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The Rejected Luna's Second Chance Mate

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Is there anything you can do about it if your fated mate happens to be the son of the people who you believe killed your parents? "I, Hades Alexios, the future Alpha of Silver Bow Pack, rejected you, Gloria Alvander as my mate," he stated while looking at me. I didn't flinch and accept the rejection without hesitation, "Then thanks for your rejection, I, Gloria Lavender, the daughter of Shadow Mystic Pack's Alpha King, accepted your rejection" Gloria was adopted by the Alpha and Luna of the Silver Bow Pack when she was young. And was trained to be a female soldier loyal to the Pack. Although she was regarded as a Beta, she had more power and speed than an Alpha.The future Alpha of the Silver Bow Pack, Hades Alexios, a possessive and badman, turned out to be Gloria's mate when she was going to be 18. However, Gloria was rejected by Hades because he prefer a noble mate, not just an adopted girl who was rumored to be someone else's b*st*rd. As soon as he found out that she was the daughter of the once powerful Pack, he regretted it. He knelt down to apologize and beg her to come back, but Gloria had already met her second chance mate, Apollo Harris. The Alpha of Crystal Blood Pack, the man who had loved at first sight with Gloria in their childhood.


Gloria’s POV

"Tie her to the tree," Alas was the one who always put me in the most challenging situations.?

A guard placed my body against the tree, and I took a deep breath to calm myself down after seeing Alas hand a knife to a she-wolf.

I kept my balance and flashed her a death gaze. When the she-wolf pointed the knife at my head, she trembled and suddenly threw it, but I quickly shifted my head away from the tree, and she didn't even strike me.

Alas smacked hard on her cheek, and I didn't expect him would treat an innocent she-wolf like this.

"Now your turn, Gloria!"

I catch the knife that Alas threw at me without reacting, and now the woman is the one who's standing and resting her body against a tree with tears constantly streaming down her face.

Despite her best efforts, she was unable to evade the blow. She had blood pouring from her ear, but she was unharmed anywhere else, and I had struck the tree with my slingshot.

It's hard to think I'm already doing some training this risky.

Even though I'll turn 18 tomorrow, no one knows I'm Gloria Lavender, but they will, a 17-year-old who can kill the Alpha and Luna of this Pack. They trained me as a Beta since they regarded me as being on par with them in terms of strength. However, I am not.


After the training, I returned to the foyer with a sneer on my face. As I came downstairs, I seemed to hear a groan. Following up was the only thing I did, then I was shocked by the scene.?

That's Hugo's heir, Hades, who will become the Alpha sooner rather than later. He's a spoiled brat who's beaten up several girls and acts like they're all his. He sped things up too much. Turning my back on them as I drew a deep breath, he moved his focus to me.

"Is there anything I can get you, Gloria?" He inquired, and I can hear a girl muttering and the sound of a wall being hit. By the time I swiveled around, she was already wrapped up in the blanket, and she was making her way out the door, her brow furrowed.

"Does Hades have anything can provide me with?" I scoffed.

He chuckled as he stood up, put his trousers up, and came closer to me with his brows up as I retain my death gaze.?

"What do you know about this person? In the future, I'll be Alpha. You'll get the hang of what I'm going to say soon enough. I'll tell you what to do—and you'll do it."

"The question is, what made you think that sh*t would happen?" The fact that a girl like me interfered and caused him to look down and tighten his jaw made him fist his hand, as I could tell.

"It's bound to happen because of my pure blood. You're just adopted, you scumbag." He spoke a degrading expletive.

When I looked at him, he was giving me a strange look because of the way I was acting, and I started laughing out loud at him. As I got closer and closer to him, I noticed a shift in the color of my moon. He seemed anxious to me. When I got my face near his ear, he didn't move or flinch.

"Oh, Hades, I've had enough of your crap. I believe your desire for Hugo's demise is becoming unhealthy." We both looked at each other, and his eyes widened. I smiled and walked away, saying nothing more. I don't mind if he cursed out of frustration. He punched the wall, and I saw it.

I went down the flight of stairs. I exhaled deeply. I'd been drawn in by a picture of them as a family on the wall. Because they are on my list as the person who killed my parents, the suspects' boldness in showing their happiness is astounding. I was able to hold back the tears.?

But as I heard the voice of heels approaching, I instantly froze. Luna has a new name: Jolie.

"Gloria, I knew you'd figure it out. You're still too young to be worried about your place in the world due to our clan. Even though it may sound harsh, I am proud of you, even if you are only 17 years old."

"Well, Jolie, you don't have to remind me of that; I already knew. I'm not worried about the family portrait; after all, what can it accomplish if it's a shambles? I didn't mean to offend you, but I did provide you some context to help you understand." As I cut her off, I wanted her to understand that I didn't own a single thing she held.

"By the way, I want you to know how to manage our newest prisoner, who goes by the name of Amanda, from what she tells us. I know, right. That's why you need to get her, okay? She said she crossed the pack because she knew you. Just keep in mind that you and Hades will both be celebrating the birthday tomorrow." I nodded my head in agreement as she departed with a huge grin on her face.

I take a peek at my cleavage. I got up and started walking toward the woman I'd heard about named Amanda.?

Bryan, the gamma, strolled alongside me, but I didn't mind. A place is being occupied by them every time we walk by. It's fine with me. They are wrong about how dangerous I am. Because we've already entered the prisoner's lair, Amanda is the only one there.

"Bryan, could you please let me alone? I'm ready for this—"

However, when I gave him that look that made him comprehend what I was trying to say right away, he sighed deeply and left me inside with the she-wolf alone.

I walked into the room and shut it behind me. She blew a cloud of smoke when I take a gander at her. Her hand gripped the cigarette tightened, and I was about to yank it out of her hands.

"What made you think I knew you—"

"Because I know that you're not Alvander; you're Lavender! But how dare you use Gloria Alvander's name to pretend no you are! Huh?"?

She cut me off; I worried about my life because of her words. I was taken aback by her ferocious expression, which made her look ready to pounce.

"Do you have a plan to ruin me?" I asked her a serious inquiry, but she responded with a loud chuckle.

"Nothing, but I'd like to make sure they know about you. In fact, you are the daughter of the Lavender family, the leader of the powerful wolves. This is something I'd like to bring up to them because your suspicions about their motives have tarnished their upbringing —" I knocked her down with electricity, and the she-wolf cried out in pain before she finish what she was going to say.


Gloria’s POV

Everyone in the foyer is preparing for the upcoming birthday party, but I keep going around and cannot get over it; I don't know why can't I calm myself down. The words of the she-wolf almost drove me crazy, why did she know my real name?

On this day, my 18th birthday, I'll be able to meet my mate. Then, with a long exhalation, I saw myself in the bathroom mirror. As far as I can tell, I am 5'9. Looking in the mirror, I couldn't bring myself to grin. What am I expected to do here for years doing nothing but pretending to aid them when I'm supposed to be looking for evidence?

"Hi Gloria, I am Rhia. How are you?" After thinking about her for so long, my wolf finally pondered inside of me. I let out a groan and shoved her out of my mind. On this particular day, I intend to meet a slew of Alphas and betas from various packs, so I'll be busy. I'll always be able to see them. But only now.

As I stepped forward, I had no idea Hades would bump into me. H


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