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The Outcast Alpha

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Russell is an eighteen-year-old lad, who recently discovered his abilities as a werewolf, joined the pack, and found out why he was abandoned as a child. After suffering at the hands of humans and trying every single day to hide his powers. He's also a playboy, who loves to have s*x and doesn't like commitment. Until one day, he came across his mate and rejected her.Mia is almost an eighteen-year-old girl, a beautiful lady who comes from a wealthy family and suffers from terrors, nightmares, horrors, and powers she had no clue about. Until she discovered, she was a witch, fated with two mates, who she didn't know was the right one for her and later on, she came across Russell as her mate and thought he was the right one. Unfortunately, Russell rejected her. Devastated and angry, she came across the other one and what happened when she came across her destiny and doom. Will she choose the right one and find peace and love? Or will she choose the wrong one and get killed with her neck hanging on a rope.Please, don't forget to leave a like and a comment, it will be my motivation in continuing this story. I will sincerely appreciate it if you do that.If you are not up to eighteen years old, please don't read this book.This book is filled with S*x scenes, horrors, terrors, betrayal, and other mature scenes and it's scary too.

Chapter 1

Mia continued sobbing in his shoulders, holding him so tight. Then, she pulled away from him and cleaned her face with both of her hands.

"I'm surprised you recognise me, in this state.'' He said sadly.

"I have never forgotten you and you've always been in my heart Alex,' she said as she cleared her throat and wiped her face properly with her hands.

"And, you've always been in my heart too,' she said, staring at him and then, she smiled. They both stared at each other. None of them knew what they wanted to say and even if they knew, neither of them inferred how to start the conversation and it began getting awkward.

"How did you get here, oh, I'm sorry and I'm not supposed to ask that...' Mia said and looked around the whole place. It was getting more and more creepy by the minute and it terrified Mia.

"How do I get out of here,' she asked, all of a sudden. She decided to ask Alex since he was important to her and she was the same to him as well. So, she might as well ask him and besides, he will know the way out of this place and he can help her to get her out of here.

"You can't get out of here,' Alex answered, immediately.

"Why? She asked. What did he mean by that? How can she not get out of here? If she can come here, without knowing or having a clue why she got here, there must surely be a way to leave here as well.

"Are you scared of this place,' he asked.

What kind of a question was that? "Why won't I be scared of this place? I've never been here before and this place is like a blood bath and corpses all over the place,' she said with anger. Hot tears ran down her face. With dread flowing down her spine, she started shaking and looking around the place scared her so much. " I want to go home, please let me go home. I don't want to hear about your stories anymore. I just want to go home and please help me. I just want to go home. I just want to go home.' She said, repeatedly as she once more, burst into tears.

"Do your parents still know who you are and how you can explain to them about what you are?'' Alex tried to convince her.

'I don't care if I hide what I am to them,' she raised her head and began laughing with tears still on her face. "What am I saying, do I even know who I am. If I knew who I am, at least that would have been better for me. I don't care anymore, Alex. I just want to go home. That's where I belong?' She said in a sad tone.

"That's not where you belong, Mia. You belong...'

"Here,' she finished the statement, as she shouted on top of her voice. "I don't belong here, Alex. I want to leave this place and go home?' Mia got confused. All she wanted was to leave this horrible place and go home, not to sit here filled with pieces of corpses scattered all over the place, maggots and flies all over the place and blood was throughout the whole place.

"You are the only one that knows the way.'' The first, that Mia started telling his story.

"How?' She asked hopefully.

"I can't answer that, you are the only one that knows the way. You are a witch, you should be able to find your way home?' He said and nodded his head, as he looked away.

"You will understand, soon enough. The reason we are telling you our stories is that you are the only one that can help us out of here. You are the only one that can fight for us and release our spirits, then, we can leave here and rest in peace. We might look like monsters to you, however, that's not our fault and we don't like the way we are here either.' He emphasized his words and left in anger and only the heavens knew where he was going.

"He's right. When you get out of here, bring peace and stop plenty of people from getting killed by this witch. Then, we will be set free,' he got up and the others did the same as well.

"What are you guys talking about? How am I a witch and who is this witch, that is killing people. Tell me, Alex. I want to understand.' Mia quickly said, as she got up from the floor and staggered, forcing herself to stand on her two feet.

"We don't have much time here and that's why they were telling you their stories, so when the time comes for us to disappear, we would be able to do that with tears of joy on our faces.'' He said. "There is one more thing, you must know.' He said and his face turned solemn. "You are fated to two young men and you must choose the one that will help you to bring peace into your life and to everyone and accept you for who you are. He must mark you and the moon Goddess must shine on you and him. That will mean you have chosen him to be your mate. If you want to easily identify him, check his waist and you will see the shape of a moon. Then, you know that he is the one. The other one is more handsome than the one I want you to choose. Beware of him, and don't be deceived by him. For he is the one, who will kill you. He is your destiny and he is your doom?' Alex said as he walked away with the others. Mia quickly got out of her thoughts and yelled. "Where are you people heading to?'' She asked.

Chapter 2

Instead of Alex answering her, he said. "And, another thing, also beware that both of them have the shape of a moon on their waist and the only difference is the color,' He glowed so brightly and then, he started walking with the others following him as well. Mia wanted to run after them and then, suddenly a tornado appeared out of nowhere and carried her away. Mia cried out, calling Alex to help her out of it. However, there was no response. She continued shouting in fear and then, she suddenly heard a cracked voice, laughing hysterically and echoed through the tornado as it kept carrying her. She began to hear a voice.

"Mia, I need your help.' Then, Mia kept turning sideways to know where the voice was coming from and it was dark for Mia to see anything. It was dark, Mia bitterly sobbed and started questioning herself, if this was how she was going to die. Was this what Fate had in store for her and was this how she was going to die miserably. As she kept whirling and shiver


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