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THE REJECTED LUNA - His Third Chance Mate

THE REJECTED LUNA - His Third Chance Mate

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Celine, an orphan, is a werewolf on the run from her past, including the father of her secret triplets, Arnold Chase, who rejected her as a mate. When her children are kidnapped, she is forced to return to the only person who can help her, Arnold. As they work together to find the kidnappers, their intense connection from their past is reignited, but they must keep their true feelings for each other a secret as Arnold now has an arranged mate. Their mission is complicated by the appearance of a third player in the love triangle, a mysterious and charismatic werewolf who claims to have information about the kidnapper and turns out to be Celine's second chance mate. And a fourth player, Arnold's arranged mate, who tries every means to stop Celine from getting back to Arnold, even if it meant killing her (Celine) along with her triplets. The two mates must come to terms with their past mistakes and protect their triplets. Will they be able to overcome their differences and reclaim their status as mates, or will Celine choose her second chance mate? Or both?

Chapter 1 - The Meeting


'Was he really making passes at me...?' She paused to ask as she took another glance at the worshipful being . Dotting gorgeously with a perfectly sculpted face, and a frame so flawless.

No, he can’t be, she tried waving the thought but, he’s been there for God knows how long. Subconsciously, she dusted imaginary dirt off her body but it made no difference . 'No.. he definitely wasn’t making passes at me'.

Celine stood from her seat and walked over to the bartender, Joshua, she calls him Josh though. Both are quite close since the former often visits the club, especially at weekends. It was a Saturday evening, and as usual, she came to the club to have fun.

Even for the fact that she is a woman, she takes interest in watching strippers dance on stage and watching men caress them. She even never feels uncomfortable watching couples make out at almost every corner of the club.

"Josh," She called as soon as she got to him. "Gimme the usual" She added immediately after which Joshua smiled at her. He knew Celine and Tequila are two inseparable twins. She has grown so addicted to it that she never asks for any other beer other than it.

Joshua turned his back at her and turned back a few seconds later, with a bottle of tequila and a glass cup which he placed before her immediately. "Here," he said. "You look quite disturbed" He asked. The duo have gotten intimate to the extent that the bartender can identify when she's disturbed, happy or almost any mood she might be in.

"It's nothing, really. Just some dude staring at me back there. Got uncomfortable with it and I had to come here. It was like he was asking me out with his eyes, he was making passes at me, tsk" Celine scoffed while Joshua only chuckled.

"Huh? What's funny?" She asked him.

"Yunno, sometimes I wonder why you always come here. No, that's not it, I know you come here to watch strippers and some random folks make out but I'm still really amazed about it, I mean, who the fvck derives joy in that? Especially a girl?"

"A woman," Celine corrected immediately.

"Whatever, the fact still remains that you're really a weird being" Josh giggled.

"I guess it was a bad idea coming here after all" Celine rolled her eyes, she was already on the second cup of tequila. She grabbed the bottle and took along the cup, walking away from the bartender as she occasionally sips from it before she got to her seat, where she sat earlier.

She gazed up and found the weird guy still looking at her, staring actually, he was staring as if he was trying to bore holes into her body. Celine was getting frustrated already. She fumed slowly with anger and she gulped the remaining tequila in the cup at a go


'If he admires me then he should just get the fvck here and tell me his heart, gosh! How I hate weirdos'

Logan watched as Celine sipped from her tequila. He has been staring for so long that he can't remember. He would admit, he got attracted to this beauty on first encounter. Maybe this is what they call 'love at first sight', tsk. He had a bottle of vodka before him out of which he gulped heavily occasionally.

He had been here for close to an hour, and since thirty minutes ago which Celine had arrived, he had found it hard to look away from her face. He couldn't understand why he's being like this, he's an alpha, a born alpha at that, in addition, he's never gotten attracted to any lady in his entire existence. Finding himself gazing at this girl in front of him is what is still baffling him.

He took a large gulp from the bottle once again and sighed out, heavily. He ran his eyes through the large crowd in the club and he shook his head, seeing couples make out shamelessly, it's surprising how he doesn't get turned on with stuffs like this.

All his life, he had always been an alpha leader, he started leading and controlling his pack at the very age of sixteen, after which he had lost his father, the former Alpha leader of the pack, Moon Stone Pack.

Apart from his life as an alpha leader, he's a successful Billionaire in NY city. Just as he took over the mantle of the alpha leader from his father, Farrell, he also took over his companies in NY city and abroad.

He sighed for the umpteenth time as he gulped heavily, again, the vodka running through his throat, burning through it...Ahh,,,the feeling he enjoys from drinking this particular alcoholic drink. He was cut off from his thoughts when he saw that Celine had fallen asleep on her chair.

He was shocked when he saw three bottles of tequila on her table. 'Wasn't she drinking just one?' He wondered. She must have ordered for two more while he was lost in his thoughts. He stood up, ready to leave the club, he has had enough vodka and he's not planning to get drunk.

Somehow, he felt himself moving towards her, Celine, he just couldn't leave her there. He doesn't know why he's doing this but he found himself doing it anyway. He walked over to her chair and heaped her in his arms, carrying her in a bridal style. Joshua who saw this was about to approach him and confront him about why he's carrying a girl out of the club when they didn't come together, not just any girl but Celine, one who only comes to the club to have fun and watch the strippers dance on the stage.

Before he could leave the counter, two customers walked over to him and placed their orders. Unfortunately, his colleague, Jeffrey, was not on duty so he was the only bartender available right now. He obviously wouldn't want to leave the customers as that might warrant a sack letter from his boss.

Before he finished attending to the two customers, Logan had walked out with Celine and he could only let out a sigh as another customer approached him.

Logan got outside the club and the two hefty security guards who stood by the entrance immediately blocked him. He let out a frustrating sigh as he stared from one to the other.

"Why are you with her, you both didn't come here together" One of them asked. "Well, I was here first and we came here on a date, unfortunately, we couldn't come together due to the nature of our jobs" Logan answered perfectly, no one would detect he was lying right now. "She's breathing, she's only asleep" The second security said as he checked Celine.

"Oh well then, you can go, sorry for the inconveniences" The security man who spoke first apologized. "It's okay," Logan simply replied and walked away to where his car was parked. He pressed a button on the remote which he removed from his pocket and the doors unlocked. He opened the back door and gently placed Celine on the seat, in a lying position. He closed the door and opened the driver's door. He slipped into the car and seconds later, the car was revved to life as it moved out of the club.

Chapter 2 - The Interview

Celine shifted back on the bed as Logan approached her. The latter only chuckled at her behavior as he tucked his two hands into his pants' pocket. He paused for a while before speaking.

"I mean no harm and I did nothing to you. I just couldn't leave you back there at the club as you might get harassed by some random dudes'' He said calmly.

Logan himself couldn't believe what he did. Bringing a woman home and even making her sleep on his own bed all in the name of protecting her from harassment? He grimaced inwardly and cursed himself mentally.

Celine chuckled nervously before uttering a ' thank you' as she looked everywhere but Logan's eyes. She doesn't know why she was suddenly nervous but had to cover up immediately with a smile.

Ever since she had been visiting the club, she has never gotten drunk to the extent of getting wasted, she couldn't e r. understand how it happened. Was it because of this


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