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The Savior Luna
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The Peony Pack was devastated by a deadly illness, claiming the lives of many wolves. But hope came in the form of the tenth tribe's innovative treatment, separating the wolf and human entities. Unfortunately, this powerful cure fell into the wrong hands, leading to a fierce battle for its control among the tribes. In the ensuing chaos, an entire tribe was destroyed, leaving Helena, the daughter of the fallen Alpha, pregnant and banished from the pack. Now she must fight for survival, returning as the Luna to exact revenge on those responsible for her parents' demise and seize control of the powerful cure. But Helena's journey is far from easy. She must confront not only the evil ones who seek to control the remedy but also the Alpha who once rejected her. Will he accept her and her unborn child? Can she succeed in her mission and secure a future for her pack?

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Tom Holland, the CEO of Shellhouse Mall is nothing but a boring boss at work but has a secret no one knows of. His secretary, Amber Leo, is a fun-loving lady who also works as a stripper in the club during her free time. She got into trouble with him at work and signed a contract of being his slave when she was on the verge of losing her job but Amber didn’t know what she signed up for was bigger than what she expected. She got pulled into different dramas that even threatened her life while working as his slave. What happens when Tom begins to fall in love with her? Will Tom let her off the hook even after signing the contract with him? What exactly is the secret Tom is hiding?


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