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The Rogue Alpha’s Claim

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He is a demon! He is ruthless! He is bloodthirsty! He sold his heart to the devil! These were the words you would hear when you asked who the rogue alpha was. Kane Miller was the formidable rogue alpha who had built his empire on the blood of his enemies. His pack was made of only the strongest of warriors, as he believed the weak shouldn’t survive, and all he aimed to do was conquer and destroy. He wasn’t a small name in the human world either, as he was one of the feared mafia that deals in the sales and distribution of ammunition. He had gotten a contract to raid one of the packs, killing and burning everything to the ground until he heard the cries of his mate. Kane was distraught to learn of his mate and couldn’t come to terms with it, so he decided that sending her out of the country was the best decision. Seven years have passed, and Ariel was set to return to the place she had known as home, but that was only the beginning of her problem. She has lived all her life believing she was a human, but hell seemed to let loose when she found out the truth and that everything she had known about herself was a lie. Ariel’s return is marked by lies and untold pain that threaten to tear them apart. How much can she endure for love, or will she be able to love her father’s killer?

Chapter 1

“Alpha. The shipments have arrived, and we need your signature.” Mason, the beta of the rogue pack, said to his Alpha.

The man in question looked up from his desk and eyed his Beta, his jaw set in a frown. He is what every young lady would consider hot, with an aura like that of a god and a well-chiseled face that has been sculpted by the moon goddess herself.

“Alright. Give me a minute, and I will be there.” He replied, returning to his work. “Meanwhile, another request just came in from the Blood Moon Alpha, and he is requesting our services.”

Mason sighed aloud before proceeding to dump himself on the chair in front of Kane. “What does he want this time?”

Kane paused his writing and turned to look at his friend and the man he considered his brother. “He needs our help in taking over a pack, and he is offering to pay a lot.”

“Isn’t that against the law?” Mason queried, “I don’t get werewolves; why would you want to destroy another pack and claim it? Why isn’t the Alpha King saying anything about it?” His forehead furrowed into a frown as the very thought of it gave him a nasty headache.

“Why is it surprising to you? This isn’t our first rodeo, and they do it all the time. I don’t even care again; they can f*ck themselves up if they like. I am taking the job. The money is too good to pass.” Kane stated, leaving no room for argument, and Mason shrugged.

“Alright. When should we start preparing?”

A little smile formed on Kane’s lips, and he looked up at him. “Soon.”


The rogue park, as their pack was fondly called, is just as the name implies. They have been the outcasts of their packs, left to suffer a terrible end in the woods, but fate has managed to bring them together.

Of them all, Kane was the largest, standing at 6’3 ft., and his wolf was the largest among them all and feral, so he naturally became the Alpha.

To humans, they were known as rogue mafias, one of the deadliest underground movements in the United States, and they specialized in the sale of weapons and arms.

However, what had brought them to the limelight and made them rich and popular was assassination. They had trained soldiers and specialized in terminating people if you have the money, and you wouldn’t imagine how many people sort for their expertise every day.

And one was the Bloodmoon Pack.

Bloodmoon Park was a fierce pack in the United States, and they were easily the third strongest in the states. They grew their own resources and had their own services that they rendered to humans.

But they had a rival.

The Moonlight Pack shared a boundary with them, and they had been longtime enemies. It was so bad that if anyone entered the opposing pack, he or she was killed right away.

Their rivalry has been long, and everyone was aware of it, but this was the first time they needed the service of the rogue pack.

Now they could always take the moonlight pack, but the alpha didn’t deem them worthy to get his hands soiled, hence the reason he hired the rogue pack.

“Have the weapons been tested?” Kane barked at his third-in-command, Toby. Toby was in charge of war and coordinating attacks.

“Yes Alpha. The guns have been tested, and they work fine, but we are yet to try out the bombs.”

Kane shook his head, looking around the armory. He had managed to turn a deserted forest into a storehouse for the latest weapons, and he was proud of himself.

There was a hint of a smile on his lips as he thought of the money that would be entering his account in a few days. “Gather the men; we attack in two days.”

“Yes Alpha.”


“Daddy, I want to go with you.” Ariel whined, clutching her father’s pants tightly. He was supposed to be in a meeting with the elders in the pack, but he was being held by his 15-year-old daughter—a spoilt daddy’s girl.

“Baby, you know you can’t follow me there. We will be discussing adult things, and you will get bored.” Her dad tried to explain, but she wouldn’t hear the end of it.

She shook her head, her luscious brown curls bouncing around her as she did. “I want to go with you.” Ariel whined, clutching her father’s pants with a grip that surprised even the alpha.

The alpha looked at his wife with a plea, a sigh releasing from him as he signaled her to help him, and the Luna chuckled as she moved towards them, gently removing Ariel ’s hand.

"Ari, your dad needs to go now. I promise you, when he gets back, you can have him to yourself.” The Luna tried to reason with her child, but she didn’t want to hear anything about it. She just wanted to be with her father. And it was their fault, as they had spoiled her as an only child.

The Luna was able to calm her daughter down after bribing her with her favorite ice cream, and Ariel was sitting on the sofa, eating her ice cream with a wide smile on her lips.

The Luna sat down beside her daughter, watching her with a smile on her lips, and she reached to clean the dollop of cream that was tickling down her lips when they began to hear footsteps.

The footsteps were loud and urgent, and they were nearing them. The person behind the footsteps arrived and stood in front of the Luna, her body hunched forward as she tried to catch her breath. However, she knew how urgent the message she was to pass was.

“They are here!”

That was the only thing the Luna needed to hear before she grabbed hold of the startled Ariel, who was about to burst into tears because her ice cream had fallen to the ground.

Then there was silence, so deadly that it sent a chill down the spines of everyone present. And then…


The explosion rocked the foundation of the house, shattering the glasses and items in the house and throwing everyone with its impact. The Luna was quick, and she threw herself on the floor, shielding her daughter from the impact.

Stones and debris flew, raining on them, and soon dust particles were flying everywhere.

“Luna.” She heard one of the pack members scream. "Luna, where are you?” Her voice got weaker by the second.

The Luna coughed, trying to clear up the dust that had gathered in her chest. She rose up and checked on her daughter, relief written all over her face as she noticed she was fine.

“I am here, Brie. I am here.” Brie managed to crawl to meet Luna, tears brimming from her eyes. “What is happening?”

“We are under attack, and I don’t know where.” Brie was screeching, the panic evident in her voice. But the Luna stopped listening to the word attack. Her motherly instinct kicked in, and she was sending a message to everyone through the link.

“Be calm, everyone; everything is under control.” Her words were like soothing balm, laced with a bit of power, and the people began to visibly relax. “If you have not been trained to fight, make your way to the underground bunker. The children should go in first, and...”

She hadn’t finished talking when another explosion rocked the foundation of the house, and she was thrown off balance. She grimaced as she fell to the floor, hitting her head on the glass table, and it pierced through her flesh.

“Mom!” Ariel cried out as she saw her mom thrown like a rag doll. The same would have been her fate if not for Brie, who had carried her.

“Go! Run to the bunker!” The Luna screamed, afraid for her child.

“Mom!” Ariel screamed, struggling to come down to get to her mother, but Brie was already dragging her away even as her shrieks continued to pierce the whole room.


Kane and his men were high on adrenaline as they ran through the rubble that was once the moonlight pack. The attack had been meticulously planned to fall on a day that they least expected, and they had carefully planned bombs at strategic places that would go off within a 5-minute interval.

Some of the bombs have been laced with a concentrated amount of wolfsbane to weaken their wolves even before they realize it.

The rogue pack didn’t get their title for nothing.

Once the explosion had gone off, they had scattered and spread out, walking through the rubble and killing anyone on site, both alive and dead.

One can never be too careful.

The bullet had been made with a wolf's bane to make sure no one survived the shot. Kane has earned his reputation for being thorough, and he was determined to keep to the end of the bargain.

His men were rounding up the loot and accounting for the massacre when Kane began to head to what used to be the Alpha’s house.

He stepped on the falling stones while trying to avoid the bodies that were on the floor. He grimaced at the sight in front of him, but he continued pressing onward.

His body tingled as something pricked in him, and he found himself moving towards a wall. Kane stood in front of the wall; it didn’t seem suspicious, yet his mind was telling him something else.

Frustrated, he punched the wall, and the ground underneath him rumbled, and he began to descend downward.

He dipped his hands in his pocket, feeling for the cold metal, and as soon as the elevator stopped, he fired, hitting the target straight in the head.

His ears rang as he heard screams, but they were soon silenced by three shots. “I need backup at the alpha’s house now!” He yelled to his packmates, and there was a chorus of yes, sir, before the connection went off.

Kane walked towards the screams, his guns poised in two hands and ready to attack. But he wasn’t ready for what was to come.

Because he locked eyes with a pair of electric blue ones, and all hell seemed to let loose.

Chapter 2

“Mate.” Max, his wolf, hollered loudly. Kane was still in a state of confusion as he locked eyes with the blue ones that supposedly were his mates, and he was lost for words.

A young girl had brown curls for hair; she was fair but had become pale, and she was looking at him. She was barely holding up as she inhaled the gas that had weakened her wolf, but her gaze dropped to the woman who had been with her, and she began to sob.

Her cries were guttural and sad, and they triggered something in him—something he never thought he had. Sympathy.

Kane quickly tucked the guns away, and he came closer to her, taking slow, careful steps so as not to startle her. But Ariel curled into herself, wailing aloud, even as she felt the cord that linked her to her family, to her pack getting broken.

Ariel’s pupils widened in fear, and she whimpered, trying but failing to scamper away from this man. She was bound by her mother’s words, so she couldn’t leave the bunker.



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