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The One Time Rejected Omega

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The One Time Rejected Omega Synopsis “I Liam Gorenzo, The Alpha of the LOCK HEART PACK reject you Arielle Dawn as my mate and Luna of my pack” ; These were the words that shattered Arielle into pieces but at the same time made her more stronger. Being rejected by the entire pack you called your family is something you can cope with but being rejected by your mate in the presence of the entire pack is more anguish than dying a slow and unbearable death. Arielle the one time rejected, broken hurt and raged mate finds her way to become stronger in order to seek revenge against her erstwhile mate. Ariella, the bitter and broken Omega becomes the Alpha of a powerful pack, and all her heart desires is revenge. She is willing to go any length to make sure he feels her pain and her wrath. She is willing to sacrifice even her own happiness to see him die of the same hurt she feels. Arielle wants revenge but everything when she's stuck between , leaving her second chanced mate and loving her first ever mate who rejected her.

Chapter 1. In The Catacomb

Ariella POV

Ariella!!!!!!!!, I heard my name being called with anger and I know it wouldn't be any other one calling me than my aunt.

I rushed to where she was with fear to avoid being given another round of beating.

Immediately she laid her eyes on me, she rushed to where I was and grabbed my hair so roughly.

"Ouch**" Au-nt please let me go. I pleaded.

"How many times have I warned you never to put too much salt on the meal," Aunt Lillian questioned me with her hands still on my hair and almost removing my scalp.

"Aunt Lillian!!!!! I swear with my life."

"I didn't add much salt when preparing the meal, I tasted it to be sure and there was no salt". I said groaning trying to free myself from her strong grip.

She landed a deafening slap on my cheek and I couldn't help but quiver in pain.

"Shut up Arielle, I told you not to add salt and here you are telling me trash."

"You tasted the soup and there was no salt but how the hell did the salt vanished to the meal just as we were about to have dinner????" She asked me.

"Aunt, I didn't add plenty of salt am so sure someone framed just so I can be beaten." I explained further.

"If you weren't the one then who added it??? You are the only witch who had the nerves to do that."

"I instructed you to prepare the Meal and you did some kind of trash."

"How in the world do you expect Louis to feel when he finds out our dinner has been on hold because of the havoc you just caused. Huh????" I could sense her anger building up.

"Aun---t I can never do such but no one would ever believe me. No one... Not even my Uncle." I bit my lips and looked down sobbing quietly.

I couldn't say anything as I just kept quiet because everything I said to them is always worthless and likes lies to their ears.

"I am worthless to them, I am nothing more than a slave to them so anything I'm saying to them isn't worth their listening ears."

"What do you have to say, you murderer? she exclaimed.

"I swear with my life, I didn't add salt to the meal". I said hoarsely with tears falling freely from my eyes.

"And again she landed another deafening slap on my face. You kept on denying what you did with your clear eyes huh!!!"

"Let's see where you are going to end up." she said and she dragged me into the---

"Aunt please, I wasn't the one who committed those havoc. I cried out loud.

The more I tried to explain was the more she tightened her grip on my hair and it feels like hell.

"It hurts." I said as she pushed me into the Catacomb.

"You will be staying here until you realize your clumsy self". She said as she spat on my face in anger.

"Aunt please, you can't just leave me here when I am innocent." I said banging the iron gate so hard but not even a single soul both to come to check what was happening.

I am already used to this, everyone hated and loathed me so I am not expecting any of them to come because they are as heartless as their Alpha And Luna.

"Never, I mean never give her anything until I instructed the person to do so." She said as her voice echoed around the whole house.

Who would she be referring to apart from uncle Louis and my cousins with the guard included?

"Mom, Dad I missed you." I whispered as my tears was dripping freely from my eyes.

I leaned in the door as I cried in silence and pain.

What did I do to deserve this kind of hatred?

Was it a crime to be given birth as an omega or for my parents to be killed the very day I turned seven?

I tried my best to serve this family with everything inside of me but all I got in return is hatred.

None of them ever treated me like a normal werewolf.

They all treated me like an outcast.

"Hmm mm... The soup is so tasty, would you love to have a little". Alice my cousin said with mockery written all over her voice

"Why do you hate me this much? I whispered with pain written all over my voice.

"I don't talk to outcasts, so keep crying in pain and silence because this is just the beginning." She said with disgust written all over her voice.

I didn't say one more word to her as I continue sobbing in pain.

"You have to be strong Arielle, you are already used to all this maltreating, you have to make momma and papa proud." I said encouraging myself.

I heaved a deep sigh as I quietly crawled to the ending of the cell and my eyes were covered with darkness but I wasn't bothered with that because the pain inside of me right now couldn't be compared to the darkness.

Getting starved and staying in the cell is already part and it's much better than that living hell of a house where I would be beaten with any slightest mistake I make.

Deep down me, I want to run away.

But who will I run to???

Who is going to accept an outcast??

Who is going to accept an Omega??


Every single member of the pack hated and loathed me.

They think I'm cursed because I am cursed but I know deep within me that I am not cursed but who am I to argue with them.

I already accepted my fate.

Rumors said that I was cursed because I was seen with a knife and with blood-stained all over my body and my parents were lifeless on the floor.

If I killed them, then I don't mind dying for my sins, I don't mind being treated badly just to pay for my mistake.

But looking at it from another angle.

If I killed my parents then why can't I remember any single memories about them?

I can't even remember their faces.

I can't remember a tiny memory about them.

Immediately my parents died Aunt Lilian took me in to stay with her and since then I became a slave to her entire family.

I would doubt if Aunt Lilian is my Aunt because how can an Aunt treat her niece this bad

I dare not make a mistake because any slightest mistake, the next place I will find myself is the cell and being kept there for more than a week without any food but just only water.

"I need to remember my past." I said as I tried remembering my past but nothing is showing, everything is just blank.

Maybe I am indeed cursed. I whispered as tears fall freely from my eyes.

Chapter 2. Cursed Omega

Arielle POV

I wiped my tears, my tears won't stop them from starving me.

Another week without food and I am ready for it.

I will be turning 21 next week and I haven't even seen my mate yet.

Why would I be talking about a mate when I haven't gotten to see my wolf.

I haven't seen my wolf yet but I possessed the ability of a werewolf why can't I meet my mate.

Right now I am doubting if I'm a real werewolf or maybe I am probably a rogue?

Rogue is not hard to know so think I'm a vampire ??

Vampire Crave for blood right? I don't think I am a vampire.

I am a Cursed Omega, that is what I am and there is no doubt in it.

I already concluded I am a cursed Omega but I also wish to see my wolf someday.

I already gave her a name but she isn't coming.

I already planned on her being my best friend.

Since everyone hated me, there is no doubt my wolf hated me also.

"I hope the moon goddess makes me see my wolf


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