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The Silent Ruler

The Silent Ruler

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The witches and werewolves have always hated each other. What happens when the witches found a way to finally found a way to destroy the wolf? The strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the pack is the alpha. In defeating the strongest werewolf ever born, what will happen? Trueblood are the most power full beings to exist on the planet, A Trueblood is said to be a blessed child of the moon goddess given 90% more agility than any other wolf, They are only given birth when a prophecy is to be fulfilled and are a kingdom born of one is said to rule the earth over every other kingdom with the Trueblood as the ruler.

Chapter 1

Ty, Ty, Ty a voice was heard after the heavy footsteps of the sprinting 6-year-old, the one silent corridor was filled with giggles from the said boy, oblivious to the shouting thrown his way to younger increased his pace wanting nothing more than to be on his Nona's arms after so many years.

Ty slow down or you will trip and f....., she didn't even get to finish her sentence when a thump and whimpers were heard coming from the end of the corridor, they all rushed there to find the boy sprawled out on the floor clutching on his injured knee which seemed to be badly bruised.

With pouty lips and teary eyes, the boy looked up to catch a glimpse of the hard glare thrown his way by his dearly overprotective mother, a small hand stretched forward to help him stand up and with great difficulty, he stood up, he tried to hide the tears threatening to fall off his lips, knowing he will be reprimanded terribly for his clumsiness and stood slowly with shaky breath he leaned his thin body on the wall.

He was so happy to finally be able to see his Nona that he forgot his surroundings, the two had got to spend time together during his turning four birthday celebrations and had formed an unbreakable bond making his grandma departure a week later than intended promising each other to meet the next holiday but the promises were not upheld because of his father's sudden promotion to a different state and his Nona leg surgery after an accident.

Ty didn't get to go outside for a week when the holidays began because they had promised to meet each other during this time phase and the time he did get to do anything is when his grandma was able to convince him through FaceTime. They got to FaceTime frequently later on but that wasn't enough for the duo when they missed each other terribly, after two years he is finally able to be in the arms of his Nona and hear her stories, he was so excited that he forgot how scary his mom is in matters regarding his safety.

Amanda a forced to be reckoned with in matters surrounding his son's safety, she's said to be like a Raging Bull once his hurt and can go to great lengths to hurt those who hurt him, lucky for them the younger is the most clumsy person in the planet and easily hurts himself every time increasing the woman's stress in how to deal with it.

Taking him in his arms she went to treat his scratch and was glad she did carry a medicine kit for the clumsy younger. ''Ty how many times will I have to tell you to be careful and stop being so clumsy and hurting yourself'' Amanda said, while wiping his knee, Ty sat there quietly trying to find a distraction that would ease out the pain, for the mother and son duo this has been a tradition, where the mother would wipe his bruises and bandage them while scolding the younger on his clumsy behavior and the sun would sit with eyes tightly shut to prevent the tears threatening to fall.

After being bandaged he slowly went to his cousin Lee's side, who offered him a hand and they both slowly left for their Nona the injury long forgotten as they chatted about what to do with their grandma for the week-long stay.

Mr. Michael went behind and sneaked his hand around her frame he hugged her and caressed her tummy while he whispered'' you know he's just a kid no need to stress over a scratch it would heal'' turning herself to face him while he caressed her face and kiss her from time to time ''I know that honey but you know he is...…''

The two boys have finally reached their grandma's door. They are fighting about who gets to open the door first when the door abruptly opened and came out the woman they were longing for, they stopped fighting and straightened their posture running into the already open arm of the older woman, lucky for them the older was sitting down on her wheelchair as both boys jumped into her arms and she was able to catch them.

Sniffing was heard from her left side as Lee the emotional being cried his heart out though he didn't show it, he also really missed his Nona and was finally happy to be held in her arms.

''Eish, what will I do with this kid eh! Lee can you look up the eh ! be a good champ and look at me no need to cry I'm here'' Nona comforted the boy while caressing his back she turned to Ty and asked him to bring water for Lee as he has also started getting hiccups.

Ty run past his parents going to the kitchen with clear irritation showing on his face, he doesn't like sharing anything or anyone but because it's his dear cousin/ best friend/ ride or die his making him an exception plus his crying. He takes the water bottle that his mother just neatly arranged and with haste went towards his Nona's room.

After drinking the water Lee calmed down and got off the older wearing a happy smile after the assurance from his Nona that they are going to have so much fun during their week stay, and if he is a good boy then he will be rewarded with toys, sulking in the Connor Ty watch their interaction with clear envy as the two forgot he was also in their presence.

Amanda walked around the house reminiscing how it was growing up in this same house she went to the living room touching the walls until she felt the harsh prick on her skin caused by a hole in the wall.


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