Tell your beloved to wake up from his slumber and unto reality for none of this is real but an imagination of his own mind.’ Alex says as he walks off

‘Do not listen to him okay? Do not listen to anything he says’ Jennie says as she taps Jeff

‘Is he telling the truth?’ Jeff asks as little tears drop off both his eyes

‘Do you all believe me?’ Jeff asks as he looks at them and runs off in tears, Jennie tries to go after him but was held back

‘Let him go’ Amada says

‘Yeah, let him be’ Jason adds, as Jennie comes back to sit.

Alex POV

Alex drops off his old cleaning equipment at the front door

‘’Are you okay hunny?” Alex’s mom asks Alex as she sees him that he looks not quite alright.

“Alex was in his mid-20s, but still living with his parents, but that didn’t stop him from being the hardworking man that he is, he always made sure he wasn’t a liability to his parents but never wanted to leave his parents because he feared that he won’t be there to save them from any impending danger, but never let out this thoughts to his parents.”

‘I am okay mom’ Alex says with a fake smile

“I know when you are lying to me Alex have you forgotten that I am your mother?” ‘Alex, mom Juliet, says as she comes over to the sitting room where he was, it was a big house, a house that Alex father jack inherited from his own father Alex’s grandfather but turned it into something amazing it looked like a king’s palace you could get lost in it with so many rooms but a couple of old doors that make weird sounds at night that makes Alex question if his grandfather’s ghost lived in the house’

”Why do people tend to lie to themselves? Why do people see the truth right in front of their eyes and yet turn a blind eye to them? Why do people who have both eye still act as though they are blind? Why do they do that mom?” Alex voices out

‘Well people do that to give themselves hope, and something to live for, they do that because it is all they can ever do, they wake up in the morning with pain but those lies give them hope, those false believes give them something to wake up the next day for, for if they stop to hope and dream they stop to Live. Even you Alex too Alex, lie to yourself about something we all do’ Juliet says as she taps Alex

‘No mom, I call black black, and I spell out the truth when need be’ Alex says as he walks off to his room

‘’ALEX! ALEX! ALEX!’’ Juliet yells to no avail

Back At Jeff’s House.

Jeff walks in and sits almost immediately on the cold floor

‘Why are you back so early?’ Zack asked

“Oh my! Jeff, why are you crying?” Zack says surprised as he walks over to Jeff who sat just right there in tears

‘Tell me Jeff? Who beat you up? Tell me who it was and today that person would regret he ever existed’ Jason continues as Jeff raises his head up and cleans a little bit of his tears with his palms

‘They don’t believe me. They feel it’s all in my head, and it’s a dream I didn’t make it up.’ Jeff replies as tears drop from both eyes

‘You don’t have to convince me Jeff I believe you. Come on here’ He says as he takes Jeff to sit. Zack was more like a father to Jeff and he took him in when his grandmother passed away few years ago. Jeff lived with his grandma for not too long as she was really old when Jeff’s parents were killed in a mysterious incident with the king which Jeff knew nothing about as he was so young and Jeff had to move in with her before been taken in by Zack as first a slave but then Zack took him as if he were his son because he had been alone ever since he lost his wife and two sons to the war, they were difficult moments for Jeff to lose loved ones almost the same time but Zack always made sure he didn’t always have to think about it.

‘‘You know when I first saw you, I thought you were special, everything about you was amazing and I wondered why someone like you would be doing on the streets and I had to take you, and I was right for In the cosmic Scale, you are unfathomably more valuable than diamond. I believe you Jeff, and I hope your dreams come true.’’ Zack adds

‘‘Yes they will’’ Jeff says as he stands up with a smile on his face and his hands raised as if he held a sword

‘‘I AM THE CHOOSEN ONE. My grandma always told me that I was a special child, that the day I was born there was a blood moon which meant something special was brought into the earth according to her, I was the only child conceived on that day, no other woman in labor was able to.’’ Jeff adds

‘‘So then why not you wipe off those tears off your cheeks little one, and come have dinner’’ Zack says as they both head for the kitchen

‘‘I cooked your favorite’’ Zack says

‘‘Ouuuuu, Yummy’’ Jeff yells in excitement as they both go to the kitchen

The Next Day.

Fog was still in the skies but it was almost noon, the breeze were cold and the day was set as this was the day when the main market were filled up with crowd as the king had sent in new Goods to the people

Chattering and noise follows and then a sudden calmness within Jeff

‘‘Jeff! Jeff!’’ Jennie shouted

‘‘Yes, I’m so sorry for something caught my attention from afar’’ Jeff replies as he stared at a small gathering not far away from where they stood

Chattering and noises continues

‘‘What happened over there?’’ Jeff asked

‘’It’s ma veronica, she was robbed by bandits’’ Jennie replied

‘‘Oh my! The king is at it yet again’’ Jeff voiced out

‘‘Here we go again’’ Alex says

‘‘You know you do not need to be here, I for one do not need you here’’ Jeff answered coming closer to Alex as if he wanted to head butt Alex

‘’You want to go? Huh? Tough guy?’’ Alex replied as if he were ever ready for this moment

‘’Can you both stop this, this instant?’’ Jennie yells as she stands in-between them

‘’Are you not going to stop them from this child’s play?’’ Jennie asks as she turns to Jason and Amanda

‘’No we are not, I think Jeff needs to be taught a lesson about the things that come out from his mouth’’ Jason says as he stands next to Alex

‘’And you Amanda? Are you not go..’’ Amanda interrupts Jennie

‘’No am so sorry but I’m with my man on this one’’ Amada says as she stands with Jason and Alex

‘’Stay away from this twat before you he gets you both killed’’ Jason says

‘’Who are you calling a twat?’’ Jeff asked as he rushes over to Jason and hits him with a heavy punch on his left eye, and hurled him into the dust with such force that a cloud of dust arose. Jeff continues hitting him as Jason tries to fight back, Alex rushes to pull Jeff off Jason to no avail so does Jennie and Amanda also

‘’Stop! No Alex’’ Jennie yelled. That was the last thing Jeff heard, as he tried to turn back he was hit hard with a rock by Alex, as Alex carries Jason on his shoulders and runs off with Amada.

‘’Stop! Come back here! Helllp! Helpp! Help!’’ She yells as the crowd gather around Jeff’s lifeless body

Chapter 2

‘’Come with me if you wish that he may live‘’ A tiny voice yells out from the crowd, Jennie looks up, it was a young girl who had her face covered and also her whole body, Jennie didn’t know what to do as everyone around was just staring and did nothing so she followed the strange girl. It was already a few minutes and Jennie was weak from carrying Jeff’s lifeless body, he had bleed out on her cloth, as she stopped and lied straight down on the leaves in the woods

‘’We have been going through the woods for over a long period, where are you taking me to?’’ Jennie says in agony and fear

‘’Do you not wish that your friend may live?’’ The strange girl asked her

‘’Yes’’ Jennie replies

“Then, be patient for we are almost there” The strange girl responds

They didn’t walk too long before they got to a house in the woods, a house made of woods, old woods, and covered with leaves with sounds of river flow not too f


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