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The Savior Luna

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The Peony Pack was devastated by a deadly illness, claiming the lives of many wolves. But hope came in the form of the tenth tribe's innovative treatment, separating the wolf and human entities. Unfortunately, this powerful cure fell into the wrong hands, leading to a fierce battle for its control among the tribes. In the ensuing chaos, an entire tribe was destroyed, leaving Helena, the daughter of the fallen Alpha, pregnant and banished from the pack. Now she must fight for survival, returning as the Luna to exact revenge on those responsible for her parents' demise and seize control of the powerful cure. But Helena's journey is far from easy. She must confront not only the evil ones who seek to control the remedy but also the Alpha who once rejected her. Will he accept her and her unborn child? Can she succeed in her mission and secure a future for her pack?



The Peony pack is the most powerful pack to ever exist among all the other wolf packs. It is known for their extremely organized system with hierarchies that uphold the smooth running of the prestigious pack. With twelve tribes guiding the pack, each tribe represents a pillar that supports the affair of the pack with then tenth tribe as the biggest tribe of all.

The tribes have walked hand in hand for years with understanding until the need to take over a certain power arose which led to a big fight between the tribes and also caused the wipe out of the entire tenth tribe.

Just like every other full moon, the eerie feeling clouded everywhere as the wolves were getting ready for the shifting party. For generations, they had been ordered to shift together and enjoy the ambience that the full moon creates for them to draw the energy they can before it rolls over to another day.

The tribes' elders were busy holding their usual meeting in the pyramid room while other wolves were getting ready for another big night. Hums of happiness were heard from all the corners of the pack from the expectant wolves who couldn't wait to display strength and beauty in few hours.

"I think we should induct the wolves that will be of age into the adulthood circle soon, they are now many in number and should not be left hanging" the leader of the tenth tribe proposed and everyone supported his suggestion. "Make every preparations for the induction" Alpha Ricky commanded the first tribe which was in charge of the induction.

"I will make sure to set everything in place, My Alpha" the leader bowed without any further countering.

"The other tribes should get ready to play their parts too. Our pack has always set a good example over the centuries, we can't afford to lose our faces" grunted the Alpha and they all agreed to his words.

The meeting was wrapped up on a good note and the elders dispersed to get ready for the great night but little did they know that the night would never come. One of the wolves that was sent to bring in food from the warehouse ran to inform them that a strange entity had invaded the pack and bitten one of them.

"What do you mean by a strange entity? What are you talking about? Explain yourself this instant!" the elder of the fifth tribe countered with a scrunched nose but before the wolf could reply him, the said bitten wolf showed up with huge vein marks all over his body.

Piercing screams filled the pack as everyone ran for their lives. The wolf had bitten the other wolves who tried to help him and before anyone could blink, the pack was filled with strange poppy vein sickness which drained the wolves of their powers and took over.

"Can someone explain what is going on?" questioned the Alpha as he staggered back.

The situation at hand was terrifying and ominous, no one understood what the strange and frightening situation happening was not to talk of proffering solutions to it.

The elders gasped in shock as one of the wolves tried shifting for strength. With a loud and long grunt, his claws popped out and the visible vein began to stretch further. His furs were sprouting out at a very fast rate, his bones were cracking loudly with his eyes bulging than usual. He finally shifted and was torn into pieces before he could do anything after letting out a powerful but painful howl.

"What is this disturbing situation?" the elder of the fifth tribe blurt out as the blood splashed on everyone around the lifeless wolf.

"We are doomed!" exclaimed the leader of the tenth tribe as everyone gasped in horror.


The thick rain enveloped all the surface of the wind screen so much that the driver was hardly seeing what was in front of him, the wipers were sweeping the waters pouring endless as if their lives depended on it as the car moved through the dark street.

"When did you say we will get there?" a thick voice asked from the car and the silence that was existing in the car shattered to shards. The driver replied "The navigation app showed that we will be there in the next five minutes" with immediate effect and he grunted.

He was getting impatient.

The driver was sticking his eyes widely on the road while holding unto the driving wheel as if it was the key of his life, he wanted to get to his destination safe and sound amidst the pouring rain.

Alfred growled "You should just relax, you are always too anxious and worked up. You don't have anything to be scared of, it's not like this is your first time here so breathe in and out" and Darco rolled his eyes and fired


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